David Case - The Hunter - A lengthy tale of crime and horror with 2 hunters mentally coming to terms with each others stance and taking different views of several gory murders. The complete tension and psychological mind games make this a solid start to a great volume.

David Learmont Aitken - The Instant Divorce - A short poem of love turned sour and the dead rises and then being firmly put back into the place they were destine for. Neat, to the point and getting the message across.

Barry Martin - In Mother's Loving Memory - An over-bearing mother has passed on only to leave behind her mentally deranged son who carries out a series of Ripper style murders before opting for a final change of plan when the law gets to close for comfort.

Alan Hillery - Ashes To Ashes - A cracking tale of the unexpected with a predictable twist that is primarily the reason why we bookworms burrow deep within the textual darkness. A genuine and delightful morsel.

Patrica Highsmith - The Terrapin - A bullying mother, a suppressed and depressed son and a recipe for a final outburst that will shudder your framework. That is exactly what we get in this short bout of relatable child-abusing horror.

Norman Kaufman - Sergeant Lacey Demonstrates - Another tale of bullying, this time by a screaming sergeant who lacks empathy and patience. His men are at breaking point and when one falls over the precipice the yelling leader his left to ponder is fate in the most dire circumstances.

James Jauncey - Borderline - A true outsider and put down man wants to get even with his conniving colleagues, wants to be accepted as one of the crew. The way he goes about it and the incessant cruelty of fate make for a first class tale with a rather uncomfortable finale.

Robert Ashley - Pieces Of Mary - The fact that this tale regarding to young curious boys and a their playmate girl has stuck with me since reading it 35+ years ago is testament to the impact it can make. Not bad for a 3 page tale.

Frank Neate - Mrs Fletcher's Plum Tree - A taunted old lady falls under the spell of cerebral whisperings and ends up indulging in some sado-masochistic child abuse and calculated murder - quite nasty if you ask me.

Martin Ricketts - The Nursery Club - Almost a Midwich Cuckoos style story with some strange children seemingly in total command of their elders and with a taste for taking things quite literally.

Barry Martin - Laura - A two-page execution regarding a necrophiliac relationship that is just a little too predicatble for its own good.

Rachel Kemper - The Dancing Shoes - A strange and haunting tale about obsession and desire that ends in gruesome fashion and leaves a somewhat weird aftertaste. One of those you never feel truly at one with and feel as though a re-read is necessary.

Rosemary Timperley - The Peg-Doll - An old doll attracts the attention of a subdued young girl, much to the delight of her parents. Soon the doll seems to emit a sinister effect and draws in the young girl which raises the concerns of the parents - do not expect fireworks but instead just a lame tale of a cursed toy.

T. H. McCormick - Man With A Knife - Typical produce but one which cuts fairly deep and leaves us on a note we know only two well after 12 volumes of horror. Amputation is the name of the game and a doctors regrets at failing to save the life of his son.