Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Length between 60 and 90mm. A short-horned locust that lives 3 to 5 months and feeds on a variety of vegetation. The eyes are vertically striped, with adults having wings that extend beyond the tip of the abdomen. The adult colour is that of lime green to yellowish-brown and the wings are mottled. The solitary form is greenish with a humped thorax. Nymphs (see Fig 1) are mainly yellow and black with shortened wings. BEHAVIOUR: Can form swarms of adults or bands of nymphs that can be harmful to crops. Two colour forms occur, gregrious (see Fig 1) and solitary. The latter is more uniform in colour being of subdued tones. Behavioural changes are usually in response to population density. DISTRIBUTION: A rare vagrant or escapee. HABITAT: Found in mainly coastal areas unless escaped from captivity whereupon it could turn up almost anywhere. PERIOD: Late summer to early autumn although escapees can be seen at anytime.

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