Fig 1

DESCRIPTION: Wing length up to 6.5 - 8mm. A small black that is variable in many ways. The intensity of the wing shading, the tarsal colouration and the general size can be very variable but if one catches a female then a pair of grey-yellow spots on tergite two are consistent but vary in shape and size. Males can occasionally have these two spots too. The upper outer cross-vein in the wing is strongly sloping and gently curved. The face is generally flat and hairy. BEHAVIOUR: Likes sunbathing on leaves and visiting flowers such as umbellifers along hedgerows and woodland edges. The larvae appear to feed on an aphid species found on Hogweeds. DISTRIBUTION: A widespread species in England and Wales becoming scarce elsewhere. HABITAT: Open woodland, hedgerows and meadows. PERIOD: April to September with a peak in late may to June.

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