1988. Directed by Andrew Fleming

A surprisingly good film from an era that vomited forth more than its fair share of crapulence.  This film, about a sinister cult leader and his vulnerable victims, rings many home truths about the David Koresh tragedy and as a result, adds to the horror value.

The film is set in the mid-70's and begins with the leader of the Unity Fields love cult, one Franklin Harris (Richard Lynch), encouraging his followers to make the ultimate sacrifice by dousing themselves in gasoline and indulging in a mass suicide.  A mass blaze ensues, one young girl, Cynthia Weston (Jennifer Rubin) survives and after 13 years in a coma eventually returns to the land of the living.  Alas, all is not as it seems, as Cynthia is haunted by the ghost of the ex-leader and all manner of gruesome events come to entertain our blood lusting peepers.  As part of an experimental psychiatric group led by Dr Alex Karmen (Bruce Abbott) Cynthia is introduced to several sad and disturbing characters which only adds to the intrigue of the film.  The resurrected Harris wants to stir up some gore and get his 'chosen one' to cross over into the dark side.  Throughout the escapade a tension builds and the corruption of a Dr Berrisford (Harris Yulin) adds an extra slab of sinisterism to the flow.  Come the end, it is gratifying to see a few characters get their comeuppance.

A very stable and watchable film with efficient acting throughout and a nicely paced flow had.  The psychological weight of the film backs up the general unease felt and although not making the 'classic' standard this is more than just an average affair.


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