Fig 1
DESCRIPTION:  Wing length 8.5 - 10.5mm.   A Bumblebee mimic with a noticeable wing cloud. The rear of the abdomen is covered with orange hair with a black band of hairs across the centre of the thorax and whites tufts found elsewhere, mainly at the sides of the thorax and at the base of the abdomen and over the scutellum. The face has a black ground colour given a greyish appearance due to small hairs that cover it.  BEHAVIOUR: Adults have a distinct preference for Hogweed where they are usually found and where their larvae mine the roots. Other umbellifers such as Angelica are also visited but not as frequently. DISTRIBUTION: Widespread throughout Britain (except the far west of Scotland) in somewhat stable numbers. HABITAT: Woodland edges, grassy rides, riversides and the edges of rough grassland. Can be found in upland areas if Hogweed is present. PERIOD: April to September with a pronounced peak during July.

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