Dulcie Gray - The Spectre - A lepidopterist is trying to complete his British collection of butterflies when one specimen gives him a little extra bother in the killing jar.  Eventually the butterfly is killed and pinned but there is a revenge waiting for the cruel character and no matter how fantastical it is one can't help feeling quite pleased at the outcome.

Chris Morgan - Eric and I - 2 outsider spirits come together and make up a tale of disability, insane brutality and, for the ones in need of titivation, some peephole shenanhigans.  The tale spans 25 years, turns into something demonic and finishes on a note of unfinished business - almost like one of those never ending parts of a film series.

David Case - The Neighbours - A lady called Julia from Guinea has married a British man and moved into an housing area of middle England.  A thoroughly distasteful neighbour calls in with her rude son in tow and reveal a prejudice and all round ignorance that deserves payback.  The reason for her call is that she has lost her pet dog, Julia seems unmoved and, as we find out, is quite pleased with the situation.

James Hallums - A Trip Off The Map - A self-made yank called Murray Finebaum goes on his worldly travels and whilst in Asia refuses to pay heed to local warnings about not straying off track.  He takes a mysterious road and uncovers a seemingly lost village whereupon he his treated like a God but soon heralded as a Devil.  Finebaum is a big-headed hot shot and his comeuppance is well earned in this decent run-of-the-mill tale.

Norman Kaufman - Lady On Display - A fat bartender attracts people to his public house with a stuffed corpse , yes believe it or not.  Alas the showpiece is rotting away and whilst chatting to a female journalist he eyes up his replacement.  The finale is comedic, it finalises a quick ludicrous jaunt which we could get critical with but are better off just going with the crazed flow.

Guy Delaway - Wild Bee, Golden Honey - A fascinating account of a down and out priest on his way to pastures new who is accosted and sodomised by three bandits.  The priest is put to a brutal end, the leader of the bandits kills his comrades and looks for a new start but meets with the priests sister.  Love ensues, revenge and a final death - the tale reeks with wondrous defeat, the intrigue throughout is solid.

Edwin Brown - The Neighbour - Stella has married a nutjob, a man with child-like characteristics and possessive nature.  He also suffers from paranoia. The family she meets is odd, her husbands brother totally disturbing and, after a family get together the true nature of all is revealed in a short tale that lacks any real weight.

Dorothy K. Haynes - Zelma, My Sister-In-Law - George,and his brother Michael, attend a fun fair and enter a sideshow that exhibits what is best described as a freak.  By a few crafty dealings and a heap of desire the man's brother ends up marrying a headless woman much to his families disgust and eventually...acceptance.  A nice B-story to tickle the warped of mind.

Rosemary Timperley - The Power Cut - A man plans to knife his girlfriend but only succeeds in a nasty maiming.  The ensuing account of a haunting paraonoia that seeps through the perspiring skin and into the guilty soul resulting in a final demise that is more than a little deserved.  A story of something strange, I stand unsure!

Diane Forster - Give A Dog A Bone - A pecked and irritated man wants to have shut of his wife so uses a bit of canine assistance to get the job done.  Of course things turn out not as planned and the dogs in the tale really do bite the hand that feeds.  Anyone suffering from cynaphobia should take warning.

Phillip Dell Creed - The Sinister Nursemaid - A fantastic story that sees a retired army major visit an old Indian friend and his family who, to the Majors utter amazement, use a large cobra to look after and protect their baby.  Of course things go awry and we end up with the feeding hands bitten and death the final outcome.  The whole story here is one that has no boundaries to reason, quite insane in fact.

Guy Delaway - The Boy Who Was Afraid To Die - A beautifil Kashmiri boy is caught in the crossfire of war and after all his village people are blown to smithereens and he is spared by the leader of the invading party it comes to pass that is cowardice is to be paid back with sickening brutality.  Home-erotica leads to submission which in turn leads to violent rape and..death.  A quite shocking entry.

Simon Walsh - The Inquisitor - A man has an affair with the wife of the leader of the Spanish Inquisition and both lovers are soon exposed and dealt a harsh punishment by the man who claims to be purer than pure.  The descriptive language horrifies and the final payback captivates our attention to the last - not a bad gruesome inclusion.

Robert Holdstock - The Quiet Girl - A fast paced story regarding a young girl who commands those under her spell to go out and rob graves and provide her with unholy sustenenance.  A county doctor gets wind of the goings-on and tackles the case head on only to find a tale of witchcraft that has transcended time.  A poor finish I feel and one that is rushed and rather disjointed.