Below are various punk rock offerings from Fungalpunk. Reviews of all stuff no matter what - good or bad up they go - honesty is always a must and criticism is accepted.



Review 1

So here we have it, the first of 100 releases featuring the underdogs of punk rock called simply   ‘Underdog Morsels’.  The cd contains 4 tracks from 4 different bands for £1 - a bargain and a collectors item no less.

1.AFS – ‘Protest Song’ What a way to start, crash, bang, wallop and here we are in the midst of a punk anthem. AFS are a great band and this is a typical song of theirs.  Gritty, growling vocals with tuneful woah, woah backing vocals, it’s a simple straight edged angry punk song with added mood creating guitar solo work. Taken from their Trash Vegas CD if this doesn’t switch you on to AFS then nothing fucking will - I love it.

2. The Despondents – ‘Got Nothing To Lose’ An old school 77 punk snotting, rocking, guitar twanging, tub thumping, bass grumbling, shouty sing-a-long vocal wonder of a song.  It screams along and has you throwing ya self around like a reanimated corpse - a band to sort out and enjoyed physically.

3. Citizen Keyne – ‘Punk Not Fashion’ The title says it all on this one - its loud, its proud, its catchy as fuck and it’s a statement. Its there to make you think, make you roar, make you agree, make you disagree, its punk, catchy as fuck and will no doubt have you standing with or against the corporate soulless box ticking machine, if you don’t love this song and this band you’re a cunt….simple as that.

4.Harold Shitman – ‘False Hardcore Creates Rapists’ Well I can tell you this track certainly made me sit up ha, ha. It’s a behemoth of a nuclear bomb, it shreds ya flesh and makes your bollocks return to where they were when you were seven and the size they were then too.  This sounds like a gang of screaming maniacs tearing hardcore a new arse with a guitar rather than a cock ha, ha.  It’s not for me but if you like your hardcore hard this is hard - I have warned you.

So there ya go a piece of history - the first of one hundred releases so by the end you will have 400 quality tracks from 400 quality underdog bands and if this first is anything to go by what a collection it is gonna be!  So get out there and get a copy, support this new venture. At £1 what possible reason have you got for not getting one, this shows the wealth of talent there is out there screaming to be heard and so it should be, let’s face it if you don’t get this you ain’t punk.  Well done to all involved, I for one am gonna support this to its conclusion.

Reviewed by Woodstock


Review 2

Nowadays I do not get much chance to personally run reviews for the site, and instead rely on the trusty hard work of those few that are helping the s&p cause, so when the Dave the sherry drinking Moth Chasing Fungal Guy asked me to follow through the brilliant review by Woodstock of the Underdog Morsels Collectors Release No 1 by making my own judgement, I was of course more than happy to oblige.

In true Dave Underdog style the release is a DIY “cheap as chips” release to get the music out there and get some of the bastards recognised that put so much into the scene we love on their uphill battle. Don’t get me wrong, this is a nicely presented basic issue in a plastic sleeve and burned directly to a CDR and at 99p its realistically priced and unlike anything today does not break the bank or make anyone any money.

Track 1 – AFS, a great bunch of guys recently featured on our site with an interview from Harvey Taylor kick this release underway with Protest Song, a track that is right up my street, a solid sharp full on true punk blast, with a bubbling bass throughout – this sounds to me like the punk I grew up with and Jonnys gravely voice tops it off. Some songs are just done right and this singalong is one of these, absolutely love it a classy professional recording with a raw sound.
Track 2 – The Despondents – A lovely guitar riff kicks this metal/punk crossover in at 2 with Got Nothing to lose. A little distorted and not as raw in the production as the AFS track but still a catchy track with an old school sound which by the second listen I was hooked, those familiar with the bands Dave works with will be familiar with this from the start.
Track 3 – Citizen Keyne – Punk not Fashion – What can I say, a band I really was not sure of a few years ago, and they have just grown on me from strength to strength, Stand Proud was the classic Anthem, and this keeps it going with another classic, everything is just right and for me the Keyne cannot put a foot wrong, definitely in my top 3 bands, similar in some ways to Sham 69 and some of the yesteryear punk/oi bands but exclusive in their own way – it is no wonder they have such a large loyal following, and are on this cd….Absolute class….

Track 4 – Harold Shitman – Bloody hell a guitar thrash, a thumping bass in the first few seconds and then this track thunders in with just over a minute of screamo hardcore “noise” where the fuck did this come from – no hang on where the fuck did it go. I actually listened to this three times in the end, and whilst totally confused actually ended up liking it – definitely going to appeal to the more hardcore out there, but cannot help but think of my son saying “they need to sit and talk to Graham on the Jeremy Kyle show as they have issues” when he catches me listening to tracks like this!
A good mix with the “classic punk” of AFS, “tuneful catchy” Despondents, true bloody class Citizen Keyne and Wake up Call of Harold Shitman, thumbs up for this one Dave – tracks 1,2 and 4 being tracks I’ve never heard before, but will definitely be hearing more.. Buy this you bastards – it’s a steal at a quid! Ill even buy it for you if you ask me nicely!

Reviewed by Oi Oi Vincey Boy


Review 3

Ok folks, ya all know OMD/Fungalpunk, so here's giving him some review space right back for his continuing forays into the punk nether regions of which a few are so fond of, myself included.
1. AFS (Arthritic Foot Soldiers) - Protest Song
If its attitude you want, this delivers big time, all the usual fuck authority, fuck the police you want on this slice of urban punk rock. Angry sneering vocals backed up by a solid guitar and rhythm section to create a thoroughly likeable song that also comes complete with sections that will induce crowd participation. If you like your new wave with attitude style punk rock, this should get hold of ya by the short 'n' curlies sure enough. Also fits in nicely with the official band attitude of..."The band is about having fun, not being PC, not comforming to what a bunch of late 30 early 40 somethings should be and generally sticking two fingers up at society in general." Sums it up nicely in their own words.
2. THE DESPONDENTS - Got Nothing To Lose
Jilted John.......ok, thats the first thing that came into my head listening to this opening, cant deny it.....and this has distorted vocals but is a fast paced, old school, original era, 77 it what you want piece of punk rock, plain 'n' simple that will have you jumping around should you so want to do so. For those of us no longer jumping around it also has a great catchy sing-a-long chorus section so involvement from all in a live setting is pretty much certain if ya likes ya music loud 'n' snotty.
3. CITIZEN KEYNE - Punk Not Fashion
My favourite song on this first Morsel. Love the opening "3 days at the seaside" as it opens the whole 'What Is Punk' can of worms from the first sentence......and its here that everyone can insert their own take on what makes punk tick as an individual and on the larger stage so to speak. This song should have you screaming at yourself as I've just done to see if you can do more than you do already, and i'll stick my neck out here and say that yes, 100% EVERY SINGLE PERSON can do more, myself included, even if its just one more thing, whether in my case attending one more show than planned, releasing one more disc, making one more call or getting one more band playing Blackpool etc etc.....and I will be going away to see what more I can do because I'm a simple music lover that is able to see all sides of a few things within this and other genres and have been lucky to work with and for a raft of bands and continue to do so.

So, the song is catchy, thought provoking and as with the above 2 will have you singing along long after you've finished playing it or hearing it in a live environment. So check CK out when they're out 'n' about near you.
Great stuff folks.
4. HAROLD SHITMAN - False Hardcore Creates Rapists
Shouty hardcore track that comes 'n' goes like a train wreck....left me thinking what the fuck has just happened!
Speeds up'n' slows down to give you a bit of a breather in between the fast paced guitar 'n' drum work.
Not my choice of listenable material but does have its place in the grand scheme of things as many a band has proven and will continue to do so.
So there ya have it folks, Uncle Stu's take on Underdog Morsels No1 so get yourself along to the Fungalpunk website and get yourself a copy of this at a mere £1

Reviewed by Stu Taylor of STP


Review 4

A 4 track EP containing choice morsels of the finest underdog punk, proof indeed that PUNK is alive and well in the 21st century, not as some would have you believe stuck in a time warp with its head up its arse. Unfortunately despite the efforts of the likes of FungalPunk to bring this fact to the attention of the ignoratti will fall on deaf ears. WELL FUCK THEM - they won't want to hear what I have to say anyway so I'll concentrate on the enlightened ones amongst us.

01 - PROTEST SONG - The Arthritic Foot Soldiers

I had the pleasure of reviewing the TRASH VEGAS album from which this track comes. What an inspired choice to open not just this EP but the whole UNDERDOG MORELS series. The band are one that mix hard edged street punk with some rather subtle harmonies which is a marriage made in punk heaven. I would urge anyone that has yet to make their acquaintance with the bands music to do so. It looks, sadly, as if TRASH VEGAS is going to be their last album. Here is what I had to say - and my opinion has in no way changed.

The deliciously dark guitar that opens this track whets the apetitie and the rest of the song doesn't disappointment. Full of melancholic rage it spits and snarls the denouement being the chorus with its anger of generations past , present, and yet to be.





02 - GOT NOTHING TO LOSE - The Despondents

My first introduction to this band. A favourable one at that! From the jangly open guitar to the skiffle feel to the drums this is 3 minutes of concentrated punk goodness. The song has a relentless driving beat very much in the 'fuck it, lets do this, what happens, happens' mould, proving this is more than a song title, the talk has been talked and they walk the walk! Superb. I see that this lot caught FUNGALS ear in 2010 as he gave them the nod for album of the year 2010 for their eponymous release. High praise indeed!

03 - PUNK NOT FASHION - Citizen Keyne

Speaking of bands that have caught Fungal's ear and earned his respect, Citizen Keyne have taken what is the root problem with the underdog scene and put it to music. The result? One of the best underdog anthems of the new millennium. "Three days at the seaside, the glamour punks all go. £90 a ticket, for the smaller bands no show. Remember in the good old days when the music was the scene? Now it's just a fashion show, do they remember what punk means?"

The vocal drips angst and exasperation in equal measure. A thinly veiled finger to events like REBELLION and those that think this is the ONLY PUNK EVENT OF THE YEAR. It reminds them that punk is an attitude not a fashion and to got off their arse and show some support for the bands that slog the length and breadth of the this sceptred isle (and beyond) day-in-day-out, week after week, playing their hearts out to crap crowds for promoters that care not a jot about the scene. The vast majority of bands that do this thing we do, do it from passion for the music, the scene and the sense of enjoyment it brings whether you play to 2, 20, 200 or 2000. There is no finer example of band that 'get' the scene and not only play gigs, but bring people with them and make sure they support everyone else on the bill whether they are on first or last!!   An utter joy!


 Whatever else you can say about this song false hardcore this is most definitely not. This is MACH 3, eye popping, ear bleeding, brain liquifying, hardcore at a primal level. If Edward Munch's "The Scream" was a song - this would be it. Sixty four seconds that pound you in to submission. Full on screamo vocal delivery, guitar riffs that slice in to your soul and a bass line that rips your guts from your body and just when you see a glimmer of hope  the drums deliver the coupe de grace!  This won't be everyones cup of tea - and I do like this end of the genre - this was a little to much for me. Mind you I expect you to make up your own mind - let me know what you think.

That's that then. Four tracks, indeed four very tasty morsels with differing flavours and textures. At £1 this has got to be a no brainer. So get on over to and avail yourself of a copy by dropping Fungal a line.

