The band name and CD title are perfectly complimentary and smack of a punk ethos and attitude seldom found. Having seen this excellent outfit on a couple of occasions to date I expected much from this debut 6 tracker and to be frank (who's Frank) everything that their live performances vomit forth is encapsulated here. 'Stalker' is a solid chant and rant opener that is quickly pursued by the psychotic soaked 'Control Freak'. 'Sick Society' and 'Nation in Sedation' are more general in their estimations of the failings of the shitty populace but are equally effective songs that are instantly appealing. 'Bully Boys' has a definite Sham 69 feel to it which I feel must be intentional as these 4 'erberts are obviously well versed in punk history and culture. 'Dead End Dave' rounds off a superb CD that spans an era between 77 and the present with gratifying straightforwardness. This is a CD for street urchins everywhere and many an outcast on the lunatic fringes of our divided society will certainly enjoy a good pogo to this manic sextet of simplistic but effective punk rock anthems. A mini classic from the Scabs that promises a rosy future.



The only way to describe this sinister sounding album is as an unsettling, eerie montage of techno-horror. Each and every track oozes a psychotic malevolence that paradoxically skips along only to give an impression of something more depressing. There seem many influences here both musically and personally with various forbidden questions posed! Mike Oldfield, Killing Joke, Kraftwerk, The Transplants and the video nasty theme tune all seem to be put through the blender to produce a final cocktail of blood stained malicious menace. If one has any doubts then the titles of each song speak for themselves with 'Destroy Myself', 'Needles for Beginners', 'Hate' and 'Patricide Justified' being classic examples. All 4 tracks are the pick of the bunch with the others of a similar vein. As far as a judgement is concerned I feel at a loss. This is not my usual tipple and lacks that punky edge I always get a buzz from, however this is certainly as good as anything I've heard of from this genre and I'm sure if some well known conforming nob-rot put this out and said it was something to do with his 'Blue Period' then the album would be well up the charts. A quality production but for the nervous, narrow-minded or nob-headed then stay clear. For the curious and appreciators of genuine talent then get your money out and have a go - a quiet surprise awaits you! A thumbs-up!


The finest effort to date from the Barnsley boys that hopefully goes some way to convincing all doubters of the potential of this underrated band. The excellent opening guitar riff of 'Who's the Doctor' starts a CD that never lets up in both acoustic quality and lyrical sharpness. 'Jimmy Kelly' is a fuckin' stunner and stands out from a great quintet of studio tracks. The sing-a-long classic 'Pop Idol' is always a pleasure to hear and see and 'See My Rolex' is a Freddie Red 'get up your nose and fuck right off' special. However, for me, the biggest surprise of all are the live tracks which are so well recorded that they real do give you an inkling of what a great live band the Rippers are. Full on, in yer face, fun and fuckin' entertaining this does a more than deserving band full justice. All the classics are there and one guarantee I do have is that X-Ripper Munk who passed away last year (and who this CD is dedicated to) must be looking down with that impish grin on his face and be chuffed to bits with this superb album. And so he should be! Well done to everyone concerned and let the Rippers continue for many a year to come.



A new slant for punk here with a mish mash of arrangements brought together in a cacophonic conundrum. My fave track and opener 'This Is No Time For War' opens up this excellent 5 tracker that combines raw, rhythmic guitar, slap and twang bass, solid and steady drums with some very intense and accomplished vocals. 'Immitation Saturation' continues this quality theme and the delightfully disorganised 'Who Has The Power To Change It' breaks things up neatly and makes apt preparation for the classy 'Tear TheSystem Down' and 'Vortex'. This is quite an impressive debut effort and bodes well for the bands future. Several unorthodox influences have been blended to break some of punks restricting barriers and I am sure this will be food for thought for the purist punks. Personally I think this is a must listen and the fact that Headclinic are a great live act must put the shitters up the old brigade.

with added cheese


At last the Suspicious Stains have an album out so raise them soiled underpants high and let the world listen and listen good. The wait has been long but wow ain't it been worth it. This CD classic is testimony to the band as both musically talented individuals and crude, too much time on their hands, deviants. 'Linda Barker' opens and is basically a great spiteful rant of venomous fury and a contrasting indifference that really does make you believe that the vocals are borne of an unhinged mind.

'Fight Without A Cause' is 200mph punk with a no-nonsense drive that kicks ass big time with total disregard for pleasantry. 'End Away' is a ska cum reggae ditty that is a tuneful gem and vocal vulgarity which displays another facet to the Stains' ever glistening diamond.

