Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Wing length 5.25 - 7.75mm. An easily identifiable hoverfly that has an entirely black abdomen that widens towrads the tip and has occasional bluish touches. A pair of yellowish spots are found on tergite 3, tergite 4 usually has a pair of pale bars, the wings have a golden appearance in some lights and the male's front tarsus is simple. BEHAVIOUR: A hoverfly that seems to keep returning to the same spot, usually a thick blade of grass or some such suitable perch. They can hover literally two inches over a given substrate and keep on the wing for up to 30 minutes or more. DISTRIBUTION: A species that is widespread but localised with a preference for wetland areas such as riversides, pond edges or anywhere that is damp with lush herbage. PERIOD: May to October.

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