Fig 1

DESCRIPTION: Length up to 30mm.  This Scorpionfly is frequently seen in its primarily black and yellow attire with the abdomen bearing an orange-brown tail the thorax sporting wings that are clear and more heavily spotted than similar species. The head bears two prominent eyes and an obvious downward pointing beak. The male has a club-like tip to the abdomen which holds the genitalia which, in this instance, are curved and drawn together at the black-tipped apex. In the female, the eighth abdominal segment is the shortest, almost twice shorter than the seventh; the sixth is narrowed towards the back. BEHAVIOUR: The main diet consists of dead insects, live aphids and plant sap. They are usually found flitting amongst low, shaded vegetaion in damper areas and Nettle beds. Eggs are laid in the soil. DISTRIBUTION: Fairly common throughout the UK. HABITAT: Damp habitats, woodland edges and in low vegetation. PERIOD:  May to September.

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