'Rockstar' is purposeful and solid and comes at you with such forceful deliberation you can't help but step back and aurally admire. The ever increasing ending caps a classic.

'ASBO' highlights Anne's vocal talent with this brilliance incarnate that has a simplicity so hard to tap into to. Fantastic chorus this with clear and well delivered lyrics.

The CD continues its ecstatic high with varied delights especially 'Midnight Caller', and 'Lets Go'.

I don't know what the retail price will be for this punk rock nugget but it will be excellent value. This is a musical masterpiece that could only be improved upon by having more of it. If he Stains can step up from this then the scene had better watch its arse - because knowing this lot they will enjoy the rogering it will get.



A good CD here with a cracking blend of known and unknown bands lashing out a very variable amount of musical mayhem. Its nice to see a CD that dips its toes into many pools and offers something more than the expected fishy formula. Where else would you get Lowlife UK, Sick 56, Worm, Snowdome and Spinfire on one album?. From hardcore to ambient electro this covers loads of ground and at a budget price is surely a winner. Lowlife UK, Sick 56 and Snowdome are the main fish in this bowl of melodic gems but overall you can't go wrong. For punks, skaters and the curious - get your copy now! Oh by the way - Snowdomes track (Gnarly Dude) is a minor classic and really reflects the genius on show here.



The follow up CD to the fantastic Gnarly Dude this is ingeniously called Gnarly Dude 2. Wow - how do they think of it? Sarcasm aside this is another fair effort and carries on in the same vain as the first as in it offers a vast and varied mix of musical genre's. MC Rad open up with a yankee quickie then comes the punk 'n' blues Sugarshack with a Rolling Stones sound-a-like ditty that is very rock and roll. What ensues is a mixture of techno, rap, hardcore, ambience, retro punk and experimental tomfoolery that is worthy of a listen by almost anyone no matter what their musical taste. The dark and eerie Worm, the catchy and superb AFS and the revved up country sounding Joe Popp are the chosen golden fish in a pond of thrashing sharks. Good stuff and surely one to test the boundaries of the limited thinker.



Just released and what may be the last in the many faceted series. If you're a fan of these mini classics then you'd best shift your arse and get this because the old format wins again. Challenging, obscure, unpredictable and drenched in quality ditty's this surely concludes a memorable trio. The 60's beatle-esqe Fuzz Face are one of the best bands that stand out from the first few tracks with the well established Phinius Gage throwing in an American melody for all young punks. AFS and Crouch Mog are Britains best contibutors and rattle off 'No Hope' and 'Never Easy' with sublime class. The Newtown Kings reggae number is upbeat and in stark contrast to some of the other hard guitar rocking numbers. The main beauty of these CD's is that they open up different musical vista's and let one experience stuff they may never encounter which is always a good thing. Bands here are being exposed to different audiences, a vital ingredient of compilation CD's and one too often overlooked. The last - I hope not - but if so then its been a pleasure.



What can I say? Airbomb splitting up and only doing the odd gig here and there! Terrible news, just terrible. This latest release is free via the internet and is a live tribute to one of the best punk bands ever. Live and on CD these lot are sheer class and I have yet to hear a dud tune come from this Romford quartet. Anyway, this collectors gem is a rough, no nonsense insight into the aggressive street style punk Airbomb are so good at delivering. Lacking a great production only adds to its rawness and from 'Nihil' to'Motorhead' is one long pleasure. The picks are 'Mentalised', 'I'm So Sick', 'Mad' and 'Your X' but as previously stated these guys don't deal in duds. For any Airbomb fan this is a must and for anyone who missed these guys - well its your loss but enjoy the music and get the other 2 albums as well. Excellence to the bone.



Mmmmm - well the name says a lot and initial thoughts were of a band trying to get by with filth and nonsense so as to detract from crap songs. Wrong. I like this. Its raw and sounds unfinished but it gets the message across. The opening 'Plastic Surgery Nightmare' is good old Spit and Sawdust punk that doesn't go in for pompous shite but stays to the point and keeps up a nice energy flow. 'Scum Between My Toes' should never be sung by a lady but there you go. Again the energy levels are up and the basic bedroom recording gets the message across. There's something nostalgic about this and has enough modern influence to make it very likeable. The finale 'Useless Flesh' starts off with a nice guitar riff and breaks up into a girly onslaught of anger and frustration. I only hope the animals at the end are not the victims of this bands of deviancies. Oh by the way - these lot are very entertaining live and do the business. Verdict - a cock full of spunk (filth not intended).

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