Raymond Williams - The Assassin - A vulgar and abusive Norman lord is the target of an assassination attempt by a man employed with much to profit. The attempt is foiled, the punishment given brutal and gory and making up in some way for the flimsy storyline.

John D. Keefauver - The Most Precious - A Middle east yarn that will bewilder you rather than scare. It is the tale of a dentist who witnesses a teeth-whitening demonstration and seeks out its secret. A fascination with a silent woman adds extra interest to what is a rather enigmatic and disappointing tale.

W. Baker-Evans - The Children - A man finds himself in the middle of a woodland watched by several feral children. From where they came no one knows but what they get up to is all too predictable and done in such a way as to leave the tale without much effect on the reader.

Ray Bradbury - The Illustrated Man - A circus worker gets too fat to do his job and so gets tattooed and becomes one of the acts. The mysterious lady who applies the ink can also work magic, the tale unfolds and a prophecy is fulfilled - Bradbury produces the most choicest goods...yet again.

A. G. J. Rough - Playtime - A 4 page exploration into extreme childhood naiveté and the shocking results that can arise without a devilish though in mind. Terse, to the point and delivered with rapid style.

Maurice Sandoz - The Tsansta - A seemingly insane man relates a tale regarding his love for a woman with strange desires. He tries to please her needs by buying all sorts of oddments but the one she requires is certainly beyond his scope - the shrunken head of a white man no less.

Dorothy K. Haynes - The 'Bean Nighe' - A fairy tale like chiller about a lonely family out in the sticks whom have a sick young man in their midst, who suffers from an illness that took his fathers life. His sister is returning home late one night and sees a strange washer woman beating a white blanket in the stream - is this the harbinger of death.

Raymond Harvey - The Tunnel - This story of adultery and revenge is simply written, totally routine and nothing out of the ordinary until the shocking gristly ending that is delivered with such nasty effect and downright gratuitous lust - you certainly won't forget it.

Bruce Lowery - The Growth - A story that is not for anyone who suffers from hypochondria. A woman develops a small growth on her side which enlarges quickly and shocks her son who is mysteriously kept in the dark by the medical staff - an utterly sickening yarn.

Frank Quinton - Lover's Leap - A tale of a betrayal, a long tern grudge and the eventual revenge. Formulated, predictable to a certain extent with a blazing ending you may find to your satisfaction.

Basil Copper - The Janisseries Of Emilion - Nightmares and reality get moulded into one horrific circumstance with our plagued victim suffering unfathomable torture at the hands of the inevitable. Well written and with good suspense held despite the unoriginal plot.

Gerald Gersh - The Sad Road To The Sea - A struggling tailor is harassed by his landlord, he eventually cracks and deals with the situation first hand but guilt is never far away and we are caught in a snare between sympathy and retribution.

Dulcie Gray - The Brindle Bull Terrier - A tale of utter cruelty, spiteful evil and revenge that metamorphs into a finale of blackmail and subtle punishment - 3 characters, only one is innocent, the tale is brutal but the ending tame.

AGJ Rough - Sugar And Spice - 2 page high impact slam bam horror done with care to turn innocence into murderous bloodshed - one that will stick in the mind for sure.

Rene Morris - The Computer - Set in the future a hitman is assigned to a murder, the dread of the deed is dealt with and upholds the tension, the finale may be half expected but it in no way hinders the story.

Martin Waddell - Suddenly, After A Good Supper - A twisted sadistic plot that sees this skin crawling episode turn into a Poe-esque bout of suffocating horror with some extra cannibalistic gore thrown in.

Walter Winward - The Benefactor - A hybrid of paedophilia and Satanism to unsettle the most ardent horror reader. The grooming process, the uncomfortable embrace of innocence and the end vile act make this a tale to stand against the ages of time and morality.

Charles Braunstone - Suitable Applicant - 2 women need a job, one gets a menial waitressing job, the other lands on her feet with a job tending to the whims of a retired surgeon. The position of the latter is soon re-advertised, her friend means to see why, she gets employed and ends up in the same situation as her friend - a sickening bout of horror .

Priscilla Marron - My Dear How Dead You Look And Yet You Sweetly Sing - A poetical wander done in almost abstract style with a man haunted by his murdered wife's body - 2 pages and done, an odd finale.