Fig 1

DESCRIPTION: Wing length 8.5 to 11.25 mm.  One of the football hoverflies with a yellow and black banded thorax looking like a soccer player's shirt.  The key differences here, between this species and near relatives, is that the male has continuously broad yellow sides on tergites 2 and 3 whereas the female has a black bar on the posterior edge of tergite 2.  The hind tibia is 2/3 black. BEHAVIOUR: Larvae have been observed feeding in the decaying rhizomes of Bulrush. Flowers visited by adults are varied including Hogweed; Water Mint; Bramble agg; Willow; Dandelion agg; Bindweeds and Thistles. DISTRIBUTION: Widespread in Britain but never found in large numbers and can be quite local. HABITAT: Damp areas around ponds and in grassland. PERIOD: April to October with a peak in July and August.

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