Fig 1

DESCRIPTION: Wing length up to 7.75mm. A frequent species found in small numbers with the abdomen of males sporting yellow semicircular spots on tergites 3 & 4 which narrowly reach the front corners of the said tergites. The female has similar markings but they are more bar-shaped with the ones on tergite 3 sweeping up to the front edges. The frons of the female has narrow dust bars in the central third and the legs of both sexes are relatively dark with varying amounts of yellow/orange. BEHAVIOUR: A high-flying species that can be seen feeding on the flowers of Sallow and Bird Cherry. It can be found basking lower down particularly on early fresh vegetation. DISTRIBUTION: A common and widespread species throughout Britain. HABITAT: Woodland edges both broadleaf and coniferous. PERIOD: March to July with the main peak during the early spring particularly April and May.

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