Algernon Blackwood - The Strange Adventures of a Private Secretary in New York - A task is given as well as a warning and a night of utter torment is had in this tale of a flesh eating fiend.

Charles Birkin - The Last Night - The abuse of a mental health patient by a doctor with more than his own fair share of cerebral problems.

Neville Killington - Meshes of Doom - A fantastic tale incorporating murder and revenge via a plant hell-bent on taking over all and sundry - or is it indeed.

Michael Joseph - The Yellow Cat - A run down gambler turns on his lucky charm, revenge is had but not the kind of revenge you can expect - a tale of the fantastic.

Charles Lloyd - Special Diet - All aspects of this tale or highly disturbing with mental illness falling short behind the true out of bounds cannibalistic finale.

N. Dennett - Unburied Bane - An eerie fungus-riddled farm, a repugnant harridan and a sinister skull all make this a haunting wander through an accursed yarn.

Edgar Jepson and John Gawsworth - The Shifting Growth - Fantastical medical tale regarding a young athletic girl who falls foul to an abdominal horror that just doesn't want to move.

Lord Dunsany - Two Bottles Of Relish - Murder and mystery and an intellect is called onto the case but even he struggles to find a connection with the chopping down of several trees.

William Faulkner - A Rose For Emily - A lonely lady meets someone special and is seen buying poison - the pieces may slot easily into place but there is a hidden disgust with.

Charles Lloyd - A Poem And A Bunch Of Roses - A woman spends the night with the widow of her dead lover. The house lady is insane, her deformed son animalistic - this one leaves many a dark suggestion of rape and torture.

H H Ewers - The Execution Of Damiens - One of the least impressive tales with a seduction, a spooked house, and a room with a window all combining to create a mediocre tale.

Frank Belknap Long - The Ocean Leech - Pure Lovecraftian fantasy with a giant oceanic beast dragging sailors to their death - a basic B-movie pleasure.

Charles Birkin - An Eye For An Eye - The title says it all and when a cock-sure footman is found not guilty of murdering the daughter of his employer (a famed surgeon) he soon realises the law can be taken into anyone's hands.

William Hope Hodgson - The Whistling Room - A ghost hunter comes across a room with a noise to drive one insane - the giant lips borne of dust add a fantastical, unbelievable quality.

Sidney Carroll - A Note For The Milkman - A raving maniac with an inkling to murder, a curdled marriage and an insight into ancient texts all combine to make this a minor marvel of nastiness.

Edgar Allen Poe - The Facts In The Case Of M. Valdemar - The master of terror dishes up a grim delight of death, mesmerism and eventual sickening horror that hits a tangible nerve.

Elliott O' Donnell - The Mystery Of The Locked Room - A cheap maid is hired by a sinister lady with curiosity being the ultimate charmer that leads to a somewhat predictable finale.

Raymond Ferrer - Dr Fawcett's Experiments - An obsessive scientist (of the unhinged kind) attempts to create life from nothing and along the way finds himself indulging in a bit of murder too - a fun(gal) dose of schlock.

Edith Oliver - The Caretaker's Story - An doom laden obsession of a devoured soul soon leads to a seemingly unbelievable lesson in revenge that will peck at your nerves.

John Ratho - Lover's Meeting - Infidelity, a mad scientists and his wife, the downfall of an inebriated old flame - be careful, this is a warning as well as an intriguing yarn with an obvious ending.

H G Wells - The Cone - An industrialist discovers the truth of a secret affair and duly punishes the man who has led his wife astray in what is a truly horrific finale of searing intensity.