Carolyn L. Bird - The Leather Ottoman - A man who is rich marries a beautiful young girl who is destitute. All starts well but soon ends up in a marriage of distant convenience.  The man suspect’s adultery when his wife locks herself away in a room, what is revealed is beyond-the-grave sexual satisfaction with a vile revenge had.  Run of the mill stuff but the immersed will find delight.

A. G. J. Rough - The Materialist - A very nasty story about a dying woman who goes on a trip with her husband to see a miracle healer who uses nothing more than his bare mitts to take away all manner of disease.  The husband is sceptical, he takes things into his own hands but after realising the truth he ends up paying a shocking price.  A totally uncomfortable read in many ways.

Edwin Brown - Round Every Corner - A man turns up at his former lover’s house and confesses to the murder of her husband.  He claims now that the deceased man is haunting his every move and it is only a matter of time before revenge is had.  Of course the adulteress is far from convinced and only at the last twist does realisation hit home.  A well written piece loaded with heavy suspense and paranoia.

Rosemary Timperley - Hell On Both Sides Of The Gate - Astrid and her husband are happy.  They live on a Caribbean Island and have plenty of time for each other.  Their bliss is interrupted by Astrid's father who has been released from an asylum after strangling his wife many moons ago.  The murderer takes over, he dominates and suffocates and eventually returns to his evil ways.  A solid inclusion that disturbs and proves that in these stories insanity is incurable.

John Arthur - Don't Go Down In The Woods - A man is living in the woods after being released from a secure unit in which he was imprisoned for the murder of a woman.  He is soon spotted by the local teen scrubber who pays him a visit one night and whilst seducing him aggravates his temptation to kill again.  He submits to his passions but in return tastes a familiar medicine.  A short tale of sex, insanity and death - the staple diet of the Pan pervert.

Alan Temperley - The Victorian Conservatory - A student's girlfriend has disappeared, he suspects the local Botanical Conservatory may hold a clue as it was one of the last places she was seen.  What he uncovers is a Triffid-esque cum plant satanic escapade with the author showing his firm knowledge of the vegetative world.  Atmosphere is high on the agenda and a bit of humour is thrown in - a half decent tale methinks.

Harry E. Turner - The Lion's Cradle - Eddie is a darn good burglar but a sexist scumbag and a quite obnoxious fellow.  He hears of a potential job that will test his talents to the extreme and he goes in and attempts to steal the cream from the fat cat.  He gets caught, he is punished for his misdemeanour - it gives me great pleasure to feel his pain.

Francis King - The School Crossing - A professor is having visions of children crossing the road.  Is this a mental breakdown due to the recent loss of his job as a well-paid head of a Comprehensive School?  Who knows, and after routine test with an ophthalmologist he is told to drive straight through his vision to break the mental spell.  You can guess what happens next - and yes, we are left to make our own end decisions...on many matters.

Norman Kaufman - Contents - A young naive woman falls for a greasy, smooth operator but when loved and cast aside she falls into dark recesses and commits suicide.  Her father is distraught and spends 3 years chasing up the fleeing Casanova.  When a meeting is finally had the revenge taken is cold, calculating and...brutal.  It helps that Daddy is a Doctor and he certainly knows his trade.

Sheryl Stuart - The Law:  It's Administrators - What is good in the head of a simpleton and, for that matter, what is bad, is up for consideration here as lines of the law are blurred.  Alas a vigilante group knows best as this tale of retribution ends on something of a thought-provoking point.  A quick and curious snippet. 

Carl Schiffman - The Smell Of Fresh Paint - A couple move into a new house, the previous tenant had gone insane.  Ghostly goings on and the wife cooks the pet cat and is sent away.  It isn't long after the husband gets spooked to death and the tale is done.  A routine affair and without any outstanding features.  What is that strange creature in the cupboard?

Thomas Muirson - A Country Tale - A snug little finish regarding a man in a pub who is told a tale by an old mysterious gent regarding a haunted woodland and the disasters that have occurred there over many years.  It is a simple tale that relies on a tangible atmosphere and the final twist, albeit routine, works marvellously.