3 songs blending 3 main genres, namely hardcore, punk and metal. This little taster causes many a conundrum when it comes to a final appraisal as it is not my regular tipple but after several spins a verdict has been reached - guilty/not guilty - shite/right - pure/manure - read on.

The CD begins with 'I Am Spartacus' a track that immediately makes an impact with its quality of sound. The incoherent vocals work due to the fact that they are intermittently broken by a nice harmony and excellent guitar riff plus the fact that they don't go on for too long. Short and sweet - the eternal winning duo! In fact the crossover gets better with every listen and the only possible blemishes are the 2 tinkling guitar breaks that in some respects briefly halt the flow of a good opening blast.

Track 2, 'Calm After The Storm' is opened by another screaming fit that yet again is broken by vocals of more clarity and control. Same formula but worked well enough to give the song its own identity.

The closing number, 'People Without Faces' lacks the focus of its predecessors but still reflects a band who can obviously play their instruments.

Shite - not in the least - Right - not quite! A little too much going on in certain parts and during the intricate guitar parts a feeling of transient emptiness is had which really stands out against the rest of the full-on sound. Definitely worth a few gigs and the quality of production is of a good standard. I would suggest a 5 tracker next with a few basic power riffs and a slow number thrown in to vary things a little. There seems a lot more to come here and a listen to some other stuff would be most welcome. Give em' a try ya buggers.



What’s this – a new release from the quintessential lazy bastards of punk rock?  Have these 4 Mancunian idlers surreptitiously got off their beer sodden backsides and snuck out a new album?  Can there be a new source of inspiration within the Dummies ranks?  Not on your fuckin’ nelly mate!  No – in fact this is a re-release of existing material from the country of Poland.  Apparently some Polish guy saw these 4 ‘erberts strut their stuff on a couple of occasions ans enjoyed it so much decided to put out this well packaged piece as a tribute to a quality outfit.  Can’t fault the spirit!

For me The Dummies are the biggest waste of talent on the punk scene and if ever a band needed to get their arse in gear then here we have a guilty example.  When firing on all cylinders this lot are a match for anyone and over the several years I have been watching this loose-cannon crew I have witnessed them wipe the floor with several so called ‘bigger bands’.  Unfortunately an aversion to practice, a complete unreliability, an insistence to bicker amongst themselves and a magnetic-like attraction to trouble have all hindered the progress in fulfilling an outrageous potential.  Hopefully this release will earn them a bit of credit yet when I put it to drummer Banjo about a possible Polish Tour I was instantly reminded of how difficult it is to even get them to perform on their own patch.  Fair point I suppose!

Anyway this is a fuckin’ peach of an album and the only low point is the shitty live recording of Bonecrusher’s classic ‘Gotta Believe’.  Other than that its all class with ‘Glaxo Baby’, ‘Cosa Nostra’, Suitcase Pimp’ and ‘Out On The Loose’ 4 highs from one long constant buzz.

It would be good to see these guys get back into the groove with some real drive and determination but I suppose there is as much chance of Baghdad hosting the next Miss World contest than the Dummies remaining focussed.  Hey ho one can dream!



A bunch of young geezers here plying their trade and bravely going straight at it with a 12 track album release via newly formed Humdrum Records.

Things commence in solid style with the pacey ‘Way Of Life’, a track which has just enough going on without getting overly fussy.  ‘Guns And Bombs’ is a rollercoaster ride of up and down vocals and slamming drums which equals track one in its direct, fervent approach.  So soon into the album and it feels that Ambush UK are on the borderline between controlled aggression and wild waywardness, a feeling that leaves the listener cautious and extremely analytical.  ‘Another Day’ opens in true punk fashion as does ‘Reclaim The Streets’ with both efforts yet again just staying within the boundaries that deem these efforts listenable.

‘Why I Hate You More’ is a good idea but is let down by a band trying to do too much with a song that would already have enough substance without involving too much showboating.  Several other songs suffer from this American infection that too many British bands ail from and in truth it not only mars the end product but takes away a bands entire identity.  On several occasions here we have this recurring illness and Ambush UK, as an entity in their own right, suffer.  Having said that the album does show enough promise to get by with  ‘Half The World and the top notch ‘Down To Earth’ being the selected jewels in the crown.

