Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Length between 22 and 36mm. An absolutely stunning grasshopper with an olive green body and brownish forewings that have a yellow stripe along the lower edge. The hind femora are distinctly red below and the tibia are covered in a series of black and yellow bands. Females are noticeably larger than males. Ground colour can vary with olive brown forms common and purple colour forms of the female occasional. BEHAVIOUR: The males song consists of about eight easily recognisable 'ticks' produced in 3-4 seconds. Both sexes produced this sound when alarmed. A slower occasional tick is made which is similar to the popping seed heads of Gorse. Adults are strong flyers and when disturbed can cover up to 15 metres in one effort. DISTRIBUTION: Very rare and only found in southern Britain. HABITAT: Wet marshy areas with quaking bogs the favourite spots. PERIOD: May to September.

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