Fig 1

DESCRIPTION: Length up to 3mm.  A small beetle with the tag of '16 Spot Ladybird' which can in fact have anywhere between 13 - 18 black spots. The ground colour of the head, pronotum and elytra is yellow-beige and there is a black stripe running down the middle of the elytra and the 3 spots along the side are typically fused. The eyes can have a bluish appearance. BEHAVIOUR: Can be found in large aggregates on fence posts and stone walls. They seem to have a liking of yellow blooms with Gorse; Dandelion agg, Buttercup and Buttonweed particular favourites. They feed on fungi, pollen, thrips, mildew and nectar. DISTRIBUTION: Primarily a southern species found in the UK with the odd record further north. HABITAT: Grasslands, damp areas and coastal sites. PERIOD:  March to July.

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