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DESCRIPTION: Height: Up to 30cm.  A sweet and pretty member of the Geranium family with small 5-petalled pink flowers and  ridged fruit pods that are long and pointed. The glabrous, glossy 5-lobed green (sometimes reddish) leaves are distinctive and are found on long brittle, fleshy stalks and in opposite pairs. DISTRIBUTION: Common throughout most of becoming less so from the south of Scotland. HABITAT: Waste ground, woodland edges, urban pathsides etc. FLOWERING TIME: April to August. EXTRA NOTES: The genus name, Geranium, comes from the Greek noun 'geranos', meaning Crane (birds of the group of species known as the Gruidae). It is a reference to the beak-like fruit (seed capsule) which is reminiscent of the long beak of a Crane. The specific Latin epithet, lucidum means 'shining' - a reference to the glossy leaves that shine brilliantly in sunlight. The plant has good dispersal abilities because the seed is explosively thrown out of the capsule.

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