In fact the Irish-influenced ‘Down To Earth’ is done so well that  you have to ask the question whether or not Ambush UK’s future lies in this punk sub-genre.  It is by far and away the albums stand out moment and if you could use one song to push a band and highlight their talent then this would be my choice for this outfit.

Rounding up then and I feel this is a confident move from a young band and in parts it may not have paid off but in others it certainly has.  Either way it is a respectable throw of the dice and it is obvious this band mean business.  In future it is a priority that attention to song arrangement and overall content are maintained and if so a dramatic improvement will be had. 

I like the attitude though and this will serve the band well for the future.  One last question though – How much Mogodon had these lads consumed before recording the last (hidden) track?



38 tracks segueing into one another with an uncompromising, unremitting speed/skate/surf sound that is quite readily identifiable both as a complete package and individually. 'I'm The One' is one of the best tracks and opens up an album that is a high energy coming together of several of the bands releases to date. The consistency and overall ambience is very good indeed with the next couple of highs coming in the shape of 'Time For Vietnam' and 'Don't Take Your Life'. There is a slight 60's rock 'n' roll edge mixed in here that is intricately re-worked to make this CD have it's own unique and modern feel.

Similar also to that quirky US quirky punk style dished out by bands such as The Briefs this is a heady brew that just rattles on and on and has an inoffensive sound that can be enjoyed by a variety of genre's and sub-genre's. One hitch the album suffers from is that there is basically too much of the same flavour. In some ways the Clorox Girls identifiable noise overdoses on itself and you are left with an offering that is better tasted by the mouthful rather than in one crazed glut. 38 songs is a lot to get through in one go and my advice would be to stick to a healthy intake rather than overface yourself.

The final summary is of a good band who who are quite superb live and only just fail to transcend the energy and gusto onto CD. Worth the £8 but a bit more variation wouldn't go amiss.



Lacking in a finalised production, overly technical and with too much Yankee Wankee influence this 3 track taster from mix ‘n’ match Nil Desperandum should have been so much better.  I’ve seen a couple of these guys strut their stuff before in other bands and so was expecting loads more.  Obviously talented the emphasis here seems to be on showcasing this gift to a crazed degree rather than producing power-packed guitar laden ditties with a more targeted approach.

All 3 tracks are of a similar ilk and have some fine musical moments interspersed with detached and opposing outbursts that just throw the end product into disarray.

Live, I suspect this may work but as an initial demo, for me, it doesn’t.  Maybe it's my preference for a more structured approach and my fastidious dislike for overly intricate US-style ditties that all tend to so sound oh so similar.  I wouldn’t underestimate this lot and in truth expect a whole lot more but decisions as to whether a song is going to be Americanised, hardcore or melodic punk need to be made.



The warning is almost non-existant! The swift onslaught of rapid firepower punk is upon the listener without remorse and the opening track of 'Too Little Too Late' has been, gone and impressed in what seems a blinking of an eye before the truly anthemic and quite marvellous 'War On The Streets' has sucked you right in to the Gimp Fist world of natural, un-pretentious punk played with a big heart and a mighty slice of pride. A brilliant song this and one that really outstrips the rest due to its infectious chorus and overall composition. Surely a crowd pleaser at all gigs and one which I am personally looking forward to witnessing live.

'Voice of A Generation' is a real old-school sounding song that again does the business with the more aggressive 'Jimmy Was A Punk' perfectly following and being reminiscent of many choice flavours of which none can be exactly named. The mix so far is spot on and I am struggling to find who exactly this CD wouldn't appeal to.

'Up Against The Wall', ''Dead End Streets' and 'Shoulder To Shoulder' all maintain the high energy, top quality level and each and every track could stand alone and still be regarded and as a damn good effort.

'Just Another Country' is the second real shiner on this CD and uses, somewhat cutely, the chorus as a means to use profanity and produce a sing-a-long belter. I would have loved this to close the CD rather than '6655321' which is a good song but just doesn't reach the skyscraping limits of its predecessor. Now I am just being pedantic really due to the fact that this is yet another great CD from yet another band who seemingly have to fulfil an obvious potential.