Reviewed by Moose Man


Review 5

It's hard for me to be totally unbiased about a compilation that I was not only really looking forward to receiving and listening to, but also featuring 4 bands that I really dig. Well here goes, Underdog Morsels vol.1: Random Chaos Refreshes Routine: AFS warm up the speakers with their 'Protest Song', a true Underdog punk rock chant that brings a warm smile to your heart. Very much reminiscent of one of my favourite of their songs, and not poppy like some (which for me is a big fat plus). Basically a nice solid dirty UK punk anthem that you can pocket and bring with you wherever life takes you. Check these guys out where ever you can, they won't disappoint. 

Next up are the Desponsdents, getting you out of your chair for 'Got Nothing To Lose'. Again, not their best song, but not bad by a long shot. Reminds me of old rock'n'roll trash-garage that used to knock about something like 10-15 years ago, so not exactly my cup of tea, but I would by no means throw it out of the cd-player in disgust. A nice punchy song with a lot of thought and good ol' rock'n'roll in it that I appreciate with my ears. 

What can I say about Citizen Keyne that hasn't been said? Probably very little. In my eyes they are one of UK's great modern punk bands, taking you back to simpler days without a lot of the pretentious shite that sometimes follows. 'Punk Not Fashion' is a message that I can't repeat enough, and a song I can listen to plenty - if there was any doubt, this song really seals the deal of this being an Underdog compilation. I'm no Shakespeare, so if you don't know Citizen Keyne then you're probably reading these words by accident or you were stuck in suspended animation for the last 7 years. Go, find, see and listen to them!

xHarold Shitmanx have been on my top play list for over a year. I own a t-shirt. For a band that I've never seen live (because they're based up in Scotland) this means that I like them, quite a bit. The previous recording of this song 'False Hardcore Creates Rapist's was better, but there's little difference, it's still a blinding song. This is everything that I look for in grind (or power violence as the yanks call it). It's incredibly fast, slightly daft, and satisfies all 5 senses at once, leaving you needing to unload your bowels shortly after. The split with Wheelchair x4 (another of my favourites and who they're touring with in summer '11) is a must for anyone that vaguely enjoys this track.

Basically, as you might have guessed, this short comp not only lives up to it's name, but delivers 110% of the goods in a mere 4 songs, allowing you to escape from your shells to go out into the world and figure out the rest... 4 solid bands, 4 solid tracks, 1 solid comp and one happy me.

Reviewed by Alex Lyng


Review 6

AFS-‘Protest Song’ ..Great opener to the 1st Cd..never been fond myself of the 'whoarr whoarr' kinda backing in punk songs but must admit fits well and the middle break is grippingly real cool.

The Despondents-‘Got Nothing To Lose’ is awsome and takes me back to the young, loud and snotty LP by The Dead Boys.

Citizen Keyne – ‘Punk Not Fashion’ is my fave on this CD..bouncy high spirited, positive lyrics and makes for a good full english punk breakfast to start my day.

Harold Shitman- False Hardcore Creates Rapists..The song title is very fetching but unfortunately I'm not a thrash geek and have never succeeded to settling into this style (makes me worry if I'm missing the point somewhere in view of variety and mind expansion). I totally adore the heavy 'crust' scenario (fooking hate that 'word' by the way!) and have seen the likes of Disorder, Amebix, Antisect and USA's Crucifix in their hay day but thats as far as my demeanour seems to allow me.

Reviewed by Porl Casperooni


Review 1

Here we have a further offering in the Underdog Morsels Collection. It will have to go some to live up to the quality and variety of the first offering. The ingredients have been handpicked from near and far this time. On paper at least there are some strong flavours and textures that are bold and distinctive in their own right, so will they blend well?   The say the proof of a pudding is in the eating so here we go...  

01. BOUND TO CRASH - Mongrel - Assaulting the musical taste buds with the first bite is BOUND TO CRASH from Mongrel, a band from across the pond that has been around since 2003. After undergoing some major personnel changes in the first half of 2010, not least the change to a female lead vocalist the band went in to the studio and re-recorded six tracks from its succesful first album FEAR, LIES AND PROPAGANDA which they released as the 'The New Breed of Old School' EP to give fans a chance to become accustomed to the new sound! A simple bass and guitar intro get joined by some straight forward drums and we get our first glimpse of the female vocal as it washes over the top like the incoming tide. As each wave rolls up the beach you get here a little more edge and angst in the delivery of the words. There is great energy in Jessica's vocal and I get the feeling there is a lot more available if and when it is needed; you hear little examples of this as the song approaches its climax. The song as a whole is a highly polished gem, and the quality you would expect from a band of this standing is there in spades. A band I definitely want to hear more of; another female fronted bound that show you don't have to scream every word and syllabel, singing is allowed! Brilliant.   Adam Savage - guitar; Jessica Sierra - vocals; Dave Kazukiewicz - drums; Rev  - bass  

02 - SEA OF TEDIOCRITY - Thracia - Having opened with such a strong hors d'oeuvres something of a robust nature to follow is required, and this next track does not disappoint. Two of the bands members JEN (VOX) and KEV (DRUM) also play in MISPELT 2.0 a band I have got to know very well over the last 2 or 3 years having seen them play often but this is my first encounter with 'The Other Woman' as Thracia is known in Mispelt circles!. The intial few seconds I was struggling to percieve the difference and then as if I was in a cartoon and stepped off the edge of the cliff (after a few seconds realising I had in fact stepped off terra firma so started to fall) POW ZAP (sorry getting carried away with the cartoon motif now) enter razor edged guitars followed by an explosion of bass and drums. The vocal is the final piece in the puzzle and the song hurtles along like a runaway train and the vixen of angsty vox has additional side orders of 'anger' and 'pissed off at the world' to add extra spice, without going all shouty shouty screamo! The guitar and bass are a union of unison speed riffing and a delight to the ear and the drums an orgy of simple boom tit, boom tit, coupled with an orgy of cymbals - NICE! I have a penchant for the more metallic end of the punk scale and this is right in the section marked 'mutts nuts!'.   JEN (VOX); LIAM (GUITARS; MAREK (BASS) and KEV (DRUMS)  

03 - BUY SOME SHIT - Septic Psychos - Here we are served a slice of mighty meaty Midlands Punk. If this was a pie it would be encased in the finest hand raised hot crust pastry to encapsulate and contain the rich and full bodied Oi-ness. Musically there is no preamble. It's straight to the goodies with this track. Trademark snare heavy drums are joined by some nice simple jangling guitar work. The bass line keeps thing honest and the vocals and backing vox work well. A band where its personnel have clocked up a mile or two and this experience shows through. A brilliant addition to this EP. Well worth checking out the rest of the album this track comes from as well; ROTTEN & RANCID. Read what I wrote about it at   CHIZ – VOX; MICK – GUITAR & B/VOX; RICH – DRUMS; PETE – BASS & B/VOX  

04 - THIS IS MY LIFE - The Red Eyes - It is north of the border the final track on this particular EP. What a sweet treat indeed. The Red Eyes have been around for a while forming in Glasgow in 1997. That their influences are early melodic punk/new wave is apparent about 3 seconds in to the track. A very simple construct, a basic pop punk song with some very melodic and harmonious backing vocals. A very simple theme runs through the lyrics as well - music is what life is all about or life is all about music. This is a perfect example of what happens when you take all the right ingredients and mix them together just enough to ensure when this pops out of the mixer it is as good as it can be. Less can very definitely be more. BUT what is really clever about this song is there are several layers that all add texture and flavour but they added in such a subtle way they appear like fleeting grace notes. An absolute gem.    ALAN (Lead Vox & Guitar); JIM (Lead Guitar); RAY (Bass); ANDY (Drums)  

I hear tell that a third collection of underdog morsels is on its way. Well it is going to have to be pretty special to live up to the standard of the first two volumes. I asked a question at the start of the review as to whether the blend of the tracks would work or not, given that the individual ingredients are strong/bold - well I can answer that and say abso-fucking-lutely bob! In fact I think the balance is slightly better than on the first volume, but that is getting down to hair splitting and in all honesty either of the current volumes would grace any collection and at £1 each it is a no brainer people. Visit and do the necessary to get your hands on both these CDs. Ah go on, go on, go on, you know you want to!!

Reviewed by Moose Man  


Review 2

Mongrel-Bound To Crash..Great female vocals on this..nice tune to soak into and escape from the political messages.  Isn't punk fooking great!!

Thracia - Sea of Tediocrity (should that be 'mediocrity'?..ah well a new word for the ol'dictionary..nice!) nice stomp around the bedroom with hairbrush in hand track..altho on my part the hairbrush has been since replaced with the bog brush folically speaking

Septic Psychos-Buy Some Shit this being my fave on cd two..this band are tight music wise (perhaps drinks round wise too? Ha, ha, ha saw that coming). Cracking authentic punk track and sound..rockin' man!!

The Red Eyes-This Is My Life..One of those 'pop' type punky bands if I dare to say..Y'know like 'My Perfect Cousin' type song, Rich Kids type band. Not my cuppa tea in the underdog world of punk but then there are times when life treats us good and pleasant tracks like this are spot on for those occasions beyond all compare. The suns out, shorts on, tops down and Red Eyes are stereo pumping to my floss on a stick feast. Good for them I say and I'll take it on board and no doubt bands like this appeal to a lot of spiky folk (most just won't admit it!).

Keep chapter 3 to one side for me please mate and very much looking forward to a catch up.

Reviewed by Porl Casperooni


Review 3

So here we are with Uncle Dave's 2nd outing in his planned series, and once again I'm gonna pen a few words to support the man who supports so many others, fairs fair in my eyes and I don’t mind taking the time out to do justice to these damn fine underdog efforts.

The song starts with a simple bass intro, quickly joined by drums and guitar and then the husky voice joins the song which then kicks up a notch and continues to ebb and flow in intensity which makes for an interesting change of pace to the song throughout its entirety. This band hail from Boston USA and are certainly worth checking out based on this song, just to see what other layered songs they may have at their disposal. Jessica (vox), Adam (guitar), Rev (bass) and Dave (drums) have a song here which should have you at the very least tapping your foot along, if nothing else just to compare the band now as opposed to their days fronted by a male singer if you knew any the bands stuff from that former period. With people like Acey Slade giving the band kudos and their tag as one of the hardest working bands in Massachusetts, they seen to be heading in the right direction in getting folks on board the Mongrel bandwagon.

Ok with 2 members of Mispelt 2.0 on board, I kinda knew Thracia wouldn't disappoint on disc (as I've seen them live as well as purchased the ep).  Disappointed I’m not, from the opening guitar and Oi Oi Oi's to the angst ridden vocals Jen achieves so easily (or maybe not so, only Jen will tell ya), this song hits home with the same impact as a meteorite strike. With a more than solid backing from Liam (guitars), Marek (bass) and Kev (drums) this is how songs should be sung by bands, fast and loud and yet not lost in a cloud of noise....but instead contain clear consistent vocals that get the point across. Visually I listen to this and can see Jen jumping off the stage to come and sing to/at us up close and personal before skipping off to the next person to make sure people are involved not just in the bands songs but the event they are attending. If ya haven't got the ep, make sure you stop by Thracia HQ and get yerself one.  My favourite track on this outing.

Taken from the bands ‘Rotten ‘n’ Rancid’ CD I'd heard this song long before it was added to this fine release but nonetheless it fits in very well with the underdog side of things and although reviews are aplenty for this song and SP album it’s deserving of an honest opinion. This song brings into question the need for all things socially cosmetic via its snare driven punk rock sound from people that know their way around a punk rock song, so as you would expect, alongside the vocals that deliver the message, you have good solid guitar work and its driven along with a bass and drum section that is powerful yet keeps the songs moving along at pace. Chiz (vox), Mick (guitar), Pete (bass) and Rich (drums) are a solid foursome musically, and having chatted with one or two of them recently at a show, I can confirm they still want to play their music live, so to take a lead from their song title, ‘Buy Some Shit’ and get yourself the ‘Rotten ‘n’ Rancid’ album and go see me' live.

