4th February 2022

‘The Revenge of Bern and the Bastards’ dropped Jan 11th on all online platforms.

It is the polished satirical effort of songwriter, singer and guitarist, Bern the Bastard. 13 tracks center around our late-stage capitalist climate, where passions are secondary to financial obligations, and advertisements stand in for honest answers, with glimpses into what a post-apocalyptic future may hold.

The 4-piece Philly band blends elements of heavy rock, hardcore punk, ska, jazz, and more in this long-awaited release, the band’s first full length album. 

The result? A dynamic avalanche of sound, melody, and depth. The album shows you without apology how diverse and talented each member of this outfit is. 

From Bern’s harmonized guitar solos, to the jazzy runs of bassist, James Cooper, right down to the crisp deliberate drumming of Jared Williams and bashing chords of rhythm guitarist and backing vocalist, Jonny Lim, the tunes groove and push boundaries, which is what rock n’ roll came here to do in the first place.

‘The Revenge’ features guest appearances from singers Nikki Nailbomb and Elissa Janelle Velveteen of Trenton Punk band, Molly Rhythm, reunited after their 2020 hiatus on a revamp of Bastard’s classic, “Lobotomy Blues.” Nikki also appears on tracks, “Die” and “Creature of Decay,” and Elissa on “Theme Song of the Apocalypse.”

The third track, “Flowers & Worms” is a haunting minor key tune featuring industrial rapper, Wormtooth. It builds from a light jazzy riff to a dense and heavy three part guitar harmony, with furious call and response vocals from Bern and Wormtooth.

Samples used throughout the album pull from 50’s sci-fi movies, 90’s anime, and an audiobook about the planet Arrakis, giving the whole album a conceptual and narrative feel when listened to from start to finish. Motifs lyrically explored by the album include humans trashing the planet, plants getting their revenge, and the ever-present advertisement. 

The delivery is meant to be wry and tongue-in-cheek, but the songs can’t help but reach a deeper meaning sung in today’s climate.

This isn’t the first release from South Philly’s graveyard rockers, listeners can find their EPs ‘Lobotomy TV!’ and ‘You’re Only as Good as your Propaganda!’ as well as a handful of singles, on the band’s music media sites (links at the bottom article).

The Bastards’ next show is Febuary 19th at The Tabernacle House in North Philly.





When I listen to a band like Bern and the Bastards, I’m pushed, as a fellow musician, to my next level. I hear what years of practice and patience will do for a project or a group of individuals. How pulling from different places creates a sound that is unique. I’m reminded that each step in the creation process allows us time to interact artistically, and those interactions, are how scenes continue to grow and thrive. 

D.I.Y is better for having bands like Bern and the Bastards, whose dedication sharpens not only them, but those creating around them. Be sure not to sleep on ‘The Revenge of Bern and the Bastards.’ cause after all, who’s not willing to be pushed to that next level?

Listen to the new album on Spotify:
Written by: Erin Incoherent & Bern the Bastard 
All photos by Shadow Studios @madebyshadowstudios 

31st May 2016

And so on...

And so we find ourselves into the middle of another year with punk going one way and my spiked self the other it seems. More and more I feel detached from a scene that has really lost its own value and sense of rebellion and is constantly back-stabbling in one room whilst hugging in the next - oh dear. Besides these factors I dig in and plod on and am extremely busy. Work on a forthcoming 5 way split book of word weaving is underway, 14 gigs are booked in and plans are afoot to dabble outside the expanding box a little more. I am trying, I don't know what for but I am trying - tis in the blood and the blood doth boil (as ever).


12th June 2015


Alas for the 4th time I have been dumped off by Facebook allegedly for spamming and abusive texts - not fuckin' so I think. The media web (literally) has let the ensnared fly go free and in doing so banished all gig arrangements and information into the ether. I suppose in some respects it is what I deserve having been so reliant on a suspicious medium that has many fine aspects but balances them out with many dubious ones. The thought of 24 hour surveillance once seemed a shocking prospect and yet now we are almost signing up for something very similar. The fact is though, how does one peddle ones passions without using this world wide beast? It is a tough one but due to the recent hoofing I can get rid of some of the dubious dross I had connected up with and start from a clean slate, as was the original plan below. Swings and roundabouts it is and if one maintains consistency and says things how they are one can expect the odd tumble now and again - beware the cunts!


4th February 2015


Another new year is underway and it is all things as per at Fungalpunk. More emphasis will be placed on cutting out the dross, backstabbers and downright time wasters this year and concentrating my efforts on well paced noisy efforts that stay within the DIY and Fungalised ethics. The 12 months prior highlighted yet more petty minds in the scene and many who are simply on a different track than the one I am walking - it is time to stop concerning myself with the backward and move consistently forward. I hope many keep checking the site and keep spreading the word regarding noise and nature, they are my passions and I am happy to do my bit and hopefully cultivate further interest in both spheres and get them greater appreciation and greater respect. Here's hoping!


18th September 2014


CHERRY POPPIN’ DADDIES – post new video before embarking on “White Teeth Black Thoughts” Tour 2014
Short before embarking on their “White Teeth Black Thoughts” Tour 2014 legendary CHERRY POPPIN’ DADDIES have a very special treat for their fans that will get everybody excited about the upcoming dates. Don’t miss the haunting video for “Fly Me To The Moon” that the band posted on their own youtube channel:
While you are already online make sure to watch their clip for “I Love American Music” and get infected with some swinging tunes: 
“I Love American Music” is taken from their latest album, “White Teeth, Black Thoughts”, which marks their first jazz and swing-powered album in more than a decade after the CHERRY POPPIN’ DADDIES released the double platinum “Zoot Suit Riot” which saw them touring with bands like Reel Big Fish, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Rancid or Bad Religion. Ever impossible to pigeon hole, “White Teeth, Black Thoughts” sees the Eugene, Oregon-based big band pushing themselves to the outer limits of inspiration and invention.
Now it’s high time they take it on the road:
White Teeth Black Thoughts Tour 2014
Dynamite!, Slam, Prinz, Westzeit present:
18.09.14 (DE) Berlin - Lido
19.09.14 (DE) Essen - Turock
20.09.14 (DE) Hannover - Glocksee
21.09.14 (DE) Weinheim - Cafe Central
22.09.14 (AT) Vienna - Arena
23.09.14 (DE) Munich - Backstage
24.09.14 (SVN) Ljubljana - Kino Siska
25.09.14 (IT) Milan - Lo Fi Club
26.09.14 (BUL) Sofia - Terminal 1
28.09.14 (DE) Osnabrueck - Bastard Club
29.09.14 (DE) Cologne - Underground
30.09.14 (UK) London - The Jazzcafe
You can even find a little tour trailer including greetings from Steve Perry, make sure to post it along to your friends:

16th October 2013

One of Norway's finest exports, Spirits of the Dead, announce the UK release of their third album Rumours of a Presence, coming to our shores on December 9th.

