Elise Karbacz - The Girl With Violet Eyes - An enthralling ghostly tale of tragedy that sees an aging couple who, having lost their young daughter in car accident, try and come to terms with the bereavement.  They eventually befriend a young girl with similar eyes whom they financially arrange to adopt.  Suspected poltergeist activity ensues but it is heartbreak and suicide that dominate matters and add the cementing layer to a strong opener.

Roger Clarke - Pond Weed - A young boy goes to the local pond to catch some fish, his mother tells him to be careful but he falls in anyway and the end soon comes.  A simple tale but one written with evoking text that conjures up images of simple escapism.

Tony Richards - Child Of Ice - A woman is about to give birth and so her husband attempts to drive her through the worst blizzard in history to the local hospital.  They get trapped, the man goes for help, the woman is alone.  A tale of suffocation, desperation and pure fear with a crazed ending to test the limits of reality. 

Norman P. Kaufman - From The Depths Of The Earth - A long interred body rises and wreaks revenge on the wife and his two brothers, one whom ended up in the sack with the said missus.  The zombified body is rotten, one brother he scares to death whilst the other is found to have been poisoned - now all he needs do his find the whereabouts of his wife - he is in for a shock and so dear reader, are you.  

Fay Woolf - Sideshow - A Halloween Party Fete is going well, with the Wet Sponge Throwing Stall attracting many participants.  Alas, a bet between two kids with a dislike for one another turns to tragedy with both young participants paying a price for an unforeseen accident.  An average tale but one that does have an appeal to the imagination.

Jane Louie - The Trump Card - A scary tale that is too near the knuckle to not take seriously.  A dying US President wants to leave a legacy and plans to cause a disaster in Russia and wipe out the whole country and its nearby relations.  There is something unsettling here, maybe it’s because the world is run by untrustables - either way, settle in, invest and await the final page.

Bessie Jay - Incident In Cairo - Mr Salaman's wife is an unfaithful nymphomaniac thus resulting in a seething disgruntlement for her scheming partner.  He has undertaken many attempts to murder each and every beau, all ending in disaster and usually an injury to self.  The latest in a long line of lovers is targeted, Mr Salaman is facing his last incident, schadenfreude is a terrible sin as we enjoy another failure.  

Carolyn L. Bird - Dante's Bistro - A far-fetched tale of a restaurateur who begins at the bottom and works his way up with a menu that is totally off the scale.  The meat he uses and the parts of the body chosen are bizarre and extremely rare and when business is waning he goes one step further and comes up with the most insane creations.  It started with Deep-Fried Rhinoceros Testicles, it moved on to a Gynaecologist’s Finger and the end came when...well, that would be telling - just enjoy the lunacy.

Edwin Brown - The Clock - A young girl is frustrated and wants to be a woman before her time.  A mysterious stranger appears from nowhere and tells her to ask her Dad for a clock.  The girl obtains the device of time and before her eyes, seconds, minutes, hours pass until she wakes up one morning to the call of her mother and is….ancient!  A neat bout of madness this one with an obvious end that nicely rounds matters off. 

Gregory Alexander - The Singer Not The Throng - A very short piece about an arrogant superstar singer who treats people like trash when he arrives in town for a much awaited concert.  He gets his comeuppance but in the most ludicrous terms possible and this is one of those forgettable moments that really don't belong.

Harry E. Turner - Love Bites - Perhaps a prime example of how the Pan series progressed and catered for the cheap thrill pervert rather than the horror aficionado.  Captain 'Mad' Jack McAlpine is an upmarket hero who, whilst on a jaunt, crashes in an Amazonian jungle and comes across a lost tribe of superwomen.  He has lots of sex, sees lots of brutality and duly escapes back to his men's club to tell the tale - a laughable inclusion.

Ian McEwan - Pornography - Two brothers work in a porn shop, one of whom is dating two nurses at the same time.  He infects them with an STD and they become aware of one another and duly team up to teach our shag-around lad a lesson.  I like the fact that this young swine gets his comeuppance, I like the way his arrogance is cooled and we are left with a final emasculation to ponder.

Ken Johns - Waste Nothing - A young girl gets lost in deepest Devon and ends up off the beaten track.  After a search for petrol she comes across a family of inbreeds who are in some serious need of body parts - the rest you can more than likely guess.  The writing style here is direct, impersonal and perhaps cold, it works a treat and brings to the fore a further subtle horror not found elsewhere - I like that!

David Case - A Cross To Bear - 3 old blokes from differing backgrounds become acquaintances and meet up from time to time to relate various anecdotal tales.  Here we have three such accounts, each one trumping the other and ending with a yarn about an Amazonian tribe and a maniacal missionary.  I quite like this closing offering, a tickle to end an odd collection.