Taken from "From The Outside In" album, a song with a song title that strikes a chord with many a folk, and is very simple to see....that music and life are intertwined, and I know many a person (myself included) that would agree 100% with this. Taking the bands obvious new wave, pop punk sound and using it to drive a catchy number like ‘This Is My Life’ works very well for this band that hail from Scotland and have played with many an established band, both in Scotland and beyond. The band of Alan (vox + guitar), Ray (bass), Jim (guitar) and Andy (drums) have the ability to produce some fine tunes and I certainly look forward to seeing if anything new comes our way in the same vein. Makes for an interesting time ahead if they do both new tunes on disc and some shows to back them up.

So there you are again folks, the scribblings of Uncle Stu to urge you to get in touch with the Fungal One and get yourself a copy of No2 in the Morsels series as well as No1 and any and all future releases, they’re well worth the effort at just £1 each.

Reviewed by Stu Taylor

Review 4

At last I have got hold of a copy of UM No2 and so straight in the CD player it went and this is what came out. First up is...

Mongrel – Bound To Crash As the bass and guitar seep in at the start it feels very familiar and like the soundtrack from a sinister movie, but as the vocal cuts in that changes to a polished powerful rock track that has me envisioning a dark mansion, curtains being blown chaotically by the storm coming through the window, dark, moody, gutsy you get the idea. There is a naughty passion to the vocal that draws you in, and I think on other tracks this lady must really let loose (yes that’s right a female vocalist). This is a band that likes to rock hard you can tell, and they have all the tools to do so. America is their home and I am sure they are a big draw, having been together in one form or another since the early 2000's they are very together and tight as a band although I am unsure of the solo section in this song it seems strained and almost on the verge of falling apart. Not keen but hey, this is a great start to this latest Underdog Morsel CD although for me this is Rock/Metal I do think this band could fit in with the right punk band gig line ups and I would happily watch from this track alone they seem more in the rock camp than the punk. Not that I am complaining.

Next up

Thracia – Sea Of Tediocrity Having reviewed their full length CD recently I am very familiar with this great female chimp fronted band, and this is a blindingly good banana. It hangs from the tree until you are comfy then swings over and shows it’s the king of the swingers, the jungle punk princess has you captivated from start to finish and the apes on guitar, bass and drums drive her along to the too soon ending. Great piece of chimp punk rock this and again shows the diversity of different talent on display on these CD's.

Third on the CD

Septic Psychos – Buy Some Shit Guitar bursts in soon followed by the rest of the band - this is a fast paced punk growl fest, angry, loud, brash, blistering piece of loud, shout along punk. It grips you fast and drags you along at a dizzying pace, ending with the rolling drum chanting 'Buy Some Shit' repeat till end. Great track from a great band, loud, fast and angry punk and if you like this track get the full length CD.

Last one of the 4

The Red Eyes – This Is My Life  A band I have seen 'live' some time ago and so know what to expect but this is a punk classic. 70s/80s singalong catchy anthem, full of great riffs, lyrics and melodies. It has a touch of Oi about it too to complete the package, from the gravelly sung vocal to the underlining backing vocals and woahs, the jangly distorted guitar, rocking along bass and drums and even a little song enhancing guitar solo all have you joining in and enjoying this song. Its feel good factor drags you in, great stuff and for me the best track on here. Again another band who if you like this song then get their CD's and go see them 'live'. Talent like this should not be missed.

So there you go UM no2 is finished and its another great collection at £1- you would be mad not to get it to go with the No1 you already have. This is gonna be the collection to have and as they are all limited additions get yours quick as you don’t want to miss any, by the end this will be the definitive Underdog Punk collection if these first 2 are anything to go by.

Review by Woodstock Punkrock


Review 1

Third CD in this collection starts with

Obnoxious uk – Cadava Doll - The guitar rolls us in and when everyone joins in this has a very familiar sound. I am impressed its not what I was expecting and the immediate similarities to a very well known band from the USA are buried in the first few seconds as the stench of this rotting song pierces your nose and your brain and all thoughts not of Obnoxious Uk are gone. It’s an eerie punk ghoul of a song, with great chunks of fleshy catchiness bursting from the coffins and rocking the graveyard, the vocals are forceful and well sung with a rock 'n' roll demon sound to them backed up by a fast paced rocking ghoul punk tune. The 'live fast die young' shortness of this track has you weeping at the graveside for more and as it disappears into the eerie fog I set out across the moonlight land to Birmingham in search of this band as I hunger for more. Has anyone seen this demon Presley fronted band?

Track 2 is St Tantrums – Call the Nightmare - Stamping guitar calls us to bed followed by the bass and drums, the sound is 77 punk based and is fresh and tiredness free, it certainly doesn’t have you wanting to go to bed. The vocals are sleazy, drawling, platform stomping, tight red satin trouser slapping, white ruffled shirt opened to the navel, jet black hair over one eye, red lipped punchy glam bam thank you bitch and in your face and give this band not only a unique approach and look but a great sound. The backing vocals in the chorus put the fear into you and certainly not a bedtime night, night sweet dreams feel with those but they do have you singing along with this nightmare. Straight forward glam punk sleazy noise you must visit St Tantrums in the live arena too…unforgettable, more please.

And so number 3

Animal Train - Meltdown Feedback cuts the silence and we slam into a very DIY sounding punk song, slow steady old school American punk this is hailing from Austin Texas the band are very into the DIY, freedom, support your friends and community style of life and this shows in this song. Its catchy and the spoken/shouted style of the vocal from CJ is both enjoyable and refreshing - she sure can roar! The lyrics are full of spite and anger and the bands anti-government, anti-arsehole stance is obvious, again I want to hear more there are many influences here from the UK and the USA and they are blended together to form a punk rocking Train full of animals. I hope these guys can make it over to the UK sometime for some punk partying

Last track on this one is  Colin Farrell – Lollo is on Cortisone - This is fast paced punk from Italy, has a real 80's American hardcore punk feel with a pair of Oi Oi Doc Martens and some poppy pleasure thrown in. Short and sweet but juicy and enjoyable, from the high speed counting to the heavy Italian accent influencing the words and some great backing vocals this pulls you in, its fast guitar drums and bass keep the song thundering along and its soon over. I am really impressed by this track too and am, as I write this, downloading their full length CD. Have a listen to this then do the same.

Well there you go, volume 3 complete and another stonker. 4 more bands you need to hear and enjoy, my personal favourite is track one by Obnoxious UK but they are all very good songs by very different bands. Get this one and then place ya order for number 4 (I have) well done again to Fungalpunk, Bald Cunt and Deadlamb for another great compilation. I look forward to volume 4.

Reviewed by Woodstock

£5.00 for 23 tracks of underdog punk rock

Review 1

This compilation gives a good glimpse at the current (mostly British) punk scene. Compilations always kinda suck, because out of 20 bands you always have 15 excellent ones and 5 that spoil everything. Honestly, there's no track on this CD that knocked me down, but, and more importantly, there is absolutely no shitty track on it, which is quite remarkable. Some of the bands sound a bit more melodic or garage, but punk-rock remains the king. The sound quality is good, the sad thing is no information on the bands is provided ! No lyrics, no photos, not even the bands' contact addresses ! Only a couple words by the labels co producing it. At a time when people download all of their music, the least the labels should do to encourage them to buy records is to make them the old way : with big booklets and at least one page per band. Anyway, I'm not gonna name all of the 23 bands, check it out for yourself you shouldn't be disappointed.

Reviewed by Yann


Review 2

'There are, unfortunately, those people who profess to be as punk as fuck and yet only ever turn up to gigs in time to see the "names" from "back in the day" play.

One can't help feeling sorry for these poor souls, who, if they only stopped long enough to take their heads out of their arses and smell the real world for once they might actually realise what the fuck they have been missing all these years.

(a) the life blood of the punk movement
(b) here, now, and happening
(c) where all these big names once started.

So! Man Up! BUY A COPY of this fine CD which showcases 23 bloody good reasons why underdog punk is worth bothering with - turn the volume to loud and feast your ears on this lot!

Glasgow based 3 piece THE MURDERBURGERS' - ' YOU'RE A PRICK' kicks things off and it arrives a bit like opening a window on a hot summers afternoon, when in flies an angry wasp that buzzes around your head, really getting on your tits, but by the time you find a newspaper to deal with this little 'prick' its flown back out the window. 1 minute and 8 seconds that goes a long way to define the essence of punk. Excellent!

ARTHRITIC FOOT SOLDIERS from the North West, are next with 'ATTITUDE'. The heavy bass and scratch intro set the song up nicely as it leads in to a nice simple chanty verse and then seems add a touch of harmony that wouldn't be out of place on a US TV SITCOM THEME TUNE before reverting back to the chanty verse, but wait, and then, BANG!, in comes the demonic metal sheering vocals that the opening of the song promises. I defy anyone not to at least tap your foot to this one.

FIRST TIME RIOT - 'AGENDA 21'. This outfit from the midlands bring a touch of street to the mix with this slice of political' punk. Simple but effective drum and bass drive this song forward with a vocal delivery that hardly stops to draw breath. Honest and decent!

Proving it not just the Brits that can do this under dog stuff Belgium Hardcore Punksters PANDAZ, donate 'DON'T LIKE' to the party. If the Murderburgers were like a single wasp, then this friends, is the WHOLE fucking nest come to seek revenge! Rasping rumbling bass, sits a top some frantic yet basic drums, distorted guitar adds the texture for the maniacal vocal to gnash and grind over.

Then it back over Hadrians Wall as the PRAIRE DUGZ give us 'LOCKDOWN'. Pure Punk Perfection. Definitely my track of the CD so far (OK I know I am only 5 tracks in). Made from 100% pure ingredients and boy, you can taste the difference!

To prove its not just the north, or in fact the boys, that have all the fun Cambridge based FREEDOM FACTION are female fronted quartet that mixes youth with vast experience as they invite you to 'COME UP AND GET IT'. One of the bands more 'pop' punk numbers but still a worthy addition to this already impressive collection of under dog finery. The chorus gives you a glimpse of their angstier side.

Hold the phone! 2 SICK MONKEYS - 'WHY'. Dispelling that myth that only Honda cars come from Swindon these 2 very diseased primates grab you by the throat and give you a swift knee in the bollocks to get your attention. Heavy Metal Punk Drum n Bass style. A song that asks the eternal question WHY? ANIMAL MAGIC!(is there a track on here better than this one, more than likely so lets press on).

THE DISTRAKTED are responsible for the next musical mugging with 'MONSTER EATS THE PILOT'. Don't worry about the title just enjoy some rather tasty full hardcore metallic punk served up by these Mancunian herberts. The singer must gargle razor blades and grit for two hours each day to keep his voice in such fine fettle.

In a move probably designed to protect us from complete aural overload we are served up some good ol' rock n roll punkiness with 'CAN'T SEE' by THE ADJUSTERS who are 5 piece from Wigan whose sound belies their tender years.
With young bands of this quality doing the rounds, the under dog scene is safe for a year or two yet on the talent front at least. This is why its so important that we stop apathy in its tracks!

The thought provoking 'IF I DIE TONIGHT' from Lancastrian thinking mans punk outfit FLAT BACK FOUR is next and deals with the thorny issue of depression, and does it honestly, with sensitivity and it’s a damn good song too! The bands line up may change more frequently than Beckham’s hairstyle more but the quality of their product never does.

