Romain Gary - The Oldest Story Ever Told -  A post war tale of a holocaust survivor who, whilst in La Paz, Bolivia, meets up with an old familiar victim who is still in a state of shock due to his ghastly experiences. But, there is an unsettled feeling in the air and the new found comrade has a shocking secret that duly gets revealed, be warned.

M S Waddell - Man Skin - A creepy tale about a shadowy individual who may be man, beast or demon who lurks about, befriends the unsuspecting and duly builds up his collection of 'man skin'.  Nasty, unsettling and a tale that must have had quite an impact in its day.

Basil Copper - Camera Obscura - A moneylender chases a repayment and comes into contact with a camera obscura in the debtors cluttered rooms. This is a device to show the city around them in a different way, but it also has another terrifying angle that throws the moneylender back in time.

John Burke - Party Games - A young boy who doesn't fit in attends a party without an invite. He joins the fray, is always on the outside, is kind of bullied and seems unconcerned - perhaps he knows only to well that he will have the last shocking laugh.

Septimus Dale - The Unforgiven - A mysonogystic tale with a brutal ring to it that has weight in even today's world. A young girl is made to feel ashamed of who she is by an overpowering religious figure - the end result is highly disturbing and gets right beneath the conscience.

Adobe James - The Puppetmaster - A snapped mind due to success turning to failure and an obsession with his own creations, the Puppetmaster Decarlo falls under a spell, loses control and falls foul to his own monsters.

John Lennon - No Flies On Frank - Obscure nonsense from the Beatles jottings, it really doesn't have a place in this collection but it has a bizarre appeal that entertains.

Ron Holmes - A Heart For A Heart - 3 pages of a familiar tale of a insane Doctor, his wife and his lover - it is quick and to the point and has an expected twist that really gets to the heart of the matter - a quite swift pleasure.

William Sansom - A Real Need - A grey existence plays on the mind of a bored maniac who needs change and needs it by any means necessary - the blood pours, the cell for the cracked awaits.

John Collier - Green Thoughts - An Englishman buys a strange orchid that has an unusual appetite, this somewhat detracts the narrator's tale from the problem he has with his greedy nephew, that is, until the tendrils of the tale take a hold too far and we are left amidst a fantastical tale that is an innocent joy.

John D Keefauver - Give Me Your Cold Dead Hand - A 50's/60's episode of obsession that has film noir aspects and an undercurrent of tortured minds and souls. The essence radiated is monochrome, the whole feel subdued but all the while something provokes interest - a delicate oddity.

Abraham Ridley - My Little Man - A tale that sees a lady surprisingly happy in her disturbed mental state. The thread is somewhat meandering and I am sure many will have their own take on what is an unsure and quite unexciting tale.

HA Manhood - Crack o Whips - A Dickensian tale with a vulgar lead 'cor blimey guv'ner' character who makes a living by parading his troop of numbered and violently neglected poodles to the paying public.  His rudeness to affects his fate, a deserved fate that creates an unwarranted sympathy.
Richard Davis - The Inmate - A tale of obsession as a young girl takes a disturbing liking to a gorilla her husband keeps in a cage in the cellar.  We suspect something abhorrent, the suggestion at the end of the story suggests this - nasty.
Walter Windward - Return To Devil’s Tongues - A tale of an affair and a murder is reincarnated via a dream and so we get an odd tale that has some intrigue but leaves one a little cold.  One to raise a few questions with its warped logic.

Septimus Dale - Putz Dies - Two guards are stationed to look after a war criminal who is responsible for the pain and death of thousands of people.  There is an arrogance emitted from the experimental villain and payback eventually comes after he is saved from the death sentence - a boiling hot finale.
Adobe James - The Road To Mictlantecutli - A priestly figure warns a driver not to dabble with dubious girls which of course is duly ignored.  An encounter with a woman on horseback that leads to a sexual liaison means end up with a necrophilic tale loaded with inescapable doom and misery.  If only we knew before hand what 'mictlantecutli' meant.

Vivian Meik - The Doll Of Death - Voodoo and revenge combine (yet again it seems) in a warped tale that fails to make any sort of ghoulish grade with its, sometimes, unnecessarily convoluted text.

M. S. Waddell - Love Me, Love Me, Love Me - A man is haunted by the spirit of a girl. Love begins to bloom, the sinister edge builds and life is eroded away by a fickle mistress who lacks loyalty.

Richard Stapley - The Shed - Another war tale of torture and suffering that leads you toward a predictable ending it seems but this one suddenly changes any constructed thoughts and throws in a strange sci-fi ending.