Their incredibly skilled brand of psychedelic-stoner-folk-rock has made a striking impact with critics here in the past and they've only got better since. Currently on tour with Graveyard and with an evergrowing fanbase, Spirits of the Dead are firmly establishing themselves as stalwarts for the rock genre.  

Check out this album sampler to hear for yourself:  


16th April 2013


rivate video link:

EPK link:

Since the release of ‘Tempest’ in the summer of 2012, ANTI VIGILANTE have played internationally reputed festivals, headlined tours around the UK, received consistent Radio 1 airplay, as well as being invited to do a session at the prestigious Maida Vale studios for the BBC Radio 1 Punk Show. 

May 6th sees the release of the brand new video for ‘CREATE THE FEAR, SELL THE SOLUTION’, the anthemic, genre smashing latest single from a band that consistently challenges the framework of the ska-punk genre by drawing heavily on hardcore traditions.  As likely to pulverise with a pummelling breakdown as breakout the dancing shoes, ANTI VIGILANTE constantly push the boundaries of invention and originality.

CREATE THE FEAR, SELL THE SOLUTION’ sees the band having their say on the current time of austerity and provides a critique of the inevitable media scape-goating that occurs in times of unrest.  Josh Chandler-Morris, ANTI VIGILANTE vocalist, expressed his excitement at the prospect of the song’s release, ‘CREATE THE FEAR, SELL THE SOLUTION’ epitomises the ANTI VIGILANTE sound, mixing anthemic rock riffs with an obvious nod to hip-hop and reggae influences.  ‘CREATE THE FEAR, SELL THE SOLUTION’ has been a crowd favourite since the release of ‘Tempest’ and it’s great to now be able to share that with new people through the release of a music video.’ 

The release of ‘CREATE THE FEAR, SELL THE SOLUTION’ represents the start of what looks to be an exciting summer for ANTI VIGILANTE.  Not only will the band be touring Europe in support of LEFTOVER CRACK but they’ll also be returning to the UK in August to open for DOWNSET as part of their much anticipated reformation tour.

CREATE THE FEAR, SELL THE SOLUTION’ directed by Adam Fitch will go live May 6th  7pm –


9th January 2013

Websites for Bands / Labels / Distros and everything related.

We want to remove the need and privacy issues of Facebook without having to pay the prices of web design companies.

Take a look on for more information.


23rd December 2012

In response to my choices in the Annual Accolades section of this site Andy Davies of TNS and Revenge of the Psychotronic Man fame sent over a few of his selection from this years musical feast. I thought it would be fitting to share them all with you so as to once again expose you to new rackets and hopefully cause you to seek out and support.

Most Overlooked Underdogs:
Sounds Of Swami - one of the best bands around musically, with riff after riff and perfect live delivery. Absolutely brilliant band. They deserve to play to so many more people.

Best New band:
The Domestics - fast aggressive hardcore punk, with a touch of melody. Lovely stuff.

Band of the Year:
Hated Til Proven - Have seen these live so many times this year and they are consistently brilliant. Can't wait for the new album.

Best Overseas Album
Disco//Oslo - s/t - Fantastic melodic punk from Germany

Most Intriguing Band of the Year
Speed Dinosaurs - These guys proved this year that they are not just about quality covers, with the release of their excellent EP of their own original material. Not punk in sound, but definitely in delivery. I get the biggest grin on my face every time I watch them.

Album of the Year
Gallows - S/T
A little bit more mainstream than my other choices, but I've gotta be honest, I absolutely love the new Gallows album. It's fantastic.

There ya go folks - cheers to Andy and here's to another great year next time around.


14th November 2012


6 Albums in one box - released December 3rd (Universal)

 On December 3rd Universal release a set of all The Jam’s classic albums in one nifty little box. Packaged in individual vinyl-replica CDs with rigid slipcases, and would fit nicely into any music fan’s Christmas stocking, the albums featured are:

1. In The City (006025 3715257 5)

2. This is the Modern World (006025 3715258 2)

3. All Mod Cons (006025 3715259 9)

4. Setting Sons (006025 3715260 5)

5. Sound Affects (006025 3715262 9)

6. The Gift (006025 3715263 6)

This complete studio album collection is released to mark the 30th anniversary of the band’s startling split in 1982 – at the height of their success and fame, and when principal singer and songwriter Paul Weller was juts a mere 24 yrs old! The Jam were one of the most popular bands to emerge from the British punk rock scene in 1977 (although not technically a ‘punk’ band); along with the Sex Pistols, Clash, Buzzcocks. They had the most impact on pop music in their short career with18 consecutive Top 40 singles in the UK (including 4 number 1s). The Jam had a fanatical following and their gigs would sell out within minutes. Still beloved of original fans and new supporters through Weller’s solo career – he still plays many of the Jam songs in his live sets today.

1. In The City

· Debut LP from May 1977. Influenced by The Who & Dr Feelgood..

· Includes hit single – In The City and Weller’s most ambitious early song – Away From The Numbers

2. This Is The Modern World

· Follow-up, released a few months after debut in late 1977.

· Includes hit single The Modern World

3. All Mod Cons

· Landmark album from 1978 that marked a turning point in The Jam's career, Weller's more melodic, complex, and lyrically incisive song-writing heavily influenced by The Kinks.

· Includes the classic hit singles Down In The Tube Station At Midnight, and double A-side David Watts / 'A' Bomb in Wardour Street.

4. Setting Sons

· Released at the end of 1979, number four in the U.K. and their first charting album in the U.S.

· Loosely conceived as a ‘concept’ album, with a distinct link between key songs - Thick As Thieves, Little Boy Soldiers, Wasteland and Burning Sky.

· Includes hit singles – Eton Rifles (one of David Cameron’s favourites, bizarrely) and Smithers-Jones.

5. Sound Affects

· The ambitious, experimental Sound Affects followed in 1980, moving away from the classic Jam sound it made number two in the U.K. At the time Weller considered the album a cross between Off the Wall and Revolver and cites it as his favourite Jam album.

· Includes no. 1 single Start! and one of the band’s most cherished songs – That’s Entertainment .

6. The Gift

· The band’s final studio album from 1982 and first number 1 album – a departure from the harder Jam sound, including more soul and funk influences that would preface Weller’s next project - The Style Council.

· Includes the double A-side number 1 single Town Called Malice / Precious. - the band became the first group since the Beatles to play two songs on BBC's Top of the Pops.



