Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Wing length 9 - 12.5mm. A hoverfly species that takes a little time to become familiar with and comfortably identify in the field. The main ID features to observe are the neat parallel yellow bands on tergites 3 and 4 that reach the front edge and broaden at the margins, the pair of median greyish stripes at the front of the thorax, the yellow legs and face and the black antennae. BEHAVIOUR: A species that is never found in great numbers and can be seen feeding whilst hovering. The larvae live on Sycamore foliage where they feed on aphids. DISTRIBUTION: Common  throughout but rather local. HABITAT: This species has a fondness for Umbellifers where it can be found feeding amongst other species that are more obvious and numerous. Woodland edges and open flowery fields are particularly favoured. PERIOD: May to October.

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