51st STATE - 'HOODIES' The second drum and bass punk outfit on the CD and also from the south west. This is a 100 meter sprint of a tune. From the B of Bang to the finish line it’s one breath, eyes out, arm pumping mayhem and answer to the question just how many words can you fit in to a song lasting 1:20.

We've reached the halfway stage and providing the half time entertainment are Milton Keynes finest sons CITIZEN KEYNE with 'SATURDAYS HEROES' a song about the sport of the masses for the masses. Terrace chant chorus lines delivered to perfection. In fact the whole song is a master class of street punk with oi pretentions. It is also the first of two tracks by the band on this compilation. If you thought this was good, wait 'til you hear the other one. NO!! WAIT!!!

THE SCABS a Cumbrian Hard Core Punk 4 piece bring us the light and fluffy (not) 'SEXUAL DEVIANT' as it tells its tale of unpleasantness. Nuthin fancy,nuthin flash, just solid, first rate punk.

Flyin’ the Flag for the Oi Boyz, CHURCHILL - 'STREETS OF FEAR'. When something is as good as this, the product can stand by itself and needs no help from the likes of me. Enjoy!

The second of three female fronted bands on this CD MISPELT 2.0 are a phenomenal band. I say female fronted its almost dual vocals between that hyperactive vixen GEN, and DUNC (bass). 'FOXTROT OSCAR' is an absolute treasure

of a song and gives a decent glimpse of what this band are all about. It’s almost as tiring listening to them as watching them play live!

Intro of the album has got to go THE KINGCROWS - 'SEX OUI' with its waltz time fair ground sounding beginning and then the band launch in to a very catchy piece of rock n roll based punk. This Leeds based GLAM PUNK ROCK have a few miles on the clock between them and that experience shows in this highly polished jewel of a track.

ILL FATED RIOT brings us 'FIRE THE GUNS'. Full on, balls out, hardcore, garage, punk neatly sums up what the band are about but that is to gloss over the rest of it, take a listen to this track and listen to the changes in style and tempo and how expertly they knit together. This isn't a case of,’oh lets stick a bit of ska in the bridge’, it’s there because it works and needs to be there. Listen a few times and you'll find something new each time. Clever!

Blackpool may be famous for its Tower, Ballroom and scabby donkeys, but ladies and gentlemen please be upstanding for THE SENTON BOMBS. One of those bands that cross the divide between metal and punk with ease and can delight both audiences. 'JERSEY DOLLS' is a demonstration of some fine grungy rock n roll with driving drum beats, thumping bass line, fret melting guitar and awesome (note the first use of this word in this review) vocal delivery.

The last of our trio of our female fronted punk bands BORN TO DESTRUCT present us with 'TAKE', as we enter the final furlong on this fine release. An excellent example of pop punk and one that proves having a female 'singer' can work. Fun, catchy, and definitely worth TAK(E)ing home!

MOST LIKELY TO FAIL is the one thing this Doncaster based band will never do. One of the finest bands on the punk circuit and this offering 'KILLING TIME (ALT VERSION)' backs this up. Another song that needs little help from me! Just listen!

WAKE UP AND SMELL THE DARK AGES is the request from metal punk ska-sters 'RISING STRIKE'. Switches between full on metal and more laid back ska rhythms intelligently and the vocal delivery is full on and in your face. Nice!

3 BLACK DWARFS are a youthful and rather talented quartet and 'FIGHT BACK' is a good representation of what the boys can produce. Plenty of the angst of the ‘angry young men’ of their generation is on display in this song. A dark roasted, bitter, nugget of angst filled punk! Magic!

I don't care how hackneyed the phrase SAVE THE BEST TIL LAST is because although the 22 songs before it can stand on their own two feet and are excellent examples of the breadth and depth of this genre called punk, the SAS BONUS PICK and the second CITIZEN KEYNE offering 'STAND PROUD' is 24 KARAT PUNK. The ultimate anthem of the under dog punk scene. The tenet of the song is timeless and it could have been written in any of the four decades spanned by punk. Magnificent! (If you think this is good on CD you have to hear it live as that’s when the song really comes to life!)

So my lord’s, ladies and gentleman, there you have it, my review of one of the best compilation albums I have ever listened to. A CD that celebrates the fantastic wealth of talent the under dog scene has to offer and full explanation of why you need to get of your arse and get yourself to gig and support bands like these!

Fungal Dave and the team at Deadlamb records, I reckon you've got a winner here!

Respectfully Submitted By
A Man Called Moose.


Review 3

Sitting here on my holidays, thinking of how to start this review of my first compilation, and having read the inspirational "fungals having his say" piece on the inner sleeve, have decided that there is no need to say too much, as anyone who knows Dave knows what him and this cd are about, and anyone who doesn’t and is anything within the modern day punk scene, needs to.

Spit and Sawdust is a collective of bands that have been touched by the hand of Fungal Dave / Dead Lamb Records, in their determined mission to promote the underdog scene, and some of the unrecognised decent folk out there, who work relentlessly to bring us the music and keeping the music and ethics both marked in history and having a place through the future generations.

The cd itself is well presented, in a jewel case with a professionally imprinted cd label and black and white folded sleeve with the above fungal rant dressing the inside and a full track listing to the outer. As founder of the Studs and Punks website, there are a bundle of 23 names here, some of which I have worked with myself, and others which I have seen but not had the pleasure in hearing in these early days, although all  are familiar to me, which shows that they have somehow been noticed by myself, and no-doubt the same reason that this determination and effort is what gave them the recognition from Fungal Dave.

A thumping bubbling bass gets the first short sharp fix underway with a good upbeat old style punk sound  from The Murderburgers that somehow reminded me of the Jags, at 1:08 a good teaser to get things underway and raise curiosity.

Arthritic Foot Soldier follows closely with a much more rocky heavy metal strumming pace. I’m really liking the great use of the strumming bass and guitar effects, and just as I am about to comment in the nicest way that they vocals are not working for me, two thirds of the way in a much more aggressive punk style vocal takes over and lifts this track. These are another band that I have "seen and not heard" and would definitely like to hear more.
Track 3 is a track from First Time Riot, Agenda 21, and returning back to the old school sound, with this sing-along chant.

Pandaz, Don’t like - One at a time a thrashing guitar, bass drum, bubble bass bring this track in, firmly residing in the Disorder / GBH type genre giving this the most hardcore track so far. This could easily have appeared on one of the older Punk and Disorderly albums. The hardcore scene does not really do it too much for me, but I do like this particular track

Track 5 brings Prairie Dugz and Lockdown, and the foots firmly tapping to this, more of a metal meets new style punk feel, with some nifty guitar work - and good, very good with the volume wound loud.
Freedom Faction are a firm favourite of Studs and Punks, and I was pleased to see this track firmly placed, with Rhiannas exclusive vocals bringing the first female front into this cd. FF have a good blend of a modern sound with an old school female finely tuned female vocal - not my favourite track from the band, but certainly one that deserves acknowledgement.

I have heard a lot of noise about 2 Sick Monkeys and seen their name all over the place, and they are a little more hardcore than I imagined with the catchy "why" although not over the top hardcore and with a lovely touch slow-down half way down, makes this the stand out as one of the best of the album, certainly for a first time listen, will definitely be chasing these guys to hear some more, as they somehow have bought a hardcore sound with something new to the arena with this political statement questioning the crazy world we currently live in - although I fear sadly no one can give a common sense answer.

The Distrakted much the same hardcore type with a shouty vocal over a GBH style solid rock type sound,  a good guitar break mid-drift, a very powerful track, again picking up the thrashy metal meets hardcore punk sound, not usually my type of style, but Dave does it again and identifies the talent.

Something different with The Adjusters starting with a Johnny B Goode style riff, kicking into an aerosmith very tight professional sounding outfit, showing that at only track 9 the vast variation in styles that is "Punk"

Flat Back Four, a good slow intro offering another excellent slightly longer track at 3:43. Plenty of variation in this track, again offering a metal feel with the nifty guitar work, and the catchy "If I Die Tonight" that you will definitely be singing along too, concluding with an excellent flat liner and heartbeat finale.

51st State cuts in with a twanging bass line bringing in a real catchy hardcore track leading to a bass and drum solo throughout accompanying the vocals to Hoodies.

Citizen Keyne, and Saturdays heroes, comes in nicely midway to bring this truly class band that everyone knows and loves, and a great choice of track too, offering the most catchy guitar breaks I have heard - I love this track over and over again as I did with he entire album - solid catchy sound, and this one in particular I would imagine sounds great live.

So on to The Scabs, and a screeching feedback starts things underway taking things hardcore again, not particularly anything different or that stands out but a gravel voice rambles another catchy song, and at this point I think the whole cd order has been carefully planned, throwing a nice balance of old and new skool, hardcore, modern day punk, metal - throwing everything in and scrambling it.

Churchill comes in with a more melodic sin along oi type tune the streets of fear. Again a nice slow down mid-drift much more for the sham69 type of following, a good track fairly upbeat with some good guitar work in the background, another band I feel there is a lot more to be found out about.

I have to say I was particularly looking forward to hearing the Mispelt 2.0, as these are another band I have featured on our site, and have heard such good things about from Dave and Woodstock, and know how dedicated Dunc and the band are - and I am embarrassed to say that I have not heard any of their output. But Fuck me, this is by far the best track so far, full-on from the start and a perfect blend of male / female vocals providing over a well written powerful track, as far a tracks that my ears are virginal to, this one rips the membrane wide open - Dunc watch out your are about to be heavily featured on my own site as I steal you from the fungal hands!

The Kingcrows, the subject of the first fungal underdog spotlight, and another band that no effort has been spared in trying to gain these guys recognition, and Sex Oui is a good choice from these fuckers. In my opinion these are very much in the same corner as the Damned and have quite an original sound - great bunch of guys too.

Ill Fated Riot in at 17 with Fire the Guns, and again back to the old school punk and disorderly sound, a change in pace half way into the track offers a lifeline to this one before speeding back up, a varied track that I’m not quite sure of.

Senton Bombs back in with a heavy guitar riff, and much more my scene - think up-tempo with some great guitar work, and a lovely bass line slowdown with real catchy throaty vocals - the sudden ending on this one definitely left me wanting more and hits the spot big time for the second track so far.

OK - On with the "mean" daddy of Punk (Well he is a soft twat really) - who happens to also be the nicest guy in the scene. Born To Destruct and a great choice of Take, from the great album, and a track where Kat Destruct does her different style and does it well - hopefully the BTD sound will gain some more attention and will show why we work so hard to get this great band noticed - A good solid different type of punk that’s very addictive.

Most Likely to Fail, another quality offering outside of the old skool and hardcore genre, and bringing some quality music to this new scene that is developing.

Rising Strike in at 21, a much heavier track to start of, before slowing into a slipknot type track thrown into a ska jam, a very weird mix, and definitely an acquired taste - bit of a strange selection this one.

Now the 3 Black Dwarves, again a name like a few of these others, that seem to be gigging hard, and getting noticed. A heavy sound although more rock with a punk feel, again very distinctive vocals, would like to see these guys live to hear this raw sound in the flesh - definitely at the half way point change one to wind the volume up.

The CD is concluded with a track than both Fungal and Studs and Punks nominated as the  record of 2009 - Stand Proud - not only for being an absolutely superb track in itself, but for being the best "rally-call" for what we as promoters and the bands as artists are working so hard for. CK are a band that to be truthful, scared me on first listen being out of my usual comfort zone - but since giving the album stand proud a chance, it has not been out of the player since.