2nd November 2012


Is on temporay hold. Needs must, I have much to do, many interests to partake of and am desperately in need of a rest. The support in parts has been good, in the main pathetic and the punk rock ethos I truly love is now a very rare commodity in the hearts of only a few. The question is - can the tour continue with so little belief? I think so but do others? The strangulation by backstabbers, game players, part-time twats only in it when it suits and the general indifference to the Underdog struggle is appalling but...and a very stubborn and stinking but at that...I hope the banner can be carried on by others as well as my knackered old self. Let us see what transpires and if you don't get a message or a call then all fuckin' offence time is best spent on those that deserve it!


25th February 2012

The Sun Explodes

Debut Album Emergence out May 7th

 Heavy rock quintet The Sun Explodes create a genre-defying mix of crushing riffs, sweeping melody and pulsating electronica in this - their debut album ‘Emergence’. It is a record that classes them as a truly original and burgeoning force on the UK rock scene.

Their first year as a band saw them travel the length of Britain showcasing their epic and frenetic live performances. These gigs, aggressive and energetic though they were, demonstrated a level of technical quality matched by few new bands. It was these gigs that garnered them a fierce fan base and subsequently strong online presence. Now the band have honed their sound into a sophisticated and compelling album recording.

Heavy metal, metalcore, synth rock, prog rock… You’ll hear an amalgamation of styles on this album, but it is precisely these experimentations (teamed with their humbling proficiency in production) which help shape the band’s identity and will earn them groundbreaking status. The proliferation of identikit, interchangeable groups in today’s rock scene makes The Sun Explodes’ music a breath of fresh air.

Their debut video for the album track ‘Honour Bound’ can be viewed here:

28th January 2012





24th January 2012

COMING SOON - Nottingham Punk Fest - 4th, 5th and 6th May 2012

8th December 2011

The Undertones Re-release Two Most Recent Albums

Favourites of the late John Peel, The Undertones, are celebrating their 35th anniversary with the digital release of their most recent albums “Get What You Need” and “Dig Yourself Deep,” both available now.


They are currently in the middle of their 10 day UK tour, calling at most major UK cities over the December month, celebrating their 35th anniversary.

'Get What You Need', recorded in 2003, was the bands first collection of new studio material since their reformation with lead singer Paul Mcloone, in 2007 they went onto record their second album together called 'Dig Yourself Deep'.

Both albums established that their sound has aged very well, their music continues to resonate the tumescent glory of their past triumphs. Uncut magazine remarked that the songs of Get What You Need “inhabit that same ageless corner of garage band heaven as earlier classics.”


5th April 2011

Coming soon


presents a


It will be on on Tuesday 3rd May 8am to 9pm and repeated on Friday 6th, 7am to 8am.


















11th October 2010

Here we go again and coming soon


presents a



















All for you the insatiable punk rock listener!

8th June 2010

Coming on the 17th June 2010 11pm to Midnight (California Time)/18th June 2010 - 8am to 9am (UK Time) and again on the 22nd June 2010 12noon to 1pm (California Time) or 8pm to 9pm (UK Time)


presents a























plus a Final Vinyl from the UK Subs.



16th April 2010

Here's one for ya


10th January 2010

A nice couple of gigs to check out - and of course SAS approved


28th December 2009

Now I am having a break I can help push and peddle other promoters gigs who deserve supporting. Now then, Stu Taylor of STP is one such 'erbert - and here is his 2010 line-up - wow! They are all at The Star and Garter in Manchester by the way and will cost £1 per band so work it out for yourselves.

Sun March 28 - One Man Stand / Mardi Gras Bombers / Rebel Conspiracy

Sun April 25 - Dragster / Leather Zoo / Bad Taste Barbies

Fri April 30 - Texas Terri Bomb / The Great St Louis / Glue Ear

Sun May 23 - Wasted Life / Senseless / Rising Strike

Sun June 20 - Babar Luck / James Bar Bowen / Ste Mccabe

Sun July 25 - Crashed Out / Secret Army (Spain) / Loaded 44

Tue August 3 - Choking Susan

Sun Sept 19 - The Duel

Thu Sept 30 - Ss Kaliert (Germany)

Sun Oct 24 - The Terrors / The Murderburgers

Sun Nov 21 - Gimp Fist/Citizen Keyne/Keyside Strike/2 Sick Monkeys/Cryo Genics/Most Likely To Fail/The Bullet Kings/Mardi Gras Bombers/One Man Stand

Sun Dec 19 - The Mis-Takes

18th November 2009


A bright light has shone in Bradford over the last year or so with punk rock enjoying a brief respite from its day to day struggles.  The Polish Club was discovered, chanced its arm at a few punk gigs and in truth came up smelling of roses.  A great venue, a great sound and in general with some great turn-outs.  After the recent loss of The Mannville Arms as a regular muso venue it seemed the PC Club would flourish and provide a safety net for the Mannville punking outcasts - wishful thinking or what?   Alas now, thanks to the petty laws regarding noise pollution,  it is all a thing of the past and the Polish Club is no more - bastards! 
Myself, missus and young un' made several visits to this embryonic hotspot and never came away disappointed with both the noise and the people.  We would have liked to have attended a whole lot more but such are our busy bee lives.  Nonetheless, we made the effort when we could, in the knowledge that a good night’s entertainment would be had.  At the helm of these nights was that wonderpunk and just darn nice 'erbert Punkined aka Leon.  An unassuming chap who just wants to do his bit and keep things real.  Leon champions the underdog and works his arse off for just a few beers, and that my punky friend is what matters.  Around him he had a good team which contributed greatly to these nights with DJ Dave the Rave providing muso interludes, Jenny, Liam, Farmer Tony, Sagar all helping with door duties and peddling the gig and that loveable rogue Kenny Oi Oi providing flyers and security whenever needed.  A gang of enthusiasts financially losing but  having the pleasure of keeping the punk ship afloat in Bradford’s turbulent waters.
The bands were varied throughout and one thing that can be added is that repetition and stagnation were beautifully avoided with a solid turn-over of outfits going through the doors month in, month out.  Occasionally a bit of gear trouble caused unnecessary stress but in general the bands were appreciative of Punkined and the gangs efforts and got their arses in gear (and so they bloody well should).  The atmosphere at the gigs was excellent with numerous faces from the local scene all in attendance.  A couple of duff nights were had as regards turn-outs but hey that's punk and the crew just carried on regardless and produced the goods time and time again.
So this is my tribute to all the hard work, the thankless efforts and the tireless attention that this lot put in.  You all should be proud of what you did and get ready to roll forward and do it all again at another venue soon.  Bradford has always been kind to old Fungal here and the characters and general attitude of the scene is very much enjoyed.  I've had some great nights and have put on a fair few gigs over there and many a SAS band has enjoyed plying their trade to this diverse populace.  The town is doing well and with people like Alec Marlow hell-bent on keeping music alive it won't fade into insignificance.  The Exchange seems to be active again and The Zuu Bar is sneaking a foot in the door and maybe were the immediate future lies.  Let us see shall we, but let us not forget the Polish Club and the work and success found therein.  Without places like this we would all suffer, so next time you see someone who helped make these nights, just say thanks and encourage them to do more and most importantly do your bit too. 
From us three punkers on the other side of the moors it is a big THANK YOU and please carry on.  Never give in and let’s keep this punk riot rolling.
I reckons these punk pirates will be sailing freely again in a few months and inviting us on board to share the adventure - get yer punk rock passports ready it could be one hell of a journey!


