Fig 1

DESCRIPTION: Wing length 7  - 10mm. A stocky little character of the Eristalini complex whose main identification features are the pale middle tibia that becomes noticeably darker towards the metatarsal joint, the thick hind metatarsus, the diffuse stigma, the wing loop and, the completely dusted face. Take note that the dusting on the face can be worn with age and indicate a similar species therefore the aforementiond features need specific attention. BEHAVIOUR: This species is a known wanderer and can be found some distance from breeding sites. It has a preference for flowers such as knapweeds, umbellifers and ragworts. The larve have been reporetd in cow droppings and farmyard drains. DISTRIBUTION: Common  throughout increasing in numbers til mid-summer. HABITAT: Gardens, waste ground, open wet meadows and damp areas. PERIOD: March to September.

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