For an album with 23 tracks I have so far enjoyed every minute, and believe me if there is one thing I have learned from Fungal is “say it like it is” - and if this was a collective of shite in my opinion - I would have to say my piece, although as it is I would probably included many of the selected tracks had I put my own compilation together, purely for the great mixture of styles, all demonstrating the vast mixture of talent that exists in our own little world, perhaps substituting a few with some work from Dun2def and One Man Stand.

The track order is carefully planned for maximum impact with the fast hard start from the Murderburgers and the Perfect end of the modern day punk anthem sandwiching a wonderful mix of what is going on out there, highlighted for me with the introduction to The Senton Bombs, Mispelt 2.0, 2 Sick Monkeys along with those that I have already discovered. Another fucking fungal finger in the air - support this cd and all that Dave represents and trust his word - you will not be disappointed

Reviewed by Oi OI Vincey Boy of Studs and Punks, January 2010


Review 4

Tricky business, the punk compilation. Done badly, you get a CD filled with derivative uninspired tracks which are so similar, it's impossible to tell where one song ends, and another begins. Thankfully, ‘Spit and Sawdust’ is not in this category. Although a few of the tracks bring nothing new to the party, there is enough variation to make it listenable, and enough rage and fury to make it enjoyable.  Personal favourite of the collection has to be The Murderburgers (name of the decade!) with the outstanding ‘You're A Prick’. Blistering with frantic guitar noise and tightly manic drums, it speeds along with defiant energy and bonkers lyrics. An act to catch live, if rumours are to be believed. Another standout track is ‘Hoodies’ by 51st State, which beats puny yankee punk into a pulp with proper souped-up
tempos and furious sentiments. ‘Fire The Guns’ by Ill Fated Riot is stormingly tuneful, and sticks in the head for days.  Rising Strike could raise the dead with the hugely powerful ‘Wake Up And Smell The Dark Ages’, and perfectly captures the punk ethos. Shunning the mainstream is ‘Monster Eats The Pilot’ by The Distrakted, a rampaging anthem, which storms along at a cracking pace. Final mention to the ‘Prairie Dugz’ with their machine gun fast, ‘Lockdown’ which burns with spirit and venom.  Overall an imaginatively compiled CD, full of the righteous punk spirit needed to set the world alight. Well worth a listen, or two....
actually a few dozen listens.

Reviewed by Franapunk, August 10 (UK)

(Euro version - unmastered) - £2.00
(Mastered copy) - £3.00

Bands included are:- Urchins of Menace, AFS, The Scabs, Flat Back Four, The Fractions, Most Likely To Fail, Mafafi, Suspicious Stains, Crouch Mog (RIP); The Guilty Pleasures, The Bullet Kings, Strait Jackets, One Man Stand, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Nomatrix, Koncept, Boredom AD and Social Schism.


Review 1

Always championing the underdog , Fungalpunk, aka Dave OMD, has put together this fine collection of the finest punk rock this region has to offer. In true punk tradition, all of the tracks here end before the 2 minute mark, with most barely passing 1 minute, although some seem to fade out too early. The best and most memorable tracks here are by bands most local gig-goers will be familiair with such as AFS, The Scabs, Suspicious Stains, The Guilty Pleasures, The Bullet Kings, The Strait Jackets and Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man, although the standard right through is pretty high. My only complaint would be that the album is of a similar pace and mood (pretty fast and aggressive) throughout, until Nomatrix's closer.

Reviewed by Kerry, Burn Out Fanzine, June 07 (UK)


Review 2

Dave/OMD has put forth a fine collection of bands on his Underdogs Vol 1 compilation.  The feeling throughout is one of urgency and mayhem with classic punk sounds with new twists filling the album.  Standouts are Flat Back Four, Most Likely To Fail, Boredom AD and Suspicious Stains.  While listening to the CD I found myself thinking of External Menace and the American band The Generators (which is a compliment).  The last song was a bit of a Buzzkill but overall the frantic pace and agressive stlye is worthy of belonging in everyone's collection for sure.

Reviewed by Mr Nobody, August 07 (USA)


Review 3

The punk scene has to have new blood to have a future and 'Fungalpunk Underdogs' volume 1 shows just how good some of these bands for the future really are. This CD gives a platform to these bands who might have stayed in the wilderness. There are 18 songs by 18 different bands and there is a good range of music with punk, ska and hardcore all being covered.
The CD kicks off with 'Psychotic Surfer' (SAS Intro/Finale) an accoustic instrumental by Urchins Of Menace that is exclusive to this CD. I just can't seem to stop humming it since I heard it. Next comes the unmistakeble sound of AFS with 'Happy People' a catchy punk singalong that will have fans joining in at all their gigs. The Scabs come next and 'Blades Beat Fists' is what I consider to be the best song from the material they've done so far. With aggressive vocals and superb lyrics The Scabs, Cumbria's finest are definitely one of the best punk bands on the scene at the moment. 'Psalm 23' by St Helens based Flat Back Four is my choice for the best song off the entire CD. There is a definite US feel to the song and it would stand up against any of the songs by the bands we all know from across the pond. Rochdale based The Fractions come next with 'Let's Get It Right'. Currently one of the best young ska bands around this is classic ska and their excellent brass section is amongst the best and it is very well displayed in this song. Next comes just over a minute of hardcore madness in 'Dirty Pillows' from Mafafi. These guys deserve huge credit for travelling all the way from Perth to support the SAS Tour. If you are a fan of hardcore you certainly won't go far wrong here. Next up are South Yorkshire's Most Likely To Fail with 'Killing Time'. A great punk song by a band who are one of the best live bands i've seen in the last year. OMD must have had difficulty choosing a track by them because they have so many great songs. Suspicious Stains another band based in Rochdale are next with 'ASBO' which I consider to be the best song off their recently released album. An excellent old school punk song with good female vocals. Next up are the sadly now defunct Crouch Mog. 'Billy Boy' is a mixture of ska and punk which is blended together very well and hopefully there will be some incarnation of Crouch Mog back in business soon. 'Stand Up' the next song by hard gigging Lancaster punks The Guilty Pleasures is another good singalong by another very talented band. Bolton punks The Bullet kings who are 3 members of the late Oi band Churchill have ditched the Oi label they were well known for and come up with a different sound that is in my opinion more appealing. Wilf's gravelly vocals work well for this tuneful band and this is just one song from a collection of fine songs they are amassing. I have seen Liverpool's The Straitjackets live a few times recently and they are a good live band who are known for their psychobilly sound. However 'My Baby Got Killed By A Landmine' is punk through and through and shows how versatile this band is. I think if they can mix a few more punk songs together with their staple psychobilly material they will attract more fans from a wider spectrum. 'Becky Want' is by Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man, one of the best Manchester punk bands plying their trade at the moment. These guys are one of the best live bands i've seen recently and they have come on at a fearsome pace. This is a quality song and these guys are one of the bands that I can see taking over the mantle from the bands that were plying their trade in the 70s onwards. Stockport's One Man Stand are next with 'Black Hole'. A favourite band of mine who are off touring in Japan early next year. Hopefully with new addition on bass Chris this tour will bring this band up to a new level. Southend punk/hardcore band Social Schism are one of the bands I have heard the least by. 'Fight' is an excellent song which was one of my favourites off this CD. Pure aggression in a nutshell and i'll be on the hunt for more by them. Another band i've not heard much by is Belgian punks Koncept, in fact 'Grown Up Bully' which is a great old school punk song is the only song I have by them. I did see them live earlier this year but I was a bit bladdered and sadly can't remember much about the gig. The penultimate song on the CD is 'Lowlife' by Boredom AD (Formerly Boredom). Taking over from Dani on vocals is Barnsey (Bassist with UK Subs) who has swapped his bass for a mic stand. I have the demo CD that includes this song which I must say wasn't great but the improvement in quality in this version is dramatic and this is a good effort. Finally come Emerald Isle punks Nomatrix with 'Reflections Of The Popular Minority'. I have their recent album and this was what I thought was the best song from it.
A lot of people reading this might have just returned from Rebellion watching bands that everybody knows about. It's all well and good watching these bands but if the punk scene is to survive in a healthy state we need these lesser known bands to be supported.
I have many compilation CDs but 'Fungalpunk Underdogs' is right at the top of the pile. This is a CD that has something for everyone, musically varied, well produced and at a price (£3) you won't better anywhere. This CD is a triumph for a guy who has constantly championed the cause for lesser known bands.

Reviewed by Tim 'Punk4Life' Davies, August 2007 (UK)


Review 4

The much anticipated 'Underdogs Vol 1' was well worth the wait from the tuneful intro to the final track by Nomatrix it is quality punk with a bit of ska mixed in. I have only seen one of the bands live being from the (until recently) punk desert that is Cumbria the band being the mighty Scabs who have one of the best tracks on the CD. Other particular favourites being Boredom AD, Suspicious Stains and who can fail to like a song called My Baby Got Killed By A Landmine by The Stait Jackets. One stand out track for me is Psalm 23 by Flat Back Four and if there was any justice this band would be massive along with the Scabs. All in all a good CD and if I can make some suggestions for future releases it would be Gimpfist, The City Kids, No Thrills and more Scabs as all these bands played in Penrith recently and are well worth a listen.

Reviewed by David Bell, August 2007 (UK)


Review 5

I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this CD as it has been put together by one of the most under-rated people that deserves more accolade & support for his efforts to keep the real punk spirit alive, and printed on a label by another that deserves more support in his efforts to silence the nostalgia punks and the armchair critics alike.

On first play of this CD I was very surprised at the first track, a somewhat classical piece to me by Urchins of Menace.  On subsequent playings I can say that this is just to clear your mind for the onslaught of pure street punk by some of the best bands on the scene for a long time!

18 tracks makes this CD superb value with class groups such as AFS, Mafafi, Suspicious Stains, The Guilty Pleasures, Strait Jackets, One Man Stand and also not forgetting Boredom AD to name just a few.

The best track for me is ‘Baby Got Killed By A Landmine’ by The Straitjackets (just you lot remember I raved about this band when they first came on the scene).

Yes there is a couple of tracks that don’t go down well for me but then how many compilation CD’s do you all own that you can honestly say that you love all the tracks ??? now come on be honest?   I have seen all these bands live (well apart from Urchins of Menace) and this epitomises the real punk scene, full of effort, passion and above all class music!

Above all this is worth more than the price and is for real punks by real bands produced by real people that don’t want to rip you off and want to make the scene as freely available as possible.  Next question is , “When is Volume2 being released?’.
Or maybe another stupid question from someone who does not apparently know or is not classed as punk by some “ how about 'Underdogs' DVD PART 1 “GO BUY IT - - YOU WON’T REGRET IT".

Reviewed by Ronnie 'Hate Me' Rome - August 07 (UK)

Review 6

Underdogs Vol.1 is the brainchild of Manchester’s Spit And Sawdust promoter Dave ‘Fungalpunk’ and brings together many of the grass roots punk bands that he has championed over the last couple of years. There is nothing overtly commercial about most of the bands on offer here, this is genuine punk born from the streets, hidden away in backstreet pubs but maintaining the energy, vibrancy and dedication that made punk such a force first time around.

As with any compilation it’s a mixed bag but there are some real gems tucked into the line up. The humorous AFS kick things off with ‘Happy People’ and how such persons make them sick. This is well played sing along street punk that is catchy enough without really displaying any kind of originality. The Scabs are an impressive outfit that have a real underlying feel of menace but its Flat Back Four that are the first to really make you sit up and take notice. ‘Psalm 23’ is reminiscent of late 80s melodic punk (i.e The Sect), it’s fast, tuneful and with some solid guitar licks marks them out as one worthy of further investigation. By contrast The Fractions take their lead from the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and tread the well worn path of ska punk. They do a decent enough job but there’s something not quite right about ‘Let’s Get it Right’, at times it just sounds a little messy and even out of tune and whilst they show promise there’s room for improvement on several fronts.

