Fig 1
ADULT: Wingspan - 58 - 63mm. The largest of our white butterflies with the white wings and large black areas on the forewing tips conspicuous. The female has two large black spots on the forewings upper surface with the hindwing being a wishy washy yellow. The hindwings underside is yellow-green in both sexes with the forewings underside a faded version of the upper surface. CHRYSALIS: 22mm. Variable in pattern and colour. LARVA: 47mm. Pale green with inconspicuous yellow lines along the back and sides. Heavily spotted with black all over. EGG: Pale yellow, cylinder shaped and ridged. Located in clusters on various brassicas (Link). BEHAVIOUR: A very busy species that very rarely settles except during overcast weather. HABITAT: Gardens and allotments but can be seen almost anywhere. FLIGHT PERIOD: 2 broods covering May to September.

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