Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Wing length 4.75 - 8.5mm. A species that belongs to a fairly large family and has some subtle distinguishing factors that can easily be overlooked. The main identification features are the bright orange antennae (large in the female), reflective grey patches on the males abdomen (best seen in bright sunshine), the black ringed bases to the front and mid tibiae, the bare arista and eyes, the females black scutellum and the males glossy black face. The species can be variable in many ways and size can be confusing with spring specimens larger than those borne later in the year. BEHAVIOUR: A hoverfly that likes to sunbathe on smooth tree trunks or the fresh leaves of various plants. It is readily found on the flowers of Cow Parsley, Hogweed and Lesser Celandine amongst others. DISTRIBUTION: A species that is widespread throughout and found along hedgerows, open wooded areas and in grassy places. PERIOD: March to October.

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