Perth’s Mafafi are unashamed when it comes to naming their influences and there is certainly a good dose of US hardcore in the rough sounding ‘Dirty Pillows’. It’s a good track though and whilst the production isn’t the best it works well and gives a real feel of DIY with the impression that their live shows will be well worth checking out. Doncaster’s Most Likely To Fail are another on the ‘one to watch’ list, they blend solid production with good melodies and if you had to make one criticism it’s that it could have been slightly faster but they impress nonetheless. Manchester’s Suspicious Stains are the first band to feature female vocals and it comes as a welcome change. Mixing out and out punk with the odd ska infusion works well, it’s simple but effective and leads nicely into the heavily ska influenced Crouch Mog (RIP) from Bolton. They’re a little rough around the edges but their track ‘Billy Boy’ is a great song and half way through the CD it’s clear that the UK underground punk scene is alive and thoroughly kicking!

Lancaster’s The Guilty Pleasures have been making waves in the 3 years since their conception. They’ve already played at the Wasted/Rebellion festival and are in the hunt for an opening slot on the Taste of Chaos tour. ‘Stand Up’ isn’t the best track of theirs I’ve heard but its good enough to stand out here with an infectious chorus. The Bullet Kings bring big chugging riffs and gruff vocals to the party with ‘Alcohol and Speed’. It’s decent enough with some smart bass lines but falls a little short when compared to the better bands on offer. Liverpool’s Straitjackets are a cool band, their humorous ‘Baby Got Killed By A Landmine’ is more of a straight up punk offering than their usual psychobilly but nonetheless impressive. Manchester’s Revenge of the Psychotronic Man are another band vying for stand out track status with ‘Becky Want’, fast paced, catchy and with some great guitar riffs they capture some of the energy they display in their live show.

One Man Stand ride in from sunny (?!) Stockport and deliver a sharp shot of fast paced punk with ‘Black Hole’.  This is good stuff that should have the Japanese crowds bouncing when they head over there next year. Social Schism have more of an old school anarcho feel about them, much faster and harder than most of the bands here they bring a refreshing sound to proceedings and successfully mix hardcore with distinct thrash tendencies.

Belgian’s Koncept have been around for ten years now and it shows as they offer up a tight and accomplished track with ‘Grown Up Bully’. They certainly wouldn’t be out of place on the Lock Up Stage at Leeds or Reading but with promises to be back in the UK sometime soon you may well get the chance to catch them at your local Spit and Sawdust venue. Boredom AD are probably sick of comparisons to Rancid but that’s simply because they erm… sound like Rancid! This is no bad thing however and they do their thing well with a hint of The Jam thrown in with the vocal harmonies. It all leads up to the album finale courtesy of Nomatrix and unfortunately it’s a fairly weak ending as ‘Reflections of the Popular Minority’ suffers from rough production and sounds a little laboured and very generic.

Overall this is a solid compilation with plenty more good tracks than bad and serves as a welcome introduction to a lot of bands that you probably wouldn’t hear of otherwise. The next step is to go out and catch some of them live and on this evidence there’s plenty of reason to do so.

Reviewed by Andy Latham - Room Thirteen - September 07 (UK)


Review 7

Many of you have read about the bands that Fungalpunk mentions here in Distorted - he has now put out a compilation with a collection of great bands including Koncept, The Scabs and Most Likely To Fail. Support the Underdog and get it.

Reviewed by Distorted Magazine - October 2007 (UK)


Review 8

I managed to get my hands on the mastered version of the compilation at a “That’s Not Skanking” gig in Manchester and knowing that Fungalpunk Dave who compiled the CD was the Spit and Sawdust promoter with years of experience watching and dealing with the cream of unsigned UK punk and ska bands I was looking forward to the drive home where I could get to listen to it for the first time. The guy likes his punk the way it was meant to be and I wasn’t surprised with the quality of the tracks on offer and my journey home was a most enjoyable one.

Compilations can be an awkward affair and it’s all about keeping the listener entertained all the way through and Dave has managed to do this with 18 tracks of punk mayhem with a splash of ska and and hardcore. I played the compilation three times back to back and resisted to reach out for the fast forward button (which can be tempting with some compilations) so it gets my seal of approval and for £3 is an absolute bargain.

The tracks that stand out and get the 5 star treatment on my ipod are:

'Happy People' by AFS, which will have you singing along after the first play
The amazing punk / metal crossover sound of 'Psalm 23' by Flat Back Four
'ASBO' by the now defunct old school female fronted band Suspicious Stains
Revenge of the Psychotronic Man’s 'Becky Want' with Andy Psychotronic’s strummeresque vocals
'Lowlife' by Boredom AD with it’s pop punk chorus and excellent production

Overall it’s a cracking effort, but with Fungalpunk involved I always knew it would be!

Reviewed by Dean, SLit Records and Promotions - October 2007 (UK)


Review 9

Well another compilation and another good one. Full of DIY punk and not one well known band. Just as it should be, no frills, no bullshit, just pure Punk bliss from the social gutter and full of bands with plenty to say. Best keep this to your self or every one will want a piece of the action. All styles are there for everyone - punk ,oi, touch of psycho, a dab of ska - lets say a bit for all concerned. Boredom AD give a good account and are well worth a listen or maybe get off your arse and catch em' live around Blackburn. One Man Stand also stand out, but its fair to say not one bad band in the whole 18 tracks. It's very enjoyable and very DIY but most of all its from bands who believe in themselves.

Reviewed by Andy for Punk and Oi in the UK - January 2008 (UK)

Review 10

Fungalpunk is a total phenomenon in that the chief (and only?) protagonist, Dave, manages to churn out CD reviews and gigs by the dozen. Being remarkably well connected with the spiky scene, it would be rude for him/them not to use their contacts to put together some top quality DIY CD collections for us to have a taster of some of the great music that is out there. And this is exactly what they have done here: Underdogs was released in 2007 with 17 tracks of original punk, rock ‘n’ roll, ska punk, melodic punk, thrash and spiky guitars. The standard is consistently high, and the whole thing is simply and straightforwardly packaged.

I will take it a track at a time, because there is a huge variety in styles, songwriting, sound and arrangement, and each of the individual bands deserve a bit of a description. Of course the best way to appreciate it is not to read my words, but to rush out and buy your own copy: you won’t be disappointed!

The CD kicks off with the Urchins of Menace playing 'Psychotic Surfer' which is the ‘SAS intro’. To be honest, I thought this was a bit weak as an appetiser for such a strong collection. It’s a nice enough instrumental tune which is lifted by some screeching distorted guitar later on in the tune, but I find that the chorus pedal effect on the main rhythm guitar draws some of the urgency out of what is otherwise a fine, but not too exciting, tune. Basically, it rolls along nicely, but it wouldn’t really make you sit up and riot!

Second up are The Scabs with 'Blades Beat Fists'. Now this is more like it! From the standard drumbeat intro to the powerful, uncluttered pumping guitar and bass, the song is set up with a certain menace to it, and then in comes the singer with a really interesting voice: it has grit, power, and there is a great and catchy underdog chorus. The menacing mix sets up perfectly the dystopian vision of the song, some great rhythmical drumbeats add a strong flavour on the tumbling toms, especially over the lead guitar break; and then the chorus blends in with the last verse to give extra impact. The end of the song fizzles out, but overall it is a great song, beautifully put together: it makes its point, it creates a tension, it releases it, and finishes. Definitely a band worth seeking out, and a tune that deserves a review of its own!

Third is Flat Back Four with 'Psalm 23'. As it implies, this is Psalm 23, as made famous by them religious blokes in dog collars and black dresses. One of the joys of the punk scene is that people do the most unlikely cover versions, and often do them better and more creatively than any standard 'original’ (although who originally recorded 'Psalm 23' is anybody’s guess). This is one of those moments! Flat Back Four roll out a defiant message that they ‘walk with no fear’ in ‘the shadow of the valley of death’. The style is perhaps more of an American punk band than one from this side of the Atlantic, and it is clean, fast, powerful, and it even has a chaotic false ending which then cuts to the hook, and ends it. It starts with a great little simple guitar riff, and uses some excellent little stops and repeats of this riff for impact, and takes it down to a scratchy guitar, powers back in, drops back to an almost choirboy vocal break, and kicks back in at full throttle. A great little version, done with style, panache and not a little venom. Love it!

Fourth up, and it’s the turn of The Fractions with 'Let’s Get It Right'. There is a funky brass intro owing more to a ska tradition, but the guitars which power in over this intro and the vocals are right out of the punk stable. The vocalist sounds a touch bored to start, as well as being mixed low down, but then he warms to his task. The song builds up; it pares back to a ska beat; the backing vocals ‘hup’ along for rhythmic effect; and then it all strips back to brass, building once more to a remarkably Clash-esque ska beat middle section. It is a great slice of skapunk, drifting effortlessly between the two genres, with the brass section constant in both themes. This is more like skapunk to skank to than spiky punk to pogo to, but it rocks along beautifully. If this is what The Fractions always sound like, it’d be rude not to get out there and see them live. Great stuff!

The fifth tune is by Mafafi and is called 'Dirty Pillows'. It’s a simple recipe: bass and then powerful guitar and drums, scratchy vocals. I have no idea what they’re singing about, but it’s full-throated shouty punk. A short, powerful one minute song of thrashing guitars, screeching voice, and a rock solid base of bass and drums: these guys don’t fuck about! It’s glorious in all its gritty simplicity!

Number six is Most Likely to Fail with 'Killing Time'. This is one of the highlights of a collection of absolute gems. It’s pure punk rock ‘n’ roll with an insistent lead guitar intro that recurs during and between verses. The song has hooks aplenty with which to haul you in. The sound is familiar (perhaps something like Magazine), with the vocal low-down in the mix, apparently lamenting the nihilistic angst-laden existence of our vacuous times (‘there’s nothing worth standing up for’). It’s brilliant; it rocks along; it does everything it’s supposed to do; and the tune even comes back to haunt me when I’m walking down the street or on the bus. This is melodic punk rock at its best! And that really is something worth fighting for!

Suspicious Stains’s 'ASBO' (or Anti-Social Behaviour Disorder) is clearly well deserved! The song starts with the female singer’s voice sounding almost cheeky, but also defiant, as the grungy guitar, bass and thrashing drums kick in. It’s a simple pop tune, deceptively light and piss-taking at first, but with a clear cautionary tale attached (about nicking cars and the like, it seems). The second verse does a nice flip to a ska beat, before the grungy guitar-punk kicks back in. There are call and response vocals, shouty backing vox, great little stop-starts for emphasis, and it’s all done and dusted in less than 1 minute 50 seconds. Short, sharp shock? It’s all here, and it’s marvellous!

Track 8 by Crouch Mog (RIP) is 'Billy Boy'. Introduced on the drums and then with a funky bass for a couple of bars, joined by a high pitched sax line, the body of the song is more powerful punkrock ‘n’ roll, with trailing backing vocals and a hook about ‘working from home’ – but I’m not sure what that means! The sax line comes back, with a powerful and pumping rhythm section, between verses. It’s a melodic slice from the punk rock pie, it takes less than two and a half minutes to play, and it could even get this old body bouncing round the living room after a few pints of homebrew! (Or, even better, round the gig venue, since that’s what this music’s really all about!) Part 2 to follow...

