Fig 1

DESCRIPTION: Wing length 6.5 - 8.25. A smallish hoverfly with a shortish black abdomen that has two pairs of orange spots that are relatively squarish in males. The hind tibia is black with a dull orange base with a fringe of hairs throughout most of its length of the ventral face. The hind femur in side view is wider at the apex. The lower surface of the thorax is hairy. BEHAVIOUR: Adults are fond of sunbathing on dry logs or nearby foliage and are frequent visitors to Buttercups.  The larvae develop under the bark of logs. DISTRIBUTION: Frequent throughout southern Britain becoming more local towards the north. HABITAT: Damp wet woodland where Alder and Willow are present but also can be found around old beech logs are log piles. PERIOD: April to early September with a peak in May.

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