Mooching about here, there and everywhere and meeting some generous folk who want to spread the word of the natural world I thought it quite fitting to showcase a bit of their skill as well as push along the creations of Mother Nature and all that we adore. This is more than just promoting the click of a camera - this area is an added extra that will act as an accompaniment to the rest of the site and highlight what beauty is actually out there and the many ways in which it can be captured. Paintings, snapshots, detailed studies - send em' over and up they go. Amateurs who just 'have a go' are applauded and hopefully tthis very realistic and unassuming part of the site will encourage others to chance their arm. Just click on a link below to view the picture.

No 18 - Luminous Mycena by Steve Axford

No 17 - Punk Rock Mycenas - Steve Axford

No 16 - Satan's Fly Trap - Steve Axford

No 15 - A Hedge To Poke Around In - by David Edwards

No 14 - Ghost Fly by Tom Derri

No 13 - Whiskered Fly by Tom Derri

No 12 - Volucella pellucens byTom Derri

No 11 - Great Crested Grebe by Ted Stevens

No 10 - Broad Bodied Chaser by Ted Stevens

No 9 - Fulmar by Ted Stevens

No 8 - Fly Agaric by Ian Craven

No 7 - Beech Root by Ian Craven

No 6 - Orange Ladybirds by Ian Craven

No 5 - Portland Flowers by David Edwards

No 4 Portland Bill Coastline by David Edwards

No 3 - Portland Bill Cliffs - by David Edwards

No 2 - Silver Washed Fritillary f. valezina by Ken Dolbear

No 1 - Silver Studded Blue by Ken Dolbear