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DESCRIPTION: Height up to 2 inches although it usually seen as a sprawling prostate plant.   The leaves are lanceolate to oval and are held on short stalks although they may be sometimes stalkless. The hermaphrodite flowers are found in terminal clusters of up to a dozen blooms, each sporting a calyx tube that is green below and top 5 pointed pure white lobes. The five stamens are hairy with yellow anthers, are placed directly in front of the sepal and surround the pistil. The fruit is usually 5 times longer than the perianth. DISTRIBUTION: Widespread and local. HABITAT: Short turf, open grassland and coastal cliffs. FLOWERING TIME: April to June. FURTHER INFO: Bastard Toadflax is a partial parasite taking nutrients on nearby grasses and vegetation. It is also known as 'Stars in the Grass' for those of a less vulgar nature.

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