And here it is...Right, we’re just about halfway through the CD, and it’s Guilty Pleasures’s turn with 'Stand Up'. This is full-on political sloganeering right from the start and the heart. It’s anti-war with a sing-a-long chorus, with a fairly uncomplicated driving guitar and insistent hi-hat and snare powering it along. It gets to the point and stays there! It is completely elegant in its simplicity. And, of course, one of the few benefits of war (unless your some greedy, murderous arms dealer) is that some excellent anti-war songs continue to be written: this is one of them!

The Bullet Kings’s 'Alcohol and Speed' is next up at Track 10, and this is definitely one of the highlights of the album. It starts surprisingly folky with a couple of unaccompanied lines sung by what might be termed a ‘haggard’ voice. The band kicks in with driving rhythm guitar and a lovely lead lick and I’m hard-pressed to stay in my seat. It’s a fabulous cautionary tale of too much booze and drugs, broken rock ‘n’ roll dreams, feeling shit, getting dumped, being let down (personally or by the music biz), and then going out and getting fucked up on booze and drugs again. There are glorious subtleties there too, such as the bass licks and then throbbing guitar at the end of the chorus and the rising guitar towards the end of the first half of the verse. Quite honestly, if this is the angst-laden punk rock ‘n’roll that results from bad living, then we’d all be better off for a bit of that lifestyle. Little-wonder he sounds a bit haggard…

Strait Jackets with 'Baby Got Killed By A Landmine' is Track 11. Pumping and exciting guitar bass and drums and a raw, angry voice draw you into this no holds barred rock song. It has humour, politics, big personality and a certain desperation. Short and sweet, to the point, I’d definitely recommend seeking them out live or otherwise (I mean on CD, not dead, of course!)

At Track 12, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man’ s 'Becky Want' is driven by the voices, either solo on the verses, or all together in the powerful, sing-a-long chorus. Rumbling bass, choppy guitar and a punchy drumbeat build up a mood of defiant, good-time rock ‘n’ roll. The song beautifully takes it down, almost meditatively, in the middle before building back up a crescendo of a chorus. I don’t know what it’s all about, but I definitely want some of what they’re having. At the end of the song there is a strange ‘football style’ sing-a-long chant for 20 seconds or so. No idea what that’s about, and I would say that it detracts from the rest of the track. But what the hell: let’s move swiftly on…

…to One Man Stand with 'Black Hole'. This is another of the highlights of the CD for me, and definitely one that grows on you. It has a nice hook, insistent rocking guitars, and urgent riff and nicely balanced vocals. It’s all a bit unintelligible (something about a waster, methinks), but, with its great lead guitar and vocal hooks, this could be one to sing to yourself while waiting for the 184 into town.

Track 14 is Social Schism with 'Fight'. It’s all been a bit mellow and rock ‘n’ roll for the last few tracks. However, this is much more of a full-on thrash with shouty vocals and powerful chorus response: “Fight, fight, fight!” It occurred to me while listening to this that, at some level, this may be a pure essence of punk rock: it’s powerful, defiant, noisy, thrashy, repetitive, and it even has a quiet section in the song before taking us back to the main theme. Nobody’s trying to blind anyone with clever tricks. They just get to the point, and get everyone involved with an infectious chorus. And it’s bloody good, to boot!

Track 15 is Koncept with 'Grown Up Bully'. This is much more of a metal guitar and drum riff, with a shout-a-long chorus and a rumbling bass. The first couple of verses set the theme, although I don’t follow the story; then they take it down in the middle, with just voice and drums powering along, and then the full band kicks back in with that metal-sounding chorus. Short, deceptively sweet and wholly listenable.

Boredom AD’s 'Lowlife' is another gem on this jewel-encrusted slice of plastic. Its slightly hesitant start (powerful pop-punk and then suddenly dropping down to just a voice) is followed by a lovely hint at the chorus halfway through the verses, and then there’s that eminently singalong chorus: “I don’t know how long we gotta go till we get back up!” I wander round the Co-op singing this to myself and getting funny looks off people, but that just makes me want to sing louder. This song doesn’t break new ground by any means (it has classic backing vocals on the chorus, and takes the mood down and back up in time-honoured fashion) but really this is the pop punk that you can play to your granny and get her singing along as well as to your spikiest mates without losing your credibility. Fabulous!

The last track on the CD is Nomatrix with 'Reflections of the Popular Minority'. These Irish lads plunge straight into a simple enough punk rock tune for the first minute or so (a bit unintelligibly, for these old ears at least), with a decent enough call and response chorus. Then, unexpectedly, they change tempo to a slower, more brooding sound with drums, bass, throbbing guitar and voice. It feels like they are going to take it back up for a pogoalong payoff, but they don’t! It’s an unusual song and, although I like what Nomatrix do (of what I’ve heard), this is not their best. Saying that, they are well worth checking out.

So there you have it: seventeen songs, seventeen bands, almost all absolute gems, and all this for the price of a pint. Buy this CD or else!

Reviewed by James Bar Bowen - January 2009 (UK)

£3.00 - SOLD OUT

Bands included are:- Paul Carter, Urchins of Menace, AFS, Suspicious Stains, Boredom, Crouch Mog, Lowlife UK, Churchill, The Guilty Pleasures, Headclinic, Rip Off UK, Kamikaze Sperm, One Man Stand, The Poor Kids With Guns, The Monday Club, Middle Finger Salute, Slash Monkeys, Ambush UK, The Phlegms, Dying For Toto, The Scabs, The Day Man Lost, The Excuses


Review 1

If you like real punk, played the way it was meant to be played then you NEED this cd. Currently touring the north west and beyond, the concept of the Spit & Sawdust Tour is to reclaim punk, drag it away from the stadiums and back into the pubs and the clubs, charge a nominal fee, rotate the line - up avoiding rock star egos, get pissed and have a great time in the process.

This compilation of 22 of the bands appearing during the Spit & Sawdust tour is, like the 'Vibes From The Attic' cd we reviewed earlier, a true snapshot of the scene it represents. On this showing, the future of punk is in safe hands.

This cd dispels the myth that punk is an irrelevance, this is some of the most vital music I have heard in years and represents punk in all its many colours. Bands such as Boredom, The Guilty Pleasures and One Man Stand do some great old school punk; Churchill, Lowlife UK and Arthritic Foot Soldiers give us pure oi whilst the likes of Crouch Mog, The Slash Monkeys, The Scabs and Middle Finger Salute represent the new wave of young punk bands who incorporate a more metal edge. The stand out tracks for me are Kamikaze Sperm's 'Riot In Town', a hefty blast of pulverising punk, the acoustic punk warnings of Paul Carter's 'Don't Fall In Love' and a band that you have to see and hear to believe, Day Man Lost with 'Song 13' which at 48 seconds is probably their equivalent of a concept album. Saying that, there isn't a bad track on this compilation.

Visit the bands' websites and listen to their stuff, furthermore attend a Spit & Sawdust gig and get hold of this cd, you know it makes sense.

Reviewed by Ralph Malf - June 06 (UK)


Review 2

'Spit & Sawdust Tour 06' CD contains 22 of the bands that are playing on the 'Spit & Sawdust' tour which runs from 20th May to 9th july this year. The tour which is the brainchild of FungalPunk OMD and Noize Anoize Records is about getting back to the real ethos of punk. On the tour all bands are considered equal. No prima donnas here, which is how it should be. Fuck the known bands with their big paydays this is real punk.

This is an excellent CD and you might not have heard of some of the bands but I can assure you they are all good bands. I'm a supporter of this kind of stuff because it is what punk should really be about, not just the nostalgia that so many punks are always on about. Some of the bands featured on the CD are AFS, Suspicious Stains, Boredom, Crouch Mog, Lowlife UK, Churchill, The Guilty Pleasures, Headclinic and Middle Finger Salute. We need new bands coming through to keep the punk scene healthy in the future. These bands are the future.

Reviewed by 'Tim Punk4Life' Davies - July 06 (UK)

Bands included are:- Gimp Fist, Stuntface, Koncept, The Red Eyes

Review 1

Instead of the usual split between 2 bands, this is 4 bands…and 4 countries. England’s Gimp Fist, Stuntface from Wales, Belgians Koncept and my fellow Scots the Red Eyes.

Gimp Fist have the two opening tracks. They are one of the best current UK bands and these two tracks show their full potential – ‘Brotherhood’ has more of an Oi sound (think Cock Sparrer and the Business) and ‘More War Stories’ with it’s reggae vibe wouldn’t sound out of place on a Clash album.

Stuntface are next, the only band on here I hadn’t heard and they are great too. Love the harmonies on ‘Every Dog Has It’s Day’ and fantastic hate song ‘Go To Hell Blues’. Nothing fancy here, just catchy as fuck punk the way it should be.

And it leads nicely into Koncept, who sing in both English and Flemish. There is one of each on here and both are great, fast but melodic punk. ‘World Today’ is over in a flash. I think ‘Belspelltjes’ is the better of the two and not just because the phone noises confused my boyfriend who didn’t realise it was on the CD.

Last, and totally different from all the others on here, are The Red Eyes who play classic 77 style punk. I don’t know how anyone can not like them. These two are among their finest – ‘Norah Louise Kuzma’ is the one everyone knows but I prefer the final track ‘Wake Up Call’.

This split is a great idea – a way to hear some new bands without shelling out for all their albums. I hope Volume 2 isn’t far off.

For more info go to

Reviewed by Jean Marie - January 08 (Scotland)


Review 2

This various artists compilation is a collaboration between Fungal Punk and the newly formed Slit Records. It features two tracks each from four bands, each representing a different country. First band up are England's Gimpfist a band who are right at the top of my list of bands to see live. 'Brotherhood' their first track is a good old school singalong with some nice guitar riffs but their second track 'More War Stories' has distinct similarites with reggae tracks by The Clash such as The Guns Of Brixton. I must say that I thought this song actually surpassed The Clashes reggae offerings for quality and this band also have The Clashes ability to diversify which is always the hallmark of any good band. One of the best songs I have heard in the last year.
Next up are Welsh trio Stuntface. I wasn't sure about this lot when they first went from a foursome to a trio but now it seems like they have managed to retain their great sound. 'Every Dog Has Its Day' and 'Go To Hell Blues' are both fast, furious and catchy songs that bridge the gap between punk and hardcore. Two great songs from one of the best bands to come out of Wales.
Belgium's Koncept are the next band to display their talents. I'd not heard much by Koncept but after hearing 'World Today' and 'Belspelletjes' two fast paced, aggressively sung songs i'll be on the hunt for more by them.
Finally come 'Norah Louise Kuzmah' and 'Wake Up Call' two tracks by Scotland's The Red Eyes. I'd put both these songs in the pop punk bracket, they're more melodic and tuneful than raw and aggressive but as with most pop punk tunes they're very catchy. At only £2 for this well produced CD this is a snip from two guys who are motivated by music and not money.

Reviewed by Tim 'Punk4Life' Davies - January 08 (UK)


Review 3

The first Slit and Sawdust CD and its a cracker - four great bands with different styles from 4 countries all playing great punk rock. Tracks 1 and 2 are by Gimpfist from England and these lads go from strength to strength. Track 1 is 'Brotherhood', a blistering Oi anthem and a call for unity whereas track 2 'More War Stories' slows things down a little with more of a reggae beat and inciteful anti-war lyrics. This band play with a smile on their faces and are great live if there is any justice they will get the success they deserve.

Tracks 3 and 4 by Stuntface from Wales have a real hardcore influence to the sound. 'Every Dog Has Its Day' storms in at 100mph and 'Go To Hell Blues' is another high octane song from a very good band.

