Fig 1

DESCRIPTION:  Length up to 10.5mm.  A unique squashbug of a sandy-brown coloration with black-speckling throughout.  A wide diamond-shaped abdomen, a pronotum with a front white edge and the dark-tipped antennae should make this insect quite unmistakable in the field.     BEHAVIOUR: A slow-moving bug found in sunny sites liable to make a quick dart for cover if disturbed. DISTRIBUTION: Was confined to southern coastal areas between Suffolk and South wales but is slowly moving in land wherever appropriate foodplants are found. HABITAT:  A lover of plants in the Caryophyllaceae family so can turn up in in gardens or planted areas close to the sea or dry grassland habitats.  It does have a preference for open sandy areas where Sandworts and Sea Spurreys grow. PERIOD:  Adults can be seen from may to September with nymphs best noted from June to August.

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