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DESCRIPTION: Up to 13mm in length.  A small member of the Orthoptera group that is very similar to the Slender Groundhopper.  Ground colour is vary variable and can be a mottled effect made up of greens, greys, browns, whites and blacks or can be quite uniform in appearance.  The key identification points are habitat, the distance between the eyes which is smaller than in Slender Groundhopper (no more than 1.5 times the width of an eye) and the mid femur which has a wavy outline.  BEHAVIOUR: These fully winged insects can fly and can also swim.  Eggs are laid into the ground or low vegetation.  The cryptic colours of the species help in avoiding predation.  Feeds on algae, mosses and lichens.   DISTRIBUTION: Quite rare in Britain with all records in the south of the country. HABITAT: Has a preference for damp areas that are open and sunny such as dune slacks, drainage dykes, shingle areas and seepages on cliff faces.  They can be found by streams and ponds too. PERIOD: Late instar nymphs and immature adults overwinter and mature in spring. Nymphs appear from May to July whilst  adults can be seen by August.

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