Fig 1

DESCRIPTION: Wing length 8.25 - 11mm.   A typical yellow/orange and black hoverly initially identified with its wing loop in wing vein R4+5 and the oblique abdominal markings. The halteres on this species are yellow, the fronts corners of the yellow scutellum are black and the male has a noticeble narrow vertex with the ocellar triangle placed quite far forwards. Females have rather diffuse dust spots on the frons. BEHAVIOUR: Adults are territorial and will defend chosen sunlit leaves. They visit assorted flowers including umbellifers, brambles, Devil's-Bit Scabious and Ivy. The larva is aphidophagous and arboreal on both coniferous and deciduous trees. DISTRIBUTION: Widespread throughout Britain but mainly a southern species. HABITAT: A woodland species sometimes seen in along hedgerows, scrubby areas and in gardens. PERIOD: April to early October with the main peak emergences in spring and late summer.

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