26th October 2009

A gig to go to


15 March 2009


26 November 2008

Latest stuff to browse is a new CD review by May Contain Nuts, Japunka Updates as Jillian reviews The Traditionals and Humpunka updates as Andy raves about cyclists and reviews two CD's.

4 September 2008

Well all Fungalskapunka artwork is done. Just need to compile all tracks now and it will be hitting the streets soon. Get your order in now!


22 August 2008

The Fungalskapunk CD is on hold but a new Split Bits should be coming your way real soon. 8 tracks again for £2 featuring four bands from different countries. It helps spread the word ya know.

Also I am very excited to announce the guest appearance of Pandaz from Belgium at one of my gigs in November. It will be at The Shay in Halifax on the 29th and features 6 other crackin' underdog punk bands. Hey and it's FREE entry too.

27 May 2008

Help these guys out ya miserbale sods - a great new compilation

9 May 2008

The FUNGALSKAPUNKA CD is getting there - aaggghhh. Here is the listing so far

Social Schism - They Shall Not Pass

Social Schism - Battle For Cable Street

Most Likely To Fail - Innocent Eyes

Phobia - Prime Sinister

The Scabs - Bastard

Born To Destruct - Born To Destruct

Ill-Fated Riot - Let It Go

AFS - Trouble With Bullets

The Bullet Kings - Council Kid

One Man Stand - Time To Go

BDK - Tomorrow Is A New Day

The Steady Boys - Rewind The Mess

The Red Eyes - Red Eyes

None Of Your Fuckin' Business - Beadles Not About Anymore

Nomatrix - Judgement Day

Gimpfist - Rebel Roots

Threat Manifesto - Worker Bee

The Shadowcops - Recurrent Blockades

2 Sick Monkeys - Too Many Secrets

No Eager Men - I'm Bored

Flat Back Four - Jeff's Rock Night

Dangers Close - Fear

Wild Trash - This Town

Obnoxious UK - Amelia

The Jesters - Hangover

Anger In Motion - Support

Total Bloody Chaos - Vigilante

Mispelt 2.0 - Better Off Dead

Oyster Manifesto - Cocktails

Elise - Everyday

Red Neck Zombies - What Did I Do Last Night

31 tracks all for £3 you miserable set of bastards - get an order in today! Pure underdog punk!

1 May 2008

The Fungalskapunka CD is getting there with artwork and track listings being finalised this month. Also coming soon -

The first official Redneck Zombies release on Fungalpunk Records. It shall be an epic piece of deviant punk.

18 March 2008

As well as the Split Bits series of CD's a forthcoming venture entitled 'FUNGALSKAPUNKA' - A celebration of streetpunk' is currently being worked upon featuring an abundance of top class outfits and tunes. The featured artists so far are:-


Flat Back Four - TBA - Exclusive Track, One Man Stand - Time To Go, Most Likely To Fail - Innocent Eyes, Social Schism - They Shall Not Pass, The Scabs - Bastard - Exclusive Track , Phobia - Prime Sinister, The Shadowcops - Recurrent Blockades, The Steady Boys - TBA, The Bullet Kings - Council Kid, AFS - Trouble With Bullets (Live), None Of Your Fuckin' Business - TBA, No Eager Men - I'm Bored

Bonus tracks - from BDK and Nomatrix

9 more bands to be added

Retailing at £3.00 each this should sell like hot cakes!


7 March 2008

Well Split Bits Volume 2 is on its way and after the great feedback from Volume 1 I hope this one is as warmly received. 4 great bands again and only 2 nuggets so all you cheap bastards have no excuse. This will hopefully be a long series of releases pushing worthy bands to a more world wide audience. Volume 1 copies were distrinbuted in Japan, Belgium, Poland and Ireland and so gets each participant a little more hearing distribution. Get your orders in NOW!

27 Feb 2008

Well the gigging season is well and truly underway and the SAS gigs seem to be under the usual pressure due to having to compete with the 'BIG BAND' mentality out there. So far the tour has convinced me that there is no changing this thinking. As we laughed in our youth at the aging rockers clinging onto the past so the punk scene is now, in part, a laughable farce too. Think about it - what is the difference?

Not to worry and on a positive note - there are some diamond lads and lasses out there still bursting with punk zest and the messages and vibes I have received reagrding support for the SAS cause makes it all worthwhile. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Personally I shall plod on - trying to push the underdog and keep punk as real and as accessible as possible. An uphill struggle but worth it.

The Split Bits CD has been very well recieved and the feedback has been brilliant. Volume 2 is out soon and is a little more varied and obscure but still has that underdog quality running through it. Work is already underway on Volume 3 as well so get ordering your copies today.

The first Fungalskapunka night went amazingly well and the sound was awesome. There are currently 6 more gigs lined up with bands still to be confirmed - watch this space!

30 Jan 2008

All is nearly ready for several gigs this year and the Split Bits series will be continued with Volume 2 due for release at the end of March. If you missed Vol 1 then shame on you as for £2 you could have got 8 tracks of pure punk quality. The reviews have been positive so far and you can check em' out at the merch link. There are a few copies left of the first release so get one ordered now or forever live with the pain of an incomplete collection.

31st Dec 2007


Three more compliments to the punk scene I would like to pay are as thus:-

PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR - its gotta be The Objex for two crackerjack shows at Manchester and especially Bradford. The music was a tight and efficient show with enough on-stage passion to match. A cracking band and definitely ones to go and see again when they are over this way.

MOST OVERLOOKED AND UNDER-RATED OUTFIT must surely go to Most Likely To Fail. I love this outfit and the song writing and composure is second to none. Great guys too which is always a bonus and surely things can only get better for this fantastic band in 2008. In fact add these lot to myspace friends now by going to  

And finally best GIG OF THE YEAR - well without being biased it has to be the 3 day SAS fest at The Thatched House in Stockport. The reason is simply because all bands contributed some excellent performances, the gig ran as smooth as butter and the beer was abundant.

28th Dec 07



Well after much debating and consideration I have come to a conclusion about who deserves to be be given the fungalpunk title as BAND OF THE YEAR. It goes, most deservedly to The Shadowcops. The reasons are many but for four young 'erberts to stay so level headed and approachable and produce such a sonic blast of rampaging riffage as this has truly left my jaw on the ground at every performance. They really are a stunning outfit and time and again they amaze me with the energy and power soaked performance.

