Fig 1

DESCRIPTION: Wing Length 6.5 - 8mm. These quite dumpy looking hoverflies are best identified by the wonderfully spotted eyes that are completely hairy, the black thorax that has several pale longitudinal lines and bronzed sides and the metallic looking abdomen. The abdomen of males have a dull black hourglass shape in the middle of tergites 3 and 4 whilst that of the females only have a reduced black spot. The wings have a loop in wing vein R4 + 5. BEHAVIOUR: The larva are found within manure or piles of rotting vegetation. DISTRIBUTION: Frequent throughout except in the far north-east but in recent years numbers have declined. HABITAT: Found around verdant vegetation near nutrient enriched bodies of water, particulary where there is agricultural run-off or where there are cattle present. PERIOD: April to September.

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