Fig 1
DESCRIPTION:  Approximately 2cm in length. A member of the hymenoptera group with the key features being the bright black and yellow striped abdomen, the waist between the 'thorax' and 'abdomen' and the robust antennae.  The clypeus is yellow with a black vertical line that more often than not appears to be anchor shaped.  The pronotum is quite thick with a yellow border from behind head and extending towards wings.   Markings on the abdomen can be variable.  BEHAVIOUR: Like any wasp it can have aggressive tendencies, especially when disturbed.  The nest can be found in a tree, wall cavity, rock crevice or even a mammal-made hole.   The adults feed on wood pulp, freshly killed insects such as hymenopteran and lepidopteran larvae, other diptera species and arachnids.  DISTRIBUTION: Widespread throughout Britain.  HABITAT: Gardens and hedgerows are typical sites to encounter this species as well as woodland edges and meadows.  PERIOD: April to October.

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