Below are various punk rock offerings from Fungalpunk.


A montage of raving, frustration, anger and quality band videos


Underdog Morsels Series - £1.00 per volume unless stated

Vol 1 (Random Chaos Refreshes Routine) - AFS, The Despondents, Citizen Keyne, Harold Shitman

Vol 2 - (Systematic Idiocy Cultivates Apathy) - Mongrel, Thracia, Septic Psychos, The Red Eyes

Vol 3 - (Make The Cripples Dance) - Animal Train, Colin Farrell, St Tantrums, Obnoxious UK

Vol 4 - (Pushing Notes, Losing Notes) - Kybosch, East Town Pirates, Asezawallas, Skudpuppetz

Vol 5 - Underdogs Morsels Special Release - (Fuck Yer Flags, Here's Some Noise)

(UK/US/South Africa Special) - £2.00

T. D. K. M - Skum City

The Spitballs - Spitball High

Touched By Nausea - Newton 3

Dirtbox Disco - Tragic Roundabout

Suburban Losers - These Streets Are Full Of Wolves

Red Brigade - Tradition

Leather Zoo - Serial Killer

AWOL - Absent Without Leave

Vol 6 - Underdogs Morsels Special Release - (Fuck The Fat Man Social Club)

(UK/US/South Africa Special) - £2.00

Crisis Youth - Township Terror

Mardi Gras Bombers - Girl X

Oi Rothol - Racist Corruption

Pirate Punx - Unite The Punx

Urchin Of Menace - Place To Place

Skelm Helm - Harvest Of Our Dreams

The Mome Raths - Creature From The Black Lagoon

The Hazards - Innocents

Trigger McPoopshute - Plug's House

The Deadbeats - Another Girl

The Piss-Pops - Pretty Heavy Action

The Poor Geezers - Dumbstruck and Homeless

Still Kickin' Against The Pricks - £5.00
Fungalskapunka CD - SOLD OUT
Slit and Sawdust Split Bits Vol 1 - SOLD OUT
Slit and Sawdust Split Bits Vol 2 - SOLD OUT
Underdogs Vol 1 (Euro version) - SOLD OUT
Underdogs Vol 1 (Mastered copy) - SOLD OUT
SAS Compilation Vol 1 £3.00 - SOLD OUT
Redneck Zombies - It Came From Northwhich - £2.00
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