Oscar Cook - Piece-Meal - The opening account relating a tale of revenge and lacking any subtle touch - a stark beginning.

George Langelaan - The Fly - The inspiration for the classic movie, this one is an utter gem and transcends the time barrier and still shocks.

William Samson - The Vertical Ladder - Back to our childhood where a dare results being stuck in a precarious position, a weak tale.

H. G. Wells - Pollock And The Porrah Man - An explorer dares cross the path of a vengeful Witch Doctor - there is no escape and this is one that may cause you to lose your head.

Guy Preston - The Inn - Typical fare about a lost soul who finds a lonely abode (The Inn) and encounters all sorts of gruesome going's on - quite nasty and quite enjoyable.
Bram Stoker - The Judge's House - Traditional horror about a night in a strange room, is there only one person present with the scurrying rats or...

Stanley Ellin - The Speciality Of The House - Well worn horror connoisseurs will suss the ending to this one in no time at all but what a beautifully written cutlet it is.

Agatha Christie - The Last Séance - A draining episode that literally saps the life from the central character - a tame tale although nicely constructed.

Vernon Routh - The Black Creator - Pure bleak filth built on an unhealthy hatred for all things beautiful.  Grisly throughout and with a creeping madness.

Stephen Hall - By One, By Two, and By Three - The drawbacks of Satanism, the rage of a familiar and the inescapable horror that touches anyone who gets too close - a trial by tension.

Oscar Cook - Boomerang - A story of vicious revenge that will make sure you sleep with your ears covered and your whole body tense. A creepy crawly yarn to scar many a fragile mind and to rouse any hidden phobias.

Philip Macdonald - Our Feathered Friends - A very odd tale that smashes tranquillity with real unsettling horror that just shouldn't be.  One that eases under the skin to play merry hell.

Geoffrey Household - Taboo - A nice jaunt with a supposed werewolf slant and a message regarding the suppression of emotion.  An average outing with some decent atmospheric moments.

Edgar Allen Poe – The Black Cat - A classic tale that is always a pleasure to reacquaint oneself with.  This one has some gruesome moments but the perpetrator of the crimes gets his due comeuppance.

Carl Stephenson - Leiningen Versus The Ants – A tale of a heroic plantation owner and his fight to keep at bay a vast army of flesh eating ants – great finish  to volume 2.