Gaylord Sabatini - Vortex of Horror - A superbly fantastical tale relating an old man’s yarn of entering a parallel world where plants are masters and the human race is just a food supply. Foul gore, suggestions of similar B-grade escapism and a twisted finale make this sci-fi agriculture gone haywire.

Conrad Hill - So Much Work - A downtrodden wife who has traits of OCD gets a warped justice via some strange circumstances that culminate in a tongue-in-cheek 'Vault of Horror' style ending.  An odd inclusion, one that is rather tame and just something of a titillating curio.

Harry Turner - Schwartz - Pure claptrap of the highest order but which has a faint inkling of 'what could be' in a certain restricted way. This tale of an all powerful computer gone mad is loaded with off the wall occurrences and crackpot suggestions.  Far from horror and an odd inclusion but a nice change from the expected.

Myc Harrison - The Rat Trap - 3 brothers work on a farm, one is a grafter who keeps things afloat, one is a drunkard bully and one is a struggling fellow of low intellect.  The bully and the illiterate try to catch a rat in a barn using nothing more than an iron bar, petrol, matches and a heap of stupidity.  The enjoyable tale ends as you may expect.

Gerald Atkins - Patent Number - A tale of a pre-bionic man cum sub-cyborg with just a few pages spent briefly relating this semi-mans existence and rounded off with a black comedic joke.  An odd one in the mix but neatly put together nonetheless.

David Case - Strange Roots - Another lycanthropic tale that involves a wayward and obsessed scientist, an unfaithful wife and governmental interest.  The point is stretched here, the weave somewhat lost at times and the finale a little dull but you can see why it was included in the collection.

Alex White - The Clinic - After her father’s death a young girl is sent to live with her mother’s new spiteful and vindictive family.  Here, true unsettling horror awaits but it is her unwillingness to submit in physical and mental ways that sees her end up in a clinic for the disobedient and feel real terror.  What unfolds is brutally cold and totally unforgettable.

Myc Harrison - The Spider and the Fly - A dumped dead body of a woman, a spider, a fly and a bird - what could possibly happen to invoke a feeling of unease?  Read this short story and feel your insides knot and your sense of decency squirm.  A small classic of foul sub-poetical filth.

John Snellings - Change of Heart - A frequent situation - man feels trapped, man wants wife out of way, man tries to send her insane.  The use of a down and out and pretend cannibalism seems an insane idea but not as insane as the finale.  You get what you ask for here, the story builds to a meaty finish (literally).

Gilbert Phelps - The Hook - A woman's fear of coat hangers turns into a yarn about living with a secret and how revenge is a dish best served brutally.  An odd curiosity that has trimmings of a tale unexpected with mental visions etched into the readers mind. 

Conrad Hill - The Man and the Boy - A very disturbing tale built on childhood fears that sees an innocent victim become brutally abused and after years of mental suffering eventually become the perpetrator. A strong story that touches some inner emotion and has one feeling sympathy and repulsion for the end character - no easy thing.

R Chetwynd-Hayes - It Came to Dinner - A wanderer called Herbert enters a dilapidated house only to be confronted by a truly dysfunctional and diseased set of people, namely the Carrurthers family.  Herbert is invited to dinner, what he witnesses is foul, funny and outrageous.  The 350-year old Sir Gore Ouslet Carruthers is the fascinating star of the show and has an appetite in keeping with the rest of the family.