Fig 1

DESCRIPTION: Wing Length 6.25 - 8.25mm. Also known as the Snouted Duckfly the face of this species tapers to a point and so seperates it from any close relatives. The thorax is striped, the body has a dark ground colour with the male having triangular orange markings on the tergites (especially on tergite 2) and the females sporting markings that are orange or grey. The stigma is in the form of a dark patch between the veins. BEHAVIOUR: Males are territorial and will see off any invaders to their chosen patch. The rat-tailed larvae develop amongst submerged rotting plant debris as well as the bases of emergent plants. DISTRIBUTION: Frequent but localised throughout. HABITAT: Found in and around marginal vegetation of damp areas where Reed Sweet-Grass, Bulrush, Greater Willowherb and Yellow Iris grow. PERIOD: May to September.

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