The sneak preview of the new CD is awesome and if this band don't make some serious waves next year then I for one will be left dumbfounded. Check out some of their tunes at or at or go see them live as soon as possible.

27th Dec 07

And the SONG OF THE YEAR is - More War Stories by Gimpfist - a simply superb offering that captures both old and new influences in one quality track. If The Clash would have wrote this number then it would have been deemed a classic by the entire punk community - for me it still is. Now go check it out somewhere or buy the latest Slit and Sawdust compilation where this track features. Really proud to have this song as part of the CD! Couldn't believe my luck when they agreed to it but there you go - a nice early Christmas present for me!

You can listening to this track first by going to but you can't beat listening to music straight from the CD!

Sometimes it's easy to sit on the fence but where does that get you - a song of this admirable magnitude deserves credit!

Here's my personal review of 2007. Have a read and see what you think.

17 Dec 07

The first Slit and Sawdust CD will be on sale this Friday and will commence a selection of musical offerings set to delight punk rock connoiseurs throughout the scene. Priced at £2 this is a real bargain and showcases 4 very fine bands.

Distribution will be far and wide and already pre-advance orders are maikng this look like a much sought after CD.

Order your copy today!


12 Nov 07

BARNYARD MASTURBATOR - Punk/metal screamos need a new bassist as the old bassist has quit to play guitar, meaning that the guitarist is no longer a member of the band. We need someone young and dynamic who is keen to write new songs for impending 2nd album. We are always gigging and like to practice at least once a week in Derby or Leicester so it would be ideal if you are Midlands based. Impending tour awaits with UK Subs in 2008 & much more. Wanna know more about us(?), then please go to  If you want a jam with the band, leave a message there or email Scarlet (Vocals) @  Look forward to hearing from you????

5 October 2007

Not updated this news section for ages so here it goes.

Well the punk scene never fails to amaze me and it seems at the moment we have an all time low as regards passion and spirit (certainly at the more street-based level). It's not just my SAS gigs that have suffered - no - all over the country it seems that the disease of 'no big name ergo I ain't going' is spreading fast. It is such a shame because talent wise the scene has never been better. I know we have so many gigs to choose from these days that we can't go to them all but it is such a pity that the top bands still take all. Punks being impressed by a face or a name - ha ha - how fuckin' laughable is that?

A new label SLit Records is up and running and worthy of a mention. An independant effort supporting up and coming punk and ska bands the future looks rosy for them as the idea and presentation so far are mighty impressive. It certainly gets the Fungalpunk seal of approval and I recommend you check these guys out and contact them as soon as possible.

The website address is and their Myspace address is

2 August 2007

The long awaited debut CD "Badger Orgy Fatality" (13 tracks of punk/metal mayhem & 1 jazz number) by Barnyard Masturbator is available now from Punk DIY label Winston Records!

It is available in regular CD (£6) or special ltd edition 'Swear Box' issue which Includes a CD / BYM Badge / BYM 'Chopper' Patch - £7.50! Each CD will come with a rude message scrawled by one of the band. (Please indicate which member of the band you wish to write your rude message on the CD inlay!)

Please send your cash, Postal Orders or cheques ( Payable to S Argyle) to;


(All prices include P&P in the UK unless marked.)

It will also be available for a deep sea diver at the following gigs;

Weds Aug 8  Blackpool Riffs / Tues Aug 14 Glasgow Spirit Bar / Weds Aug 15 Halifax The Shay / Thurs Aug 16 Manchester The Castle / Fri Aug 17 Leicester The Shed / Sat Aug 18 Birmingham Market Tavern.


31 July 2007

WRONG AGAIN! As if by magic the first 100 CD's arrived last night. Copies are scarce with a batch being sent out to Sweden this week. Get yours now - £3 plus 50p post and packaging - too good to miss. See here for more details.

30 July 2007

WRONG! The promised CD's have been delayed once again - circumstances beyond my control. An absolute shambles this has been and one that has really, utterly, totally pissed me off. It will get there just bear with me but it now could be some time and not in the format planned. Bollocks.

27 July 2007

After much dilly-dallying and many unforseen delays the Fungalpunk compilation 'Underdogs' will be released next week. £3 for mastered copy - £2 for the unmastered Euro version sales are good and the first run is almost sold out with advance orders ready to be dealt with. A new batch should be ordered soon so get yours now? See here for more details.

Also thanks to Lukasz Kowalczuk for his incredible designs for the new logo and artwork you will find on this site. If you are struggling with artwork then watch this space as news will be forthcoming as where to contact this top guy.

12 July 2007

Check out the Ska Attack section for news of some new gigs I am doing in Bolton. FUNGAL SKAPUNKA will be every second Saturday of the month at the Dog and Partridge and will be showcasing 2 punk bands and 2 Ska bands. They will be FREE gigs and an ideal opportunity to see some quality underdogs strut their stuff.

Check it out now and if you want to do a future show let me know and I'll bung you on the list.

6 July 2007

The Paranoid Visions gig on the 8th Dec at The Thatched House, Stockport is off. Too many other big gigs going on so it would be a waste of time to compete and split the punk crowd far and wide.

The compilation looks like being out in the next two weeks - finger crossed. It should be released via Humdrum Records - a new label pushing the underdog.

Already Volume 2 is being prepared with Roadlkill and B.d.K already on the line-up. Watch this space for more news.

11 June 2007

Problems in processing mean a delay in the release of the compilation album 'Underdogs' - just bear with me and I will keep you posted.

2nd May 2007

I am proud to announce that my first compilation CD will be out within the next month and contains 18 tracks from bands of the purist punk spirit around. Personally hand picked all songs are true DIY, no pretentions punk rock offerings in excellent SAS/Fungalpunk style. For 3 pounds its a real bargain and if you want one then get your orders in now and support the cause.

Bands included are:- Urchins of Menace, AFS, The Scabs, Flat Back Four, The Fractions, Most Likely To Fail, Mafafi, Suspicious Stains, Crouch Mog (RIP); The Guilty Pleasures, The Bullet Kings, Strait Jackets, One Man Stand, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Nomatrix, Koncept, Boredom AD and Social Schism.

(A couple of the above tracks are exclusive to this CD and cannot be found anywhere else)

This will be a seriously limited edition so don't miss out and start the collection now - there should be lots more compilations ahead. Cheers.


30 Apr 2007

Link below for an external review of the recent Subhumans gig by Andy Latham of Room Thirteen.

24 Apr 2007

New gig reviews have been added. Check em' out.

I have no tickets left for the 3 day SAS gig at Stockport (31st Aug, 1st Sept, 2nd Sept). This is an all ticket event so if you want one you need to check the SAS gigs list and contact one of the bands to buy one. Each band has 6 to sell but they are going rather quickly - don't miss out.

