William Sansom - The Man with the Moon in Him - A stalker on the London Tube System, a diseased mind seemingly on the look out for a woman to kill, the twist throws all expectations out of the window.

Adobe James - I'll Love You - Always - The narrator of the tale is a rich man who moves into a spooked house on a plantation. All seems well until a sex hungry apparition, in the form of a beautiful woman, soon takes mental and physical control.

C A Cooper - Command Performance - A twisted tale of reincarnation and murder that wraps around itself and leaves the mind reeling.  Set in the 18th century this one needs your utmost attention so as to feel the full effects of the final bend.
M S Waddell - The Treat - We walk in the unsettling shoes of a killer, but this time the fiend is on the right side of the level and his perverse pleasures are all legal.  A very interesting slant that is sussed in the early pages but which still enthrals.

Seabury Quinn - Clair De Lune - A slow, strange tale with an obvious outcome that sees a celebrity figure transcend the barriers of time whilst retaining a youthful appearance by...well I suspect you can almost guess the reason.

Christianna Brand - The Sins of the Fathers - A disturbing tale of starvation and sin-eating mania where a sub-religious practice terrifies and offers food as a substitute for sin and then donates isolation as an end reward - a very unsettling account.

Christine Campbell Thomson - Message for Margie - A spiritual fraud is uncovered after exploiting a young girls vulnerability. An odd tale that has a good atmosphere but just lacks that injection of terror.

John Keir - The Other Passenger - A rambling tale done in almost abstract style with a haunted mans account of his life and the doppelganger that taunts him. This one has a nebulous feel and we are never quite certain of the true facts - is there a double or is our narrator truly insane.

Basil Copper - The Spider - A travelling salesman has a fear of spiders, he stops at an inn with a very sinister landlord. After encountering a few nasty looking spiders in the washroom he decides to have an early night. But what's that in the room with him? Pure B-movie horror and one that will attract the younger audience for sure.

Edward Lucas - Lukundoo - This one really disturbed me, in a physical sense!  A white explorer is suffering from a series of boils, which he is cutting off with his own hands.   The boils are something quite horrific and this insane tale will have you wondering where the edge of sanity really does lie.
Alex Hamilton - The Words of the Dumb - More insanity with a tale of mental health problems gone haywire.  A radio presenter is at the hub of the tale and his incessant practicing of animal and bird calls for a forthcoming show, coupled with his seeming hang ups with people, combine to create a very odd yarn.

Adobe James - The Revenge - A very nasty tale of the most realistic kind that of course is gratuitous, violent and of a certain ilk. The brutality of revenge is most blatant but the crippling twist in the plot at the end of the tale leaves you pondering an extra cruelty.

John D Keefauver - Kali - A woman shares her name with the Hindu Goddess of motherhood and destruction and is looked upon with love struck eyes by a Briton abroad. The statement 'terrible things give me happiness' kind of adds and extra shudder within the spine of this tale.

E F Benson - The Confession of Charles Linkworth - A murderer denies all, he goes to the rope and only later does he make contact with the prison doctor whom he requests to call the man of the cloth so he can confess all. A 'beyond the grave' ghost story that has all the clichéd spices.

Gerald Kersh - Men Without Bones - In the deepest jungle a distressed and seemingly insane man passes on a tale of jelly-like creatures who come, one thinks, come from a distant planet.  The account given is soaked in sci-fi/B-movie flavours and conjures up images of foul flesh sucking creatures than make a mockery of man.

William F Nolan - The Small World of Lewis Stillman - Sci-fi nuts will know this tale so well, almost identical to the I Am Legend yarn where one man is left alive up against an army of zombies, but in this case the army comprises of...well that would be telling.
Rene Morris - The Living Shadow - Another tale of revenge after jealousy gets the upperhand and some gratuitous violence takes place.  The living form may be beaten but the shadowy afterlife has a sting in the tale.

CA Cooper - Bonfire - An account of a bitter, twisted and jealous headmaster and his vindictive vendetta against a younger teacher who is obviously going to overshadow and outdo any of his own personal achievements. The end result is an inferno of utter madness and an example of what happens when a petty grudge is left to fester.

M S Waddell - Hand in Hand - A gruesome tale of murder, dismemberment and extreme panic with a manic murderer in a conundrum regarding the concealment of various body parts whilst 2 annoying visitors await the arrival of the victim.