Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Wing length 9.5 - 14mm. A chunky wasp mimic with yellow wedge-shaped bars on the tergites that widen towards the outer edge. The scutellum is black with a sparse hair covering but in some instances it can be lighter or almost orange in appearance. The legs are reddish orange with a dark base to the femora. The antennae are short and the arista plumose. BEHAVIOUR: Has a liking for the purple flowers of Devil's Bit Scabious as well as Knapweeds and Thistles. The larvae are aquatic and live in peaty pools and ditches. DISTRIBUTION: A species that has a distinct preference for moorland bogs, ditches, peat cuttings and woodland clearings but it can be found in any area due to its wandering tendencies. PERIOD: May to November.

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