It is quite alarming to see how much quality is out there at the moment but one thing is perfectly assured and that is GimpFist can surely mix it with the best of them.



Straight into the action here with a typical punk outburst, namely 'This Is Your Life'. A true sing-a-long effort that has a great backstreet approach and a very Oi'ish feel to it without losing its more varied appeal. 'Poppies' picks up the tempo with a five line chorus to savour that is both brief and perfectly speeded up for the last two lines. Nice touch to an otherwise already sound song. 'Nowhere Left To Hide' continues the growl 'n' scowl theme and yet again we have a well constructed song with another catchy chorus. Some bands just seem adept at constructing those easy to pick up pieces and in City Kids we have a prime example of this style of song writing ability. The CID'esque opening of 'Into The Storm' doesn't prepare the listener for the 100mph assault that just comes and goes before the final track is upon us. 'Pisshead' is a distorted tribute to drunkards everywhere. Agree or disagree with the stereotyping lyrical content but this is a cracking song and I am willing to wager anyone bronzed up (QC jargon) at a gig that they would be singing along with this quality drinking ditty in no time at all.

The overly critical may say of this CD 'there's nothing new under the sun' and my only response would be 'well if its all this good it really doesn't matter'.



4 tracks here from North West Ska stars The Fractions. Yet again we have a band displaying maturity beyond years with a musical insight of staggering proportions. The best track of this solid CD is 'Barrel with an S' which encapsulates everything this band are about. Quick tempo melodies, controlled aggression, staccato deliveries and upbeat rhythms are all combined in a cock sure combination that offers the listener much to contemplate. The enthusiasm of youth is evident and I'm sure with time that this lot will undoubtedly get their just rewards.



A very classy offering here from a band who certainly know how to compose a good song. Rather than follow the quick, bang boom approach of quite a few punk outfits this is of a more methodical approach with clear emphasis on melody and complimentary structure.

'Norah Louise Kuzmah' opens this choice quartet with a tale about porn actress Traci Lords and a view on her life thus far. It's a choice song and sets a high standard that The Red Eyes consistently live up to. The next offering is a risky cover in the form of 'H-Eyes' a Ruts classic no less and one of my favourite songs from this accomplished band. The Red Eyes do their own thing with this number and give it a whole new essence without straying too far from the original. Does it work? You bet your ass it works and it reflects the quality of this band in general.

.Next 'All Dressed Up' and yet again the nail is hit right on the head with a great flowing song reinforced by good lyrical matter. The CD closes with 'Rottenrow Baby' a more simplistic tune but again a winner.

The Red Eyes are becoming a bit of a fave of mine and the approach and content of their productions so far is quite impressive. I am surprised they are not more well known but the sometimes insular nature of the punk beast can be responsible for holding back many a talent. Case in point here!



It doesn't come much better than this if you are a fan of new-style punk with a raucous, high-energy edge. This offering is from a band who are becoming more accomplished with every gig and the improvement over the last few years has been a totally jaw-dropping revelation. The culmination of hard work and an abundance of talent erupts here with 12 tracks of pure quality. The brief opener 'Demise' sets a high standard but is matched and left for dead by the simply delicious 'Old Ways'. A professional sounding piece of noise with various changes in approach and technical tweaks making one helluva song. Reminiscent of a US band more advanced in years this precocious piece of music echoes a deep rooted ability.

This thread of quintessential musical competence continues throughout with 'Let Me Go' contributing to an high and mighty start full of great chorus lines and skin-tingling guitar moments. Exciting, fresh and oozing a coherence and accoustic standard almost second to none DBD have produced a fine CD here and the skyscraping highs reach a heady zenith with the the fiery blast of 'Submission' and the raging intent and defiance of 'Agnostic'. Two real pacey and awesome tracks that will turn heads no matter what.

The Americanised appeal of the sound here must put DBD in with a good chance of cracking the yankee circuit as well as winning fans all over the world. Lady Luck is a wicked mistress but I suspect she may have no say in the fortunes of DBD but then again....

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