Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Length between 11 and 20mm.  A very variable species ranging through greens, browns and greys and a whole host of combinations. The mixtures of these colours can cause a mottling effect in some specimens but not all. When mature the tip of the abdomen becomes red. The females antennae are slightly thickened towards the tip whereas the males are more clubbed and and bent outwards as shown above. The wings reach the tip of the abdomen. BEHAVIOUR: Easily disturbed from low vegetation. A very active species that can be found in large numbers. The song is a series of soft, rapid 'zrrs' lasting up to 10 seconds. DISTRIBUTION: Widespread throughout mainland Britain. HABITAT: Places of sparse vegeation or short turf including the peripheries of heaths and woodlands. Also favours quarries and especially south facing slopes. PERIOD: May to October.

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