Norman P. Kaufman - An Experiment with H20 - Double revenge is the order of the day with a man paying back his bullying teacher then getting his comeuppance via the teachers relatives.  The gruesome edge to the tale reaches a literal boiling point and with its scientific and unemotional slant it real does chill the marrow.

Maureen O'Hara - The Evil Innocent - Kip, an elderly sailor abandons a drowning couple, the wife of which is heavily pregnant.  A curse is thrown by the drowning woman's partner and six weeks later Kip finds a washed up baby on the shore.  The baby seems dead, but survives and grows up to pay back the cowardly sailor.  An elaborate and atmospheric tale that is almost Dahl-esque in an odd sort of way.

David Lewis - Diary of the Damned - A coded diary is found on a shipwreck full of skeletons and leads to the discovery that satanic rituals have been taking pace and causing the deaths of many innocents.  A bleak and atmospheric tale, one can almost feel the monochrome setting.

Giles Gordon - Morning Echo - An ingenious tale of time gone haywire that sees one Mrs Rutherford receive her morning paper that contains tomorrows news.  After a conversation and an arousal of the curiosity Rutherford compares her paper with that of her friend Mrs Trevor, upon which a yarn unfolds that seems to be a product from beyond the grave.

Harry E. Turner - The Tunisian Talking Ferret - A successful TV presenter travels in search of the insane curiosity mentioned in the tales title.  I mean a talking ferret indeed.  What he uncovers is utterly fantastic and another example of why we, the hungry horror nuts, buy these tomes.  You won't believe what brain shifting shenanigans takes place but you will love this tale nonetheless.

Christopher Bray - The Municipal Gardener - A revolution is underway, a humble simple gardener is put against the wall and shot, he promises to return and get revenge on the vindictive sergeant who put him there.  A dog appears with a message, the sergeant gets unsettled, the dog disappears and reappears and a ghostly finale is consistent of an average yarn.

Dulcie Gray - Jump To It - A tale of one man's unsuccessful life in comparison to his friends high flying achievements and bullying tactics.  A tete a tete leads to a revenge with a horrific spiteful attack carried out after years of mental suffering.  A minor shock full stops another middling meander.

Charles Thornton - Debt Paid - A short account of the end moments in a killer’s life that has a cute twist at the end that is somewhat deflated by idle moralistic text and a certain abruptness to the tale.  2 pages, over in the blink of a bloodshot eye, one to re-read and decide upon.

Elleston Trevor - The Chicken Switch - A reporter has access to a new space trial and the man at the centre of attention.  Cosmonaut Charles Loomis is to spend a week in isolation and has a trick up his sleeve as regards coping.  This tale of mind transference is a sci-fi oddity and ends up as something rather tame.

Roger F. Dunkley - Virgin Territory - A couple are together on a hill that has an ancient standing stone circle.  The man wants sex, the lady wants just love, a merry dance is had and an age-old curse is released.  The tale reeks of old time horror that is now rather outdated.  It has a certain character though and the terseness of the account saves the day.

Maureen O' Hara - On The Eve Of The Wedding - A woman is due to marry her partner whereupon her best friend informs both parties of a terrible secret that is being withheld from the other.  The partnership dissolves; the ditched lady is hell-bent on revenge and meets-up with her friend and carries out a bloody act.  The snag is whether all that is deemed false is actually true!

Laven E. Coberley - Revolt Of The Ant People - A condensed account of a family under threat from a tidal wave of killer ants.  Remarkably similar to a full novel I read by Peter Tremayne this run of the mill tale is over in the blink of an eye and seems an almost pointless inclusion.  It may appeal to the lovers of nature gone mad but it is a tame story indeed.

Raymond Miller - The Time Room - An adulterous scientist dabbles with ultra-violet light and the halting of the aging process whereupon he stumbles upon a way to travel through time (like you do).  He plans to go back in time and kill his wife so he can marry his mistress but, as is the case with these things, all goes awry and we have a final turn in the tale to ponder.

Conrad Hill - The Bushmaster - Here we are concerned with a woman who has had a mental breakdown and has developed a severe obsession with the cleanliness of her house, much to the chagrin of her worn out husband.  The hoover is broken and all seems lost but after the husband purchases an all-cleaning curio from a mysterious shop disaster appears to be avoided - how wrong we were!  A great tale of the ludicrous right up until the last breath whereupon everything ends on something of a duff note.