CD reviews to come are from Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Boredom AD, Koncept *3, Vice Squad and Insane Society so keep checking the site.

11 April 2007

Been out and about lately in pursuit of the butterfly and his friends. Updates will be forthcoming but in the meantime read this RANT I've been sent by an anonymous punk who seems a trifle pissed at the current scene. E-mail your feedback on this to the usual - - cheers


4 April 2007

Belgium bulldozing punksters Koncept are at The Alma Inn in Bolton next week on the 13th then at Bradford Exchange on the 14th.Both are FREE gigs. Start time at 7.30pm. Don't forget the Subhumans at Manchester next week too - should be a cracker.

SAS updates have been added and there are some flyers on the Must See Gigs link on the front page.

14th March 07

4 reviews now up for the Bradford SAS gig. Any doubters have a read and see what you think. Hopefully it will arouse your curiosity and you will come and check out a gig real soon.

New film reviews are up and some excellent CD reviews. Check em' all.

Next SAS - 21st April 2007 at Retford, The Broken Wheel with top host Ted. 9 bands for free - wow.

7th March 07

Steve Scab (The Pervert of Penrith) is trying to set up a nude all-dayer called TodgeFest. Free entry for 12 bands the gig is still in its embryonic stages. Ben Scabs will be appearing as a French Juggler and various celebrities from the world of nakedness will be guest starring. Frightening. Oh The new Scabs CD is a classic - check CD reviews then go buy one.

At the end of this year the first Fungalpunk Awards will be taking place. Efforts will be justly rewarded by gaining this certification of punk spirit and commitment to the cause. Categories will be forthcoming and as soon as complete you can nominate who the hell you want. Best behave then hadn't you.

5th March 07

Loads of updates have gone up lately so get em' checked out you buggers. Bradford SAS on Saturday - FREE entry for 8 bands so no excuse for not being there. Check the SAS page, 2007 gig lists and check it out.

26th January 07

Well we are 3 SAS gigs into the tour and feedback has been brilliant. We have not add the greatest crowds in the world and we are currently skint with all funds spent on venue hire and band payments but...everyone who attends (punter and bands) say they have had a great time and for me thats what matters. I really believe in the ethos of this tour and am opviously in the minority. Myself and Andy Noize Anoize are full on for DIY punk and remain flabbergasted at how many punks have lost this true punk spirit. We will carry on flying the SAS banner no matter who doesn't attend and how disillusioned we get with the scene. As long as the bands want it then we'll supply it until WE decide to call it a day. Support the cause now.

31st January 07

First up and myself and Wide Boy Promotions are putting on the Subhumans at The Star and Garter, Manchester on the 11th April. The gig will kick off at 8.00 and finish at 11.00 with Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Barnyard Masturbator and Dangerous Aces providing the support. Its £7 to get in but we are expecting to sell all tickets so if you are thinking of turning up on the night check this space to see if it has sold out or not. Tickets available on Paypal at or Rockers shop, Manchester.

Next is a reminder not to forget the SAS Tour. It kicks off this Friday and contines until April. Its a bargain basement affair with an abundance of quality and diverse bands. Check the SAS link on the main page for more details.

Lastly have a gander around the site and leave a message on the opening page. Let me know what you think and how things could be improved.

18 January 07


A 3 day SAS festival has been organised for 31st Aug, 1st Sept and 2nd Sept at the Thatched House, Stockport, Tickets are a tenner and allows you to attend all 3 days. This will sell out so book early to avoid disappointment. The days will consist of some great punk performers and heavy drinking is a must. Check out the SAS link for details of bands so far.

15 January 2007

2 new reviews up - The Apocalypse Babies CD - The More You Drink and a book on Joy Division - The Making of Unknown Pleasures. Have a gander.

Deadlamb have confirmed the Sponsorship for the SAS Tour so its all systems go - check the SAS pages for gig news.

9th January 2007

Happy New Year punky dudes and here's whats planned. The SAS Tour is imminent and sets out on its rough and ready way in February. 3 Apocalypse Babies CD's are ready for review and should be up in the next few weeks. A review of 4 bands is up from Joshua Brookes with The ShadowCops being totally awesome. More reviews, interviews will be forthcoming and hopefully I will still be contributing to the excellent Distorted magazine on a monthly basis. If any of you buggers are interested me and my wife and young un' have set up a Fungi Group for Cheshire and Flintshire so check it out on the wild side and join the mushroom maniacs and appreciate natures wonder (worth a try).

Finally I will be mooching around at various gigs trying to see my annual 50 new bands as well as my personal faves so say hello and lets keep punking.

20th December 2006

Last entry for the year so just gathering things together. Had some great gigs this year the best being the international Bradford gig at the Exchange featuring Pestpocken, Koncept, The Scabs and The Dead End Boys. The Epoxies were fuckin' excellent at Poulton and the SAS Tour was a hard slog but worth it for the few who mattered. My opinion on punk at the moment is as strong as ever but I wish there were more who believed in the cause. I see too many phoneys for my liking and its hard to stay positive with a scene thats really struggling and full of bullshitters. Saying that I've met some great lads and lasses along the way and had some great drinking sessions and had a good attempt at packing in drinking for 2 years only to fail after 5 and a half months. I will be starting afresh on New Years Day though so don't think me beat in any way. Next year seems busy especially on the wildlife front with the year after looking even busier that way. I'll keep at the scene and try and encourage the underdog as per usual with the future seeing me more off the beaten track rather than going through the same old stuff. Hopefully it will be a merry time so keep on punking and see you all in 2007 and keep checking the site.

Fungalpunk/OMD - of family, wildlife and punk

15th December 2006

Great news for the SAS Tour - Distorted Magazine have officially approved the tour and are helping to push the cause. A quality new on-line magazine, Distorted is assisting us in helping keep punk's future bright. With Deadlamb Records still providing their excellent support the tour can only go from strength to strength.

8th December 2006

Latest update - a couple of new gig reviews, a few CD reviews and several latest additions to the Catacomb of Terror. Several interviews are outstanding.

4th December 2006

Here's my personal review of 2006. Have a read and see what you think.

Reviews pending are Lambination 2, Mr Shiraz, Anonymous Tip, The Bullet Kings and the first compilation from Pumpkin Records. All should be up soon and keep sending your stuff

Asylum is the next induction into the Catacomb of Terror. An absolute classic.

