Monica Lee - The Remains Of The Reindeer - A marvellous opening gambit about a man's obsession with his dead sister's hands that progresses in madness, foul perversity and several exhibitions of blackmail and underhand trickery.  The atmosphere is captivating, the foul characters delightfully depressing and the end result consistent with the bleak behaviour set.  One to ponder further!

Harry Turner - The Hypnotist - An arrogant journalist goes to visit a master of mesmerism (Count Vladimir Von Bec) with high anticipation of getting another glory soaked scoop.  His doubts are soon corrected when he witnesses some gruesome experimentation and downright cruelty and after leaving to compose his article it seems he is also victim to the Counts powers. 

Elleston Trevor - They're Making A Mistake - A weak tale regarding a mental patient who is released and tries to do some good and help a fellow struggler.  Alas plans don't work out and we end up back at square one whilst all the while we get a feeling that something is not ringing true.  One of those odd inclusions one ponders further and gets no real answers.

Barbara J. Eyre - Poor Rosie - The narrator of this tale does not suffer fools and is, to put it mildly, totally out of her head.  Friends and colleagues come to sticky ends after having dubious accidents and  after her husband abandons her with a babe in arms, the horrific descent into the insane maelstrom takes on truly chilling proportions.  Fascinating throughout but obviously horrendous - and I love it!

Alex White - For Fatima - The lead chap in this tale is called James - a real bastard who tortures animals as a child and moves on to killing prostitutes when older.  He eventually falls in love, gets ditched and takes out his petty revenge but the lady lost has family and the family want justice.  A bleak story this with each character doused in deviancy.  The end comeuppance served though is fitting and we can have no complaints.

Jack Shackleford - Thy Intention Turn - An occult writer who is under a spell that has made him impudent uses a young woman to break the frustrating hex.  The victim strips bare and awaits the final demonic assault but the tale loses impetus and is a mere titivation that is soon forgotten.

Maureen O' Hara - Nobody's Child - A sad tale of a young girl who lives on a remote farm with her father and her brother.  Jenny is treated with disdain and brutality whilst her brother is mollycoddled and loved.  The reason becomes apparent but it isn't enough to stop our victim from taking due revenge.  A tragic tale that ends in madness.

Myc Harrison - Needle and Thread - An aging tailor is under the screw of 'the man' and he needs to break the deadlock.  He has a plan, he wants to pay back the bullying blackmailer and flee to Holland with his wife.  A situation comes and the tools of his trade come in useful and the years of fear are paid back in one spiteful scenario.  Nothing out of the ordinary here and in keeping with the 'revenge' theme we consistently encounter in these tomes.

Dawn Muscillo - Sister Coxhall's Revenge - A short account of a precious psychiatric nurse who will not give up her position and certainly have no new doctor on her ward coming up with new ways and ideas of running things.  The premise has potential but ends up far-fetched - thank goodness it is a quickie.

Jonathon Cruise - The Claygo Worm - A Hammer cum Lovecraftian hybrid that sees a newly ordained man of the cloth take up residence in Somerset and come into contact with that ghastly and dominating Master of Claygo Hall, Aigur Gondercrest.  Gondercrest wants an heir, gets a local girl pregnant and the locals want revenge.  Gondercrest has protection it seems, protection from beneath the ground of the most abominable type.  A solid inclusion.

Myc Harrison - The Abscess - A stomach turning offering that tells of a dentist who has to deal with an out of hour's patient who has a swollen face and is in insufferable agony.  The description of the dental procedure is not for those with a phobia and the cause of the rotten tooth ends up as quite fantastical.  The story has flaws if you care to dissect but who cares - it does what it sets out to do - disturb!

Norman P. Kaufman - An Opportunity In Local Government - A couple who are committing the heinous crime of child abuse are summoned to an abandoned part of an official building by a very vengeful Child Welfare Officer.  Confessions are drawn out, payback is delivered and a self-satisfaction is had at the end of this wishful-thinking social solution.

Roger F. Dunkley - A Man Called James - An odd story of a handsome man suddenly appearing in the garden of a middle-class lady whom is duped by his looks and initially fails to register his true character.  As it transpires the man believes he has a holy calling, a gift to relieve the suffering of pain and we end up closing this collection with a small slice of insanity.