Fig 1
DESCRIPTION: Up to 14mm. A largish bug that is primarily green with fine dark punctures throughout the summer months but has a hibernation colour of brownish-bronze.  The wing membrane is dark and the 4th and 5th segments of the antennae are reddish. BEHAVIOUR: Mating is back-to-back. The female lays her eggs in hexagonal batches of 25 to 30, and a single female will lay three to four batches.  This species often congregates in loose groups and certain areas of vegetation can hold good numbers.  The Common Nettle seems to be a favoured basking site.  Feeding takes place on a wide range of trees and shrubs. HABITAT: Parks, gardens, woodland edges, hedgerows and pathsides are a few of the places favoured by this charming creature. PERIOD: Can be found all year round but generally April to September is the best time to come across this common bug.

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