I attended a couple of gigs last week which were The Vibrators at The Witchwood (see review) and The Cockney Rejects at the same gaff. The first was a great night but the turn-out was pretty shite. Due to outside circumstances, namely my wedding anniversary I didn't stop to see the Rejects but I did see a few support bands which to be honest I prefer doing anyway. Shoks were not quintessentially punk but were still good and had some great tunes. Its nice to have something different but the intolerant punk crowd seemed taken aback by this lot and offered polite applause only. The Spittin' Dummies were a little unrehearsed but still rocked the joint. These guys produced a fuckin' stormer and still have got what it takes to put the wind up the best of them. 3CR dished out the usual stuff and went down well but are in need of a desperate break and lastly the Vas Deferens seem to be doing alright when I left the building. Good crowd for this one with the average hair length being 1 millionth of a millimetre. Nowt wrong wi' that though.

28th November 2006

The review is up for 26th Nov Ska Bar gig.

27th November 2006

Hey up - there are CD reviews forthcoming from Phud, Lowlife UK, The Jinx and Mr Shiraz plus a fantastic compilation, namely, Lambination 2. Please bear with me as I'm rushed off me feet at the mo. Also there will be a couple of additions to the Catacomb of Terror as well as soon as I get my head together.

I attended a gig at the Retro Bar last night and watched 4 ska bands. Anonymous Tip, Skalinskis, Physical Jerks and Holy Parachute. I missed Mr Shiraz and The Big coz of other plans so sorry to those 'erberts and catch you later. The gig in general was fine and if I get my arse in gear I'll do a review.

Any of you buggers who are sitting on an interview need to get it back. Lazy twats. Get yer fingers out!

20th November 2006

The Royal Oak, Poulton Le Fylde has been added to the SAS Tour. Should be a cracker this. Cheers to Paul North for helping out.

CD's to be reviewed are Deadlamb 2, the new Bullet Kings effort, Flat Back Four and Phud plus a few more. Keep checking the CD reviews.

The Catacomb of Terror continues to expand - I have over 70 films to review so keep entering the abyss to see the latest updates.

New interviews are up and the odd crank question is thrown in - keep em' coming.


HEADCLINIC do not need a singer that has balls, spirit and commitment because all is sorted.

9th November 2006


HEADCLINIC need a singer that has balls, spirit and commitment. A quality band here and no time to waste on half-hearted wasters.

MOST LIKELY TO FAIL need a drummer - So if anyone has got a passion for playing (or knows somebody), can hold down a decent groove, not a show boater (please no fill monsters, they just get in the way and wind everybody up) and like the sound of what we do please get in touch. Oh, equipment and transport would be a bonus.

Contact me via my e-mail and I'll put you in touch with the band or contact them directly.

8th November 2006

3 new CD reviews are up (CD reviews page 1) 2 from the Arguments and 1 from Northern Guns - if any band needs a review than contact me and we'll sort it.

7th November 2006

GREAT NEWS FOR ALL INVOLVED IN THE SAS TOUR. DEADLAMB RECORDS ARE SPONSORS FOR THE 2007 ADVENTURE. Thanks must go to Hugh and his company for their support and hopefully we can do them proud. Here's to a great tour.

A new review from the Thatched House is up - headliners GBH were'nt reviewed as I went early. The vital support were watched so read on the opinions.

2nd November 2006

The Catacomb of Terror now has 10 victims. The link is on the punk main page - bottom right hand corner - read em' and go buy.

Always pay a visit to the SAS pages and the gigs pages to see updates. Don't miss out on these minor gems.

26th October 2006

24th October 2006

Not got time to do that Thatched review and seeing that I didn't see the headline act either - fuck it! What I can say is - Social Explosion were a little bit loose but exuded a wonderful youthful energy and rhythm that was a joy. Headclinic were very good indeed with a very enjoyable performance that dripped with quality and skill and finally One Man Stand - fuckin' superb and one of the best sets to date. Slowly but steadily the One Man Stand quality grows and with it an ever increasing army of admirers. Front man Bert was particularly excellent tonight and is just a delight to watch. It's not a review but at least you get the feel.

23rd October 2006

Two new class interviews are up with Asterix of Apocalypse Babies and Graham of The Fractions taking the hot seat. Nice answers too. A review of Sundays gig at The Thatched House will be forthcoming but unfortunately I missed the Neon Maniacs due to arranging a lift for 11pm and the gig over-running as is per usual at this venue - bollocks. Cheers for now.

20th October 2006

More reviews are up which are those promised and an offering from The Bullet Kings. The TV Smith Book is up - follow the Book Reviews link from the front page - bottom left hand corner!

16th October 2006

An interview with Alex of Refuse/All has just gone up. Forthcoming reviews will be TV Smiths new tour diaries, and CDs from Nomatrix, Greenland Whalefishers and Tony Ray. They should be up next week.

The SAS Tour is gathering momentum so watch all punk sites and get to the gigs to support some honest, up-front punk.

9th Oct 2006


This Sunday (15th Oct) Bolton punky dudes Soozie and Chris will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary. All together now - AWWWWWW. Anyway there is a free gig at the Alma Hotel in Bolton for anyone wishing to say their congratulations. Bands playing are - AFS, Bullet Kings, Middle Finger Salute, Self Inflicted, Doubting Thomas, Boredom and Klopeks. Kick off is around 5.30pm so don't miss out on this excellent night out. Unfortunately I'm booked to be up Cumbria that day so bollox to me then. All the best to the happy couple!

4th Oct 2006

Hey up - and the Bradford dates a filling fast. Koncept from Belgium have just confirmed which is great for me as last time they were excellent. All you who want to play there are missing your chance. Get checking and contact me A.S.A.P. if you want one. The SAS Tour is slowly building up with new dates added - check the link. Interviews are pending - anybody want to do one let me know. Have you had a go at the quizzes - if not - why not?

A few more CD reviews will be up in the next few weeks as well as TV Smiths latest book so watch this space.

20th Sept 2006

If you haven't already noticed theres a new link on the opening punk page, namely band biogs. TV Smith has sent me the first one so any bands out there interested - you know what to do!

18th September 2006

Just to let you all know The Nozfest review is up so have a read. Best band I saw was Riot Squad - pure class.

12th September 2006

The Nozfest is nearly upon us and Stockport cider soaked deviant Noz has come up trumps with another good line-up. The show should kick off at 2.00pm at The Thatched House, Stockport and it should be a belter. Having given up drinking for 2 years this could be the first one that I see all the bands instead of leaving early smashed out of my skull. It should be about a fiver on the door so be there you bastards!


I am delighted to be given the chance of putting on the Bolton Christmas Punk Rock Bash on the 16th December 2006 at The Soundhouse. Even more pleasing is the fact that TV Smith has just confirmed he will be playing this gig which for me is a dream come true. This guy reflects the true punk attitude and is surely the most punk act out there today. I am currently working on other bands for this event and I promise you - it should be a stormer. My plans are to give Bolton its best ever punk rock gig for many a year so and to continue in the same vain for many years. Lets get Bolton back on the punk rock map.

