David Case - Among The Wolves - A lengthy opening account that deals with a series of brutal murders and one bizarre attack on a blind man that in turn leads us to a tale of survival and having to make the most terrible decisions. The two halves of the tale come to one at the last in a neatly written story of scientific research and insanity.

Morag Greer - Under The Flagstone - A couple come across a young boy feeding on the remains of a corpse, it is a gruesome moment.  The  woman faints but the boy puts her under a spell and bring her round, then the couple flee and the boy returns to his strange family and a dinnertime treat.  The woman turns up at the house, as expected, she joins the family for a feast, but not in the way she may have suspected.  A delicious slice of gratuitous filth - you know you love it.

Conrad Hill - Amanda Excrescens - A tale that I particularly like as the fungal theme hits a soft spot.  He we come across a scientist who has killed his wife, mixed up her remains with fungal matter and spread the resulting mush over the ground of a nearby field.  We read his account of the following days and the shroomed disaster that eats all in its path...including...well that would be telling wouldn't it.  A treat for mycologists for sure!

Sally Franklin - Quieta Non Movere - A woman returns to her childhood home, 25 years after last being there. In residence are 2 aunts and 2 servants, all of whom seem to have a disturbing secret as regards the absent cook, Mrs Shutter. A bit of probing by our lead lady and a deluge of skeletons in the cupboard are rattled and a glimpse of some underhand behaviour had. The end result is a suggestive tale that never truly reveal all.

Maggie Webb - Dark Reflections - A woman has been let down, her husband has been unfaithful.  The woman's inner self demands revenge and when the deed is done all we are left with is 2 shells - one dead and one insane.  Short, semi-poetical and with a usual thread.

John Keevauver - Scream - Nightmares and reality combine and a birdman rises from the ashes of madness in a story that is even beyond the unbelievable.  The opening line indicates the writer has a tongue in the cheek and is not prepared to cough up anything regarded as orthodox.

Roger Dunkley - A Problem Called Albert - An aging childless couple have a pet cat, the pet cat is mistreated by the husband and goes missing. He returns, he has a glint in his eye that says 'revenge'. The wife is just happy to have Albert back home, but the unusual growth he has undergone is something of a concern, as is his determination to get his own back on the threatening husband. The finale is nasty and

Harry Turner - Fingers - A lovely oddity that sees a witch doctors amputated finger increase the fertility of women and bring about a insane revenge for a father whose daughter is driven insane after giving birth to an abomination and having an unfaithful husband who abandoned in her greatest time of need. A real

Alex White - On The Box - A wayward woman who has now hit an age when her idiot pulling power no longer seems to work falls for the oily charms of a man with a secret plan. She gets chatted up, gets a little too tipsy and goes back to his place of residence. He claims to be a magician, in fact he is utterly insane and has a need to meet the desires of his dead mother. Routine but still chilling.

Charles Thornton - Sanctuary For The Piped - An old lady (Nellie Crupp) refuses to sell her home and has a liking for the rats that congregate in her own residence as a last refuge from the increasing demolition.  She feeds every rodent mouth and all seems harmonious until one day she has a funny turn and becomes housebound.  The food supplies run low, our lead lady becomes an objection of attention and the finale, although obvious, is still a delicious and disgusting treat.

Morag Greer - The Gates Were Locked - Up in the Scottish Highlands a young couple have taken up residence in a old house whilst the owners are away, They invite a friend up, she comes and gets caught up in a whole host of ghostly events that take on a double-twist before ending with a horrific touch. A picturesque tale and one to ponder further.

Conrad Hill - Wally - Two keep fit fanatics are self conscious and disgusted in their son Wally who has become overweight and something of an embarrassment.  At the age of 6 the 13 stone barrier is reached and the horrified parents plan disposed of their burden in no uncertain terms.  Wally has other ideas and the tales culmination is quite gratifying in the extreme.  One for those who hate prejudice!