Charles J Benfleet - The Man Who Hated Flies -  Reincarnation is the theme of this one with a man expected to prove his beliefs and who does so in a twisted and slightly comical finale. Very much in keeping with the anthologies style.

R. Chetwynd Hayes - The Thing - A man in a pub downs his medicine and is followed by the shadow of death. A strange tale that really doesn't reach the highs expected of such a renowned author.

G. M. Glaskin - The Return - A slow drifting tale of a mind gone astray due to old age, insanity and a yearning spirit. Nicely written and with an end touched of sadness that hits a nerve.

David Grant - The Bats - A young boy is neglected by his selfish parents and he certainly holds a grudge. His immersion into his collection of wild pets provokes an idea of revenge via some creatures he has more than a comforting relationship with.

Dulcie Gray - The Fur Brooch - A man tries to charm a woman but the woman finds hime repulsive and is engaged to another, the man is a trifle wounded. She accepts a gift, it costs here dearly in the most unexpected way imaginable.

Dulcie Gray - Dream House - A couple want to buy a house, the woman is dominant and vocal as well as being quite a few years older than a quiet, worn and weary husband. They move in, months later move out due to travelling plans, the estate agent gets a letter - it is cold, to the point and highly revealing.

Harry Harrison - The Streets of Ashkelon - A sci-fi offering that deals with the pro's and cons of religion. An innocent society of amphibians are turned the wrong way, in a tale that is food for thought and thoroughly absorbing.

Patricia Highsmith - The Snail Watcher - a tale I can relate to having that curious naturalists streak.  Here we find a man with a fondness for those shelled gastropods, some of us love, some of us loathe.  The liking turns into an obsession, the obsession turns into a mania, the result in well digested on all fronts - I like this simple tale of the fantastic.
W. W. Jacobs - The Monkey's Paw - an incredible classic we will all be familar with in one format or another.  3 wishes are granted to an elderly couple, the object that brings the reality is a 'Monkey's Paw' given to the couple by an old, well travelled friend.  They are given a warning with the charm, they pay no heed and pay a terrifying price - utterly brilliant.
John D Keefauver - The Last Experiment - a soldier takes part in an experiment regarding complete isolation.  He is locked in a darkened room so as to be observed by psychologist as to how he will ultimately cope.  He can leave when he wants to and yet becomes so mentally crippled the choice seems almost lost.

John D Keefauver - Mareta -  a seductive beauty with an ocular obsession is the theme of this routine story but it is well written and has a closing gambit straight out of the shock horror cupboard.
Rene Morris - I'll Never Leave You, Ever - a tale of love, betrayal and death - sounds predictable and I suppose it is but the pang of the lass at the centre of the tale, the use of withcraft to try and create a suitable ending and the final predictable turn-around still capture the interest.
William Sansom - A Smell Of Fear - a frightened young woman, doused in the consuming disease of neurosis, is stalked - or so she thinks.  The question is - whether it is all in the mind or a reality.  We lead to a finale, one that seems destined to end in foul play - the shock that comes creates several posers especially regarding judgeing books by their covers and the dangers of preconceived thoughts.

William Sansom - The Little Room - an appalling tale of a Nun and her encroaching death. A slow horrid death preceeded by deep, bleak thoughts that permeate any positive aspects and bring home the importance and pointlessness of life. A true reality based chiller.

Rosemary Timperley - Street of the Blind Donkey - the escape from an oppressive marriage is the theme here in what is a dry and sobered tale that only holds attention due to its haunting memory riddled desire.

Martin Waddell - Cannibals - the title is the give away, it is true Pan Horror, a young put upon man takes revenge in the most gruesome way possible - don't we just read these entire anthologies for the joy of these gratuitous cutlets.

Martin Waddell - The Old Adam - An odd inclusion, a sci-fi tale concern a Frankenstein creation that lives in a galss jar. The creature is lonely, has a feeling of no hope and abandonment and yet finds solace in the tentacled creature in the next jar - can they ever become as one.

Elizabeth Walter - The Island of Regrets - a long tale of an accursed island that sees a couple pay no heed to warnings of maevolent magic and duly take a trip to the sea-locked land and pay a terrible price. Despite its length and obvious ending the tale grips the imagination.

Alex White - Never Talk To Strangers - A young girl ventures forth, is confronted by a mysterious stranger whose looks and behaviour cause concern.  She is assited by a charmer who seems to save the day - oh how looks can deceive.  A reality-riddled tale that unsettles and closes this collection on a chilling note.