8th September 2006

Nowt much happening but the first two venue links and quick reviews are up.

5th September 2006

Well The UK Subs gig in Bolton was a stormer despite a slow start to the day. Nearly 200 people were in attendance and started off what I hope to be many great punk nights at The Soundhouse. Myself and owner Trev have a few ideas in who to get on next news of which will be shortly forthcoming. One thing is for sure is that it won't be an all-dayer due to Saturdays appalling turn-out before 7.30pm. The death of the all-dayer seems imminent and is a great shame. I love em' with a chance to see some usually obscure bands and have a good piss-up and natter with other punk rock enthusiasts. Sadly there seems no market for this at the mo so we have to change with the demands of the punters. A review of the gig is now up.

29th August 2006

New interviews and SAS details are up - any bands on the tour - let me know what gigs you want and you're on - chasing butterflies and moths is my forte' - not bands? It should be a cracking tour and comes in two parts - beginning and end of the year. Attend and support pure streetpunk at its basic best.




£3.50 advanced tickets ... £5 on door
Sat there one night reading the local free paper, tucked away at the bottom of the inner pages was a piece that sums up what a sad place Britain  is at the moment. Blackburn with Darwen Womans Aid Refuge a charity that supports and deals with woman and children who suffer from domestic violence and abuse is on the verge of closure because it can not raise the required £60,000 a year it needs to run.  Read the article on news page

So what do we want to do? Well something we arguably know how to do, put a gig on!. We want to make as much money as we can and ALL the money raised will go to the charity.

The guys at our our sister label Corrupted Music are joining us in arranging this all dayer which will see 9 hours of punk and metal music (and all stops in between) over two stages.

So we are calling on all our friends, bands and acquaintances we've met over the years to help us out, whether its offering to play for free or if you can't make it donate t shirts, cd;s or anything that we can raffle or auction off. We are also going to produce a double cd compilation (1 punk & 1 metal) of all the bands that will be playing on the day and also some tracks from bands who wont be able to make it. The cd will make a 100 profit for the charity as all costs involved will be met by the labels.

With the help of the Punk and Metal Community we can make this a success

So here's a list of stuff we need (this section will be updated regularly ). We hope to have full line up details confirmed by Sunday 3rd September.



6k minimum pa for the outside stage or donation full or part of an hire fee

refreshments and food for bands (cause they will be playing for free)

printing of flyers and tickets

people to do flyering and sell tickets

cd's, t-shirts, memorabilia to auction/raffle

tracks donated by bands to appear on the compilation

Security bands (tyvek etc)

Any other offers of help will be greatly appreciated (advertising on websites etc)


pa for the indoor stage - already donated by Dani from Boredom

If you feel you can help in anyway please get in touch as soon as possible and pass this email on to anybody you know.


23rd August 2006

Hey up punk people and here are some updates. The reviews page is done with some outstanding CD's finally dealt with. All 3 Gnarly Dude albums are up along with several other musical efforts. See pages 4 and 5 of CD reviews.

A few new interviews are on with that liberal sprinkling of rectal seasoning you now I'm sure expect.

The SAS Tour 2007 is gradually building and the latest gigs and bands are up. A couple of alterations have taken place but nothing major.

15th August 2006

Hey up I'm back from me jollies so I'll get my head together and set about getting some new stuff up. The UK Subs gig at Bolton's great new venue the Soundhouse is fast approaching (2nd Sept in fact) so get yer arses in gear and be there - it should be a stormer - check gigs page for details.

I am working on next years SAS Tour with Andy NA (yeah at it already) and sorting out the first 3 gigs. This is as I always state - pure punk rock and street music for the underground 'erbert. Lets have some support.

1st August 2006

Busy at the mo - so bear with me. The UK Subs gig at Bradford was a stormer and a review will be forthcoming. Suspicious Stains and Churchill have albums due for release very soon and both are absolute stunners. Proper punk and an example of what bands can achieve with persistance and hard work.

The SAS 2007 band list is full and all on it will be contacted as regards gigs next year. Lowlife UK were the last band on and just got their place in time. Next year should be a big improvement on this years with more bands on show. Be there and support some real punk.

25th July 2006

The first 2 Spit and Sawdust gigs are up for next year. Any body who knows of a venue who would like to offer us a gig let me know asap.

Also - Great news for AIRBOMB fans. A free downloadable live album awaits you here. One of the most under-rated bands of all time this outfit is pure quality. If you ain't heard them then check this out. Definitely in my top 3 punk bands of all time. Go on - hear some great music for free.


18th July 2006

GREAT NEWS - Deadlamb Records are sponsoring next years SAS Tour. Without them this years tour would not have been possible so to have them on board next year is ideal. The new Deadlamb compilation is forthcoming and promises to be a cracker so watch this space.


17th July 2006

BillyClub are now on the 2nd September Bolton Punx Attack at the Soundhouse. The line up is now -

The Fractions, Outlaw, Headclinic, Suspicious Stains, BillyClub, Churchill, Crouch Mog, UK Subs

£6 adv or £7 on the door - this should be a classic and the start of many a fine event at this new venue!

Doors open 4.00


The updated SAS 2007 list is now up - if you're not on it and I've said you are then e-mail me. If you're not on it for any other reason then shame on you!


14th July 2006

Gnarly Dude 3 is due out soon. Crammed with veritable tit bits of punk classics featuring McRad, Crouch Mog, AFS, Fuzzface, Big John's Blood Uncles and ICH. These albums are to notch stuff and the last two compilation reviews I will post up next week so you can get a feel of what's on offer.

12th July 2006

Hey up you buggers - heres some pointers. New interviews are up - check them out and if you want to do one then e-mail me and I'll get 12 questions bunged your way.

SAS - the latest reviews and feedback is up plus another page of piccies - cheers to everyone for their efforts.

Well the SAS Tour is over and I've packed in drinking (at least for 2 years anyway). It's not agreeing with me at the moment and despite the rumours I can take it or leave it. The Tour will be analysed over the next few weeks so keep an eye on the SAS reviews. Oh and any punky dudes who haven't gone wild from the main page - shame on you - check it out - more than one flavour etc etc.
RESISTANCE 77 GIG - Friday the 7th June at Blackburn Cellar Bar - the gig is still on. All SAS band members are free - all other punters £3. What a snip!


I would like some feedback as regards the SAS Tour and what people really think about it. Anyone who has attended a gig is welcome to air their views. It is just interesting to know if people feel we are making a difference to the punters or are just wasting our time. Personally I think that despite the constant niggles, numerous phone calls, late pull-outs and other such problems myself and Andy Noize Anoize have just about clung on in there and done a pretty decent job. I hope so. E-mail comments to my usual address ( and I'll bung em' up for the world to see. Oh and who was the best band on the tour and who has made the most improvement.