Tracks 5 and 6 take us to Belgium and Koncept who describe their music as Bulldozerpunk! 'World Today' kicks in slowly and is a good punk song. 'Belspelletjes' is maybe where the Bulldozer comes in as it is a storming 100mph from the word go - don't ask me what they are singing because as a typical Englishman I have'nt a clue about other languages but it doesn't matter- its loud, fast brilliant punk neither songs last long but who cares when they are this good.

To Scotland for tracks 7 and 8 from The Red Eyes. 'Norah Louise Kuzmah' deals with the story of Traci Lords the American porn star and the fall out when she was found to be under age. A very good song and these lads are at the more tuneful end of the punk spectrum and remind me of 999 or the Lurkers. The final track 'Wake Up Call' has all the urgency of the early Undertones and they may take some influence from all these bands and then put their own stamp on it. Very good both musically and lyrically.

This CD has something for anybody who likes punk. 4 bands all with their own style from Oi to Hardcore and the more poppy sound of The Red Eyes. OMD and Slit Records who compiled it have set themselves a hard act to follow, the standard on here is so good I can't fault any of the bands. Roll on volume 2.

Reviewed by David Bell, January 2008 (UK)


Review 4

A four way split CD, three bands from the U.K. mainland (Wales, England and Scotland) and one from Belgium. First up is from England, GIMP FIST.  The song 'Brotherhood' is a sing-along anthem for all the punks not dead. “More War Stories” is a well crafted reggae styled song about the futility of war.

The next band from Wales is STUNTFACE and their first song called 'Every Dog Has Its Day'. A hardcore burst with positive and never gives up type lyrics. 'Go To Hell Blues'. This song is in the title, a song telling someone to go to hell with music full of energy and some decent guitar riffs.

Off to Belgium we go with KONCEPT. 'World Today' is a hardcore song touching on the American style, about being confused about the world. 'Belspelletjes', no idea what the song is about (possibly a phone call) but what a great hardcore song. One of the best I’ve heard in ages, loads of aggression and a delivery of a boot to the face!

Back to the mainland and up north to Scotland and THE RED EYES. An ode to 'Norah Louise Kuzmah'. A very melodic song and what seems to be a childhood crush on this woman back in the 60’s.  The next and final song on the CD is 'Wake Up Call'. An upbeat, and a bit surf-like song about a revelation in a relationship.

Overall it’s a fine CD with a fine selection from each country, lots of good tunes and for only £2 it’s a steal!  

Reviewed by Hugh, February 2008 (Ireland)


Review 5

As soon as I received this CD from Fungalpunk my anticipation that it would be good music rocketed as here is a guy who is one of the greats, a true believer and one of the few that love the music and the scene. So to the CD - first up is Gimpfist from Darlington and having seen these 'live' I got exactly what I expected - quality Oi Punk Gimp style! The first track 'Brotherhood' blasts through with a catchy chorus sticking to your head like Superglue and the second track is the Rancid/Clash feeling 'More War Stories' another quality track with a great pumping ska feel and haunting lyrics showing the diversity that is Gimpfist.

Next up is Stuntface from Wrexham - Welsh Punkers who I have not heard before. First up is 'Every Dog Has Its Day' cracking in from the start with no prisoners taken as the song builds to the chorus and what a chorus - complete with harmonised backing vocals - this I have got to hear live! Next up from them is 'Go To Hell Blues' a kind of street metal song fat fast guitar riff backed by solid pounding rhythm - it Rocks is all I can say!

Third band up is Koncept from Belguim - Blistering Bulldozer punk and the first track is 'World Today' and it steams through at a great pace and really gives you something to think about. The second track 'Belspelletjes' sang in their native tongue adds an extra edge and although I don’t understand what they are singing about I prefer the way it is sung and this track is even quicker but loses none of the quality.

Final band on this CD are The Red Eyes from Glasgow! 'Norah Louise Kuzmah' reminds me of early Business in sound mixed with late 70s Punk - more melody then fury and its quality - so much so I wanna know who she is! Great sing along track and then to their second track and the final track of this CD 'Wake Up Call' another great sing along song that rocks along nicely and again, another band I must see live.

So to sum up as I expected time and effort has gone into picking 4 top bands and Fungalpunk shows again his passion for quality bands he obviously loves. Everyone should get this CD and support all four bands as they are out there doing it for the love of it and we should fucking well acknowledge that by supporting them. Long live the Gutter Cult and Long live FungalPunk for helping these bands get to a wider audience roll on Volume 2!

Reviewed by Woodstock, February 2008 (England)


Review 1

Here it is, the second offering in the 'Slit And Sawdust Split Bits' collection. As with volume 1 the format is the same, with four bands from four different countries. The bands in question on vol 2 are The Jesters (Belgium), Born To Destruct (England), Global Parasite (Wales) and Nomatrix (Ireland). Each of the bands contribute 2 tracks.
Belgians The Jesters are first up and 'Tonight The Bar Is Ours' their first song is an anthemic drinking song with a slight leaning towards the Irish style. 'A Joker's Gift' is more like old school punk with a difference, the major difference being the saxophone which is also very prevalent in their first song.

Next up are England's Born To Destruct. I'd never even heard of this lot and 'Roadtrip' and 'Bollocks' whilst both being very simple songs are both delivered well by their female singer. Welsh hardcore band Global Parasite are next and 'Smash The NWO' and 'Prejudice' display what a good band these guys are. Both are good hardcore songs and after seeing these guys live a few times myself they are definitely worth a live viewing.

Ireland's Nomatrix wrap the CD up with 'A Memory' and 'Unsure'. Both these tracks can be found on the band's excellent album 'Ugly'. Most of their album has an Irish flavour but but the tracks chosen for this CD are definitely more towards the punk end of the spectrum, with 'Unsure' being what I thought the best track off this CD.
The Slit And Sawdust collection, which is destined to go to many volumes will hopefully take in many more bands from foreign shores as it's probably most people's only chance to hear these bands. At 2 quid a copy it's well worth starting this collection.

Reviewed by Tim 'Punk4Life' Davies - April 08 (UK)


Review 2

The 2nd 8 track CD from the Slit and Sawdust stable kicks off with The Jesters from Belgium and 'Tonight The Bar Is Ours' a great punk sing-a-long drinking song some how vocally reminding me of US Bombs. Track 2 is UK82 style punk rock which flies at you at 100mph and highlights a very good a band well worth checking out. Tracks 3 and 4 are by Born To Destruct from England. 'Roadtrip' is a very tuneful almost pop punk song and 'Bollocks' was more of a grower which I had to hear a few times and the chorus sticks in the mind in a good way.

Global Parasite from Wales seem to be a very politically aware hardcore punk band and deliver 2 very good songs in 'Smash the Nwe World Order' and 'Prejudice'. As good as any band who do these kind of songs and if they are as good 'live' as on CD they will be well worth seeing.

Tracks 7 and 8 come from Ireland and Nomatrix. These songs sound as if they are about personal experiences, punk lyrics from the heart, very angst ridden and musically excellent. All told this CD took a few more listens for me to enjoy than Vol 1 with The Jesters and Global Parasite standing out straight away. Born to Destruct and Nomatrix for me needed a few more spins but if Punk doesn't push the boundaries we might as well all stop listening - roll on vol 3.

Reviewed by David Bell with the aid of Tetleys bitter and dry roasted peanuts. Punk Forever, May 2008 (UK)

Review 3

The prolific Fungalpunk Dave sent me a couple of CDs to review. Unfortunately, I’m not as organised, hardworking or obsessed as him, so it’s taken me weeks to get round to reviewing these gloriously DIY slices of great punk music. This is not to say I haven’t listened to the CDs – in fact I have enjoyed both of them very much – it’s just that I haven’t managed to put pen to paper on the subject. Until now, that is!

Slit and Sawdust Split Bits Vol 2 is a stonking selection of punk rock, taking in a variety of different takes on the genre, but all of the eight tunes by four different bands being excellent and well worthy of further investigation.

First up are two tracks by The Jesters from Belgium. Straight in with powerful distortion guitar, bass and drums and a sax-sounding melodic lead line, 'Tonight The Bar' is ours is a cracking slice of good old fashioned punk rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a simple enough verse-chorus song with standard shouty vocals, incomprehensible (to me) verse lyrics and a ‘hooligan chorus’ at the appointed time, but it has a sting in the tail: after 2 min 30, it all fades as if to end – but these boys clearly haven’t had enough, so they charge back in with a couple more rounds on the chorus. Great stuff, well put together, and most enjoyable. Their second song, 'A Joker’s Gift', has a more menacing feel to it but comes out of a similar punk rock ‘n’ roll tradition. This is not ground-breaking music by any stretch of the imagination; however, it is done in a refreshing and uncomplicated way, and with plenty of good-humour, power and gusto. I’d suggest that The Jesters 'live' would be a great night out; or you might just warm up your evening playing these great tracks loud on your CD player.

Next it’s the turn of Born to Destruct from Cambridge, England. 'Roadtrip' throws you straight into the song with no introduction. Kat on vocals doesn’t quite sound convinced of what she’s singing here, but the rest of the band batter on regardless, stopping and starting in all the right places. Rumbling basslines to bring the music back in after the end-of-chorus stops. Once again, this is good old punk rock ‘n’ roll to batter your eardrums, but a nice take on the genre. Their second track, 'Bollocks', pitches the vocals right up high, making Kat sound almost angelic. This impression is of course soon dispelled as we get to the defiant and idealistic point of the song which appears to be “follow your dreams, and don’t be ground down by people who are negative and just talk bollocks!” Quite right too, and excellent music into the bargain!

Third on the CD are Global Parasite, a thrashing three-piece from North Wales with full-on hardcore no-nonsense music. Insistent and powerful drums, guitars and bass accompany intelligent lyrics delivered in a full-throated and defiant style, with several voices punching the chorus home. 'Smash The New World Order' spits venom and anger. This is not easy listening, but it doesn’t half make you sit up and think! Short, angry, powerful and glorious, 'Prejudice' does exactly the same job in a slightly different way. If loud, angry, powerful, political hardcore punk is your thing, then Global Parasite are the band for you.

The last two tracks are by Irish band Nomatrix from Athlone. 'A Memory' kicks off with a powerful and ringing guitar chord fading behind a bass line, and then bass and drums build back up before vocalist John comes in with a melodic and plaintive vocal line high in the mix. It is reminiscent of East-Coast American folk-punk like Cordelia’s Dad, with possibly even a folky sensibility in the melodies, and variation in the rhythms. After the chorus, the song returns to its original theme and then builds the whole back up once again. It’s great stuff, and a real highlight of the CD for me. The last track 'Unsure' appears to be a lovesong, with slightly tailing off vocal line in the verse, and unresolved questions remaining to be answered both emotionally and lyrically. Once again, it is quite melodic punk rock, with a real sense of playing with textures: loud and quiet, light and shade. These boys obviously can play and write great songs. I see from the web that they are looking for a new drummer too: now that’d be an opportunity and a half!

Once again, full marks to Fungapunk Dave for his tireless work in getting this DIY stuff out there for us the punters to enjoy! From the ridiculously low price tags (on CDs and gigs), clearly no one is making a profit from these enterprises, but simply doing it because they believe in it culturally, artistically, and because it’s damn good fun! This is even more reason to get out there and support your local scene, buy the CDs, chat to the bands and organisers, drink lots of beer at the venues and generally get involved. You could also do worse than chuck a few quid in the post to Dave, and have him send you your own copy of the very fine Slit and Sawdust Split Bits Vol 2. Email him for details.

Reviewed by James Bar Bowen