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DESCRIPTION: Wing length 7.75 - 10.25mm.   A large black species almost typical of the complex but with certain characteristics and a suggestive 'jizz'. Initial pointers are the long hairy body and the even longer wings which are held slightly apart giving a delta-wing appearance. The legs and thorax are shiny and black as is the face. It is on the side of this face that one will see (via a strong hand lens) a series of pale, forward inclining hairs just below the prominent nose. Confusion can arise with similar species if the basal part of the tibiae are dark orange or all features are not carefully checked. BEHAVIOUR: Adults like to bask on low growing vegetation. The larva feed on the roots of Common Figwort. DISTRIBUTION: Widespread throughout Britain but mainly a southern species. HABITAT: Damp woodlands, shaded areas, riverside banking and moist roadside verges. PERIOD: April to early August with the main peak emergences in May.

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