Kingsbridge Tourist Information Centre, The Quay, Kingsbridge, South Devon, TQ7 1HS

Tel No:  01548 853195


Shop, toilets and parking can be used in East Prawle or alternatively one can use the National Trust car park further down the track towards the point.

Opening and Closing Times:

The car park is open at all times.

Area Description:

A coastal headland with rolling green pastures, great areas of scrub and long stretches of exposed rock that are ideal for rock-pooling.

As soon as one leaves the car park one is impressed at the sight of blue sea, green pastures and the rocky coastline.

Best times to visit:

There is something of interest all year round at this quality spot with diversity very much the key word.

Key Flora:

If a walk is taken from the village down the winding lanes, past the NT car park and along the coast it goes without saying a sizeable flower list can be had. Wild Carrot, Thrift, Ramping Fumitory, Spring and Autumn Squill, Greater Stitchwort and Alexanders are just a few species to whet the appetite for the botanical enthusiast. A good variety of rust fungi can also be identified if one knows where to look.

Prawle Point is a place for the moocher - keep your eyes open - the potential is massive.

Sea Weeds are varied and a goodly time is needed if one is attempting to identify numerous species.

Key Fauna:

Bird wise, several key species are to be had at this fine area with pride of place obviously going to the Cirl Bunting. This is the countries major stronghold and you would be unlucky to not see these charming birds. Sea watching can pay dividends especially during the migration period with Skuas, Terns, Petrels and Divers all possible. Basking Sharks and Grey Seals can be seen out at sea Green Hairstreak, Clouded Yellow and Holly Blue are a couple of the butterflies one can see on a sunny summer day with a whole host of coastal insects easily found with little effort including Green Tiger Beetles and the Oil Beetle (Meloe proscarabaeus).The rock pools can be superb for species with a visit guaranteed to turn up Edible Crab; Shore Crab; Velvet Swimming Crab; Blenny; Edible Sea Urchin; Cornish Sucker; Cushion Starfish (Asterina gibbosa) and the numerous Sea Slugs and Brittlestars.

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