Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Length up to 22mm. Primarily lime-green in colour with a white-edged brown stripe running along the entire length of the back (black when young).  The underside of the abdomen is yellow-brown, the wings are short (beware of long winged forms) and coloured pale brown and the ovipositor is curved upwards and short as compared to the near relative, the Long Winged Conehead. BEHAVIOUR: The song is a gentle continuous, high-pitched buzz that only carries for about 3m or so.  A species that likes to sun itself within long grass but when disturbed will quickly move lower down and to the back of the leaf or stem upon which is sitting and extend its body so as to make it extremely difficult to see. DISTRIBUTION: A local species in southern Britain but prone to spreading and where found usually represented in good numbers. HABITAT: Saltmarshes, brackish estuaries and vegetation found there abouts.  Seems to prefer lusher, softer grasses and rushes. PERIOD: July to October.

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