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DESCRIPTION: Height up to 90cm. An unruly member of the Poppy family this somewhat fragile perennial bears numerous pinnately lobed blue-green leaves and numerous flowers found in loose umbels that are made up of 4 yellow petals that reach up to 2.5cm in diameter. The leaves are glabrous although the pale midribs are hairy. The seeds are small and black and borne in long, cylindrical lumpy capsules. DISTRIBUTION: Common and well distributed through mainland Britain with record only scarce in the far north of Scotland.  HABITAT: Woodland rides, hedgerows, waste ground and roadsides. FLOWERING TIME: April to October. EXTRA NOTES: The yellow sap within the plant is toxic although this wayside beauty can be used a cleansing the body, treating skin complaints and regenerating skin cells.  A blend of 9 herbs making up the 'Ibergast' includes Greater Celandine.  This mixture can be used to treat IBS and functional dyspepsia. The plant provides a good source of nectar early in the year. The generic name Chelidonium is from the ancient Greek work 'khelidon' which refers to the Swallow, hence the plants other name of